Monday, December 26, 2005


Welp, another Christmas come and gone. Each year they get better and better with the boys.
Chunky loved his stick horse...the mad scientist loved his presents too.

stick horse hug

One benefit to having a nice lean Christmas? Not so much crap to trip over the next day. Which come to think of it when/if we end up moving will be a benefit in and of itself.

I loved my presents from the boys as well. They got my my requisite Bath and Body Works shower gels--which yes sounds like a boring Christmas gift, but because of the budget restraints this year, I thought I wouldn't get them. I was so surprised!!!

And then, I think one of my best presents this year wasn't a knitted item. It was a picture I made for my old man--Chunky's grandpa. Through a long story that involves one of my brothers, an old WW2 vet, a vanity plate, and the old man came across a picture of MY grandpa coming back from the war on the Queen Mary. In the original picture he's next to the guy who's nephew gave my brother the picture. But for xmas I cropped out the other guy (thank you photoshop) and pasted in a picture of Chunky playing with the P-47 the old man got him (just a grandpa-spoiling present--no other reason needed) and framed it up. Now my grandpa flew P-47s in WW2 and as a result my dad loves them. So of course when he was in Walmart and saw the toy P47 he had to buy Chunky one!

daddy xmas

I told my mom before Christmas that the old man would open this present and definately squirt. She laughed, but I was informed by her and Beerdie (and the old man himself) that when he opened it, he got pretty ferklempt! Hee hee!


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