Monday, November 14, 2005


Well I finished my Harry Potter Scarf. Onto the next project I suppose. I found a 50% off Michael's coupon in Sunday's paper last week--I translated it out to a set of 5 DPN size 8 bamboo needles. Hee hee.

So I've been wrestling with them ever since. Gah, I feel like such a slow moron on them! I'll keep trying. But if they frustrate me too much, I'm giving them up. I'm not really down with the whole sock scene...and I can always use my circulars. God save the circulars! Course I'm trying to remember what life was like when I first learned how to use my circulars. I felt like a slow idiot then too. So hopefully it will all work out eventually.

If these things don't work and I get frustrated, I'll go back to my shrunken head bag for B-Dawg. I got to thinking that if the skulls I plan to knit intarsia and then felt turn out small or shrinky dink, I'll just dub it that. I've got this interesting idea to make buttons out of the broken glass of a picture frame, some of the BodyWorlds brochures I picked up, and some fimo. I was going to make her a scrapbook of her trip down here in May as her xmas present, but since we didn't have many pictures due to my camera sucking major butt--I hatched upon this idea for a felted bag.

Oh, and the best part of this past weekend? At Michael's I discovered they're now carrying Pattons Classic Merino Wool. Nice!


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