Thursday, January 12, 2006


Just a bit. I think the closer the Mad Scientist comes to becoming Dr. Mad Scientist I entertain the thoughts of "What if he could find a job in Alaska?"

It doesn't help that on the wonderful Knittyboard I found someone who was knitting with qiviut. Sigh. I don't know if it's the mixture of the homesickness, the knitting/yarn obsession, or the little stuffed musk ox my littlest bro got Chunky for xmas (he works at a musk ox farm in Palmer--see the second link)...but I've got a hankering for getting my hands on some qiviut! The link below gives much more info on it.

windy valley
Windy Valley Musk Ox Farm

I found a link to a shop in Skagway selling 220 yd. balls for $62. Not shabby, but good lord, I have a hard time paying more than $7 for any ball of yarn! We'll see. Maybe if I become Mrs. Dr. Mad Scientist I'll treat myself to a ball.

Sadly the one thing about ever returning to Alaska is that I've heard it's changed so much. I've been gone a lousy six years and I don't think I would recognize it. Part of me doesn't want to go home due to the fact I have this image of home in my mind that might be destroyed if I ever go back. But change is life right?

And just because I'm getting better with adding links to my posts--the link to my brother's summer employment. They don't sell their qiviut. It's spun and provided to a Eskimo womens' cooperative that knit it into various garmets for sale to unsuspecting touristas. Hee hee. The mark up is insane, but hey, I personally would love to get paid to knit all day. I believe they even sell their "mess up" stuff (stuff with slight imperfections) for a cheaper price (although still quite steep!)

Palmer Musk Ox Farm


Blogger Mary said...

I'd love to find 220 yards of qiviut for $60 -- can you send me a link for that!


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