Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter

Well this weekend was Harry Potter. Granted I didn't go see it, but my husband did. He went to the private showing Chunky's teacher had arranged for her birthday (although her birthday is Tuesday). He said he liked it ok. Wasn't as good as the book apparently, but find me a movie based on a book that is as good as it's movie.

On Friday, I gift wrapped the HP scarf and sent it to school with Chunky. I am so proud of him--he didn't spill the beans to his teacher at ALL. Whereas I'm happy he's getting older and can keep a secret, he's getting too big! He's not my little boy anymore he's starting to look like a little man!

Harry Potter Scarf

I wasn't able to get his teachers initials embroidered like I wanted--I tried and it came out looking like crap. But she loved it anyway--I'm so glad! Even if it is an old school HP scarf and not the ones that they've got in the movies now!


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