Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What I Did Over Christmas Vacation

I don't think I ever had to come up with one of those lame essays in school, but it seemed like a fitting title for today's post.

I didn't get much time off, but Monday I took a half-day off (while Chunky was at school...ahhhhh....Mommy time!!!) So I dropped off some junk from the office and some shoes that I purged from my collection at the new Goodwill they opened up the road. (Beautiful store by the way!) I of course had to shop a little! I've been wanting to learn to frog a sweater to recycle the yarn. Which I did as you can see here. I've dubbed this one "Kermit the Frogged" as it looks the famous frog:

Kermit the Frogged

I didn't do a very good job with it. There are quite a few knots, but I figure it was good practice and I might find a use for it yet. I also found a nice 100% cashmere mens sweater in a dark charcoal color. I'm in the process of ripping the seams on that one. It will be a very fine yarn, but hey, it was $3.50 for the sweater!

And finally, on Sunday I finished Chunky's new hat:

New Hat

It's just a simple K2P2 rib that I think turned out pretty good. I kinda lost it on the shaping near the end but hey, I wasn't using a pattern. And like the mad scientist would say: "remember your target audience!" Sometimes I think I go waaay overboard for perfection for stuff that a 4 year old won't give a lick about!

What's next? I continue to frog the cashmere sweater and I'm working on making myself the infamous Irish Hiking Scarf--my first attempt at cables.


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