Sunday, January 29, 2006

C is For

I know today is the first day to post the letter C--but I've been excited to post another letter picture.

So without further rambling I give you:

C is For Can

C is for can

"Can???" You might say--yes, can. This is a "vintage" can of Del Monte fruit cocktail dating back to 2001. When I was pregnant with Chunky, I craved fruit cocktail. The last weekend I was pregnant (and nearly a week overdue with him) I decided to heed the yearn for the fruit cocktail. I also decided to employ that old wive's tail that walking will induce labor. So on Sunday, in November mind you, in Michigan, I walked 14 miles (round trip) to Kroger for this can of fruit cocktail. I don't know if it was all that walking or what, but I never ended up eating it. I was induced the next morning (so much for that wive's tale) and he was delivered at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. In all my cleaning out the cupboards for food drives/spring cleaning, I could never bring myself to throw this can of fruit cocktail away. Maybe I'll pass it down to his wife when/if he's ever married and expecting.

Now onto more knitting related projects. I'm biding my time until the Knitting Olympics at which time I will be tackling a mohair lace scarf. I think I'll attempt Branching Out. I like to use the "everybody's done it" patterns as springboards into different types of techniques (see the Irish Hiking Scarf below). I'm a person that doesn't like to have too many WIPs on the needles bogging me down. So all I have on the needles right now is my raincoat. And unfortunately I'm running low on plastic bags. The solution to this however--I joined the Knittyboard Cheap-O SP. If I get a SP that can hook me up with plastic grocery bags to finish the raincoat, I would be one grateful chica!!!

Here are the products of my Olympic wait:
A few fishies for the stash-buster tesselating fish afghan; and
cell phone case
A quickie cell phone case and pouch from one of my koolaid dying experiments. They didn't felt as well as I would have liked, but I was running low on quarters until payday and had laundry to do this weekend. Therefore I couldn't run it thru again for further felting. Now I just have to add a handle and button to the case and a drawstring to the pouch and I'm in business.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

I finished up the felting on my Fuzzy Feet by hand. I took a bucket, filled it with super hot water and bit of dish soap, threw in a couple dish towels and the FF and had at it with a spoon. With something as small as what you have, put it in tupperware container with some bouncy balls and shake yer booty. Have at it, girl.

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