Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Not much to report

Yeah, I've been a bum. No regular postings, but oh baby some serious knitting going on.
First, I've started on El Scientisto's scarf for our anniversary. I'm doing a simple quasi-rib pattern I pulled out of "Hip Knits" by BH&G. I thought I would knit more out of that book, but I haven't sofar! It's green and gold like CSU's colors (Go Rammies!). I ended up using the Paton's Bottle Green, and went with Gold Lion Brand Woolease...yeah I didn't like mixing the yarns that much either, however, the Gold was the perfect shade!! My little vintage CSU ram head patch came in the mail too. I'll sew that onto one of the ends of the finished scarf.

Now what did you do with the Old Gold Paton's merino you might ask? Well G-Pa B up in the far north sent Chunky a cowboy hat for xmas. Now what's a cowboy without a horse? So I'm attempting to make him a felted stick horse. I remember having one of those as a kid and freaking loving it. Or it possibly could have been a ghetto one made of a stick and a stuffed brown lunchbag. I'm having conflicting memories here! I'm hoping it turns out. Four year old Chunky's are pretty easy to please so I'm not too worried!

Oooohhhh and then the best news yet! How selfish of me huh? El Scientisto's madre G-Ma G sent me and El Scientisto $100 ($50 each) to buy what we wanted for ourselves. Hee hee. Guess what store I discovered? Threadbear! Holy mother of god! It's like mecca in there! So I dropped $12 there buying some Cascade 220 in a beautiful emerald green and I bought a fluffy little skein of a mohair blend. I want to make a felted needlecase out of the Cascade. As for the mohair, I've got my eye on a simple lace scarf pattern I wanted to try. I also bought myself some size 3 DPNs and some size 8 bamboo straights. I think that does it pretty much for my needle collection, not to mention my $50!! (well I'm saving $20 of it for our anniversary dinner on the 29th).

I should post pictures soon. I'll probably do a before and after on the stick horse and of course and after on the scarf (I'm really on the fence about the green and gold together, but for a die hard Ram Fan, it might be ok!)


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