Monday, December 26, 2005


Welp, another Christmas come and gone. Each year they get better and better with the boys.
Chunky loved his stick horse...the mad scientist loved his presents too.

stick horse hug

One benefit to having a nice lean Christmas? Not so much crap to trip over the next day. Which come to think of it when/if we end up moving will be a benefit in and of itself.

I loved my presents from the boys as well. They got my my requisite Bath and Body Works shower gels--which yes sounds like a boring Christmas gift, but because of the budget restraints this year, I thought I wouldn't get them. I was so surprised!!!

And then, I think one of my best presents this year wasn't a knitted item. It was a picture I made for my old man--Chunky's grandpa. Through a long story that involves one of my brothers, an old WW2 vet, a vanity plate, and the old man came across a picture of MY grandpa coming back from the war on the Queen Mary. In the original picture he's next to the guy who's nephew gave my brother the picture. But for xmas I cropped out the other guy (thank you photoshop) and pasted in a picture of Chunky playing with the P-47 the old man got him (just a grandpa-spoiling present--no other reason needed) and framed it up. Now my grandpa flew P-47s in WW2 and as a result my dad loves them. So of course when he was in Walmart and saw the toy P47 he had to buy Chunky one!

daddy xmas

I told my mom before Christmas that the old man would open this present and definately squirt. She laughed, but I was informed by her and Beerdie (and the old man himself) that when he opened it, he got pretty ferklempt! Hee hee!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lets Go Rammies!

I've been a lean mean knitting machine! Finished the stick horse this weekend, and today I finished the mad scientist's CSU scarf. It's an anniversary present (our 6th anniversary is a week from Thursday). It's kinda tacky with the green and gold, but hey, I wasn't the one to pick those school colors! Ha ha!

Big Scarf

I also bought a vintage Ram (I'm not sure if he was dubbed Cam back when he looked like this) on ebay. I hand sewed it onto one end of the scarf to give it a little something extra.

Ram Detail

Lets hope the Rams cream Navy on Thursday in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl! (Say THAT five times fast!)

GO RAMS!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Noble Steed

Ok, so I have to brag. The stick horse came out way better than I could have ever imagined!

Just a few pics:

Stick Horse 2 Stick Horse 1

I hope to god that Chunky likes it! Little kids can be so fickle! However, I love it.

And as a side note, I did get screwed by I ordered Old Gold, but they sent me Maize instead! Grr...oh well. The anniversary scarf looks fine using the leftover HP scarf yarn and Bottle Green. The mad scientist won't know the difference!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hi Ho Silver And Away!

Ok, a couple of before and afters of the stick horse. God I LOVE felting (or fulling if you're going to get technical)

Here he is before:
Horsey Before

And here he is after:
Horsey After

My only problem is his ears, they're a little big and a little floppy. So right now he kinda looks like a dog!!! I'm debating trimming the ears a little so they don't flop as much. However, I don't think I'll make that decision until he gets his mane (black).

I'm also using my $1.99 knobby knitter special to knit up some I-cord for his bridle.

The only thing I hate about this project? Waiting for him to dry!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Not much to report

Yeah, I've been a bum. No regular postings, but oh baby some serious knitting going on.
First, I've started on El Scientisto's scarf for our anniversary. I'm doing a simple quasi-rib pattern I pulled out of "Hip Knits" by BH&G. I thought I would knit more out of that book, but I haven't sofar! It's green and gold like CSU's colors (Go Rammies!). I ended up using the Paton's Bottle Green, and went with Gold Lion Brand Woolease...yeah I didn't like mixing the yarns that much either, however, the Gold was the perfect shade!! My little vintage CSU ram head patch came in the mail too. I'll sew that onto one of the ends of the finished scarf.

Now what did you do with the Old Gold Paton's merino you might ask? Well G-Pa B up in the far north sent Chunky a cowboy hat for xmas. Now what's a cowboy without a horse? So I'm attempting to make him a felted stick horse. I remember having one of those as a kid and freaking loving it. Or it possibly could have been a ghetto one made of a stick and a stuffed brown lunchbag. I'm having conflicting memories here! I'm hoping it turns out. Four year old Chunky's are pretty easy to please so I'm not too worried!

Oooohhhh and then the best news yet! How selfish of me huh? El Scientisto's madre G-Ma G sent me and El Scientisto $100 ($50 each) to buy what we wanted for ourselves. Hee hee. Guess what store I discovered? Threadbear! Holy mother of god! It's like mecca in there! So I dropped $12 there buying some Cascade 220 in a beautiful emerald green and I bought a fluffy little skein of a mohair blend. I want to make a felted needlecase out of the Cascade. As for the mohair, I've got my eye on a simple lace scarf pattern I wanted to try. I also bought myself some size 3 DPNs and some size 8 bamboo straights. I think that does it pretty much for my needle collection, not to mention my $50!! (well I'm saving $20 of it for our anniversary dinner on the 29th).

I should post pictures soon. I'll probably do a before and after on the stick horse and of course and after on the scarf (I'm really on the fence about the green and gold together, but for a die hard Ram Fan, it might be ok!)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Not much to report. Last week was insane, Thanksgiving and Chunky's fourth birthday (oh what happened to my baby boy!?!).
This week flew by too. Chunky was promoted to a new classroom at school (they move them up when they turn 4). He loves it. And the teachers in his class were excited that he picked their classroom to go to. So I was happy the transition worked out smoothly.
I finished a pair of hand warmers for T last weekend. Made the cuffs out of Tutu yarn (it was on sale at Michaels) and some of the blue yarn I dyed after Thanksgiving. Apparently she gets quite cold in her apartment-----in Atlanta!
Other than that I've been working on La V de G. We'll see if she turns out. I'm not sure what I'll do with her when she's done, but I've felt this unexplicable urge to knit her. It just seemed like the thing to knit out of the $1.88 acrylic yarn I picked up from Walmart months ago.
However it came to me what to knit the mad scientist for xmas/anniversary this year. Hee hee. I went online and found some Paton's Classic Merino Wool (my new favorite yarn!) in Old Gold and Bottle Green. Online they looked pretty close to CSU's school colors. However, meh, they came yesterday and don't look too close to CSU's colors. However, I'm going to go forward with it and knit him a scarf anyway. I went on to ebay and ordered a vintage CSU ram patch that I think I'm going to sew on the finished product. It will be cute.
I just gotta find the time!!! I've got Christmas baking to do today, and last night I spent making these paper photo albums for a lady at work. She bought one at a craft fair last year and I scoffed that she spent money on it. They're super simple and super cheap to make. Stupid me! Because I'm so nice I couldn't say no when she asked me to make her some this weekend! So I spent last night trying to do laundry and make four of those puppies!!!
I'll try to post pictures of the scarf or La V de G later....if time is on my side!