Monday, February 20, 2006

Nomomokobofomo Update

I might need another hobby to keep me from coming up with such catchy names for my knitting projects. Behold my latest Knitting Olympic update:


I shall call it my Nomomokobofomo made from my exclusive yarn "Lupe" distributed by Goodwill industries. I like the way that name rolls off the tongue. No Mo(re) Mo(hair) K(nitting) O(lympics) B(ranching) O(ut) Fo(r) Mo(m).

I've got about 20 repeats done. The pattern calls for 27. Hm. Considering there are five days left of the Olympics, I can do one repeat in 1/2 an hour, and I still have to block this baby...I'll need to knit what about an hour on it each day? If I do that I can get seven repeats done in 4 days and block it on the fifth. Ay camion. I might just get this damn thing done.

I don't know if its the intensity of a deadline but I have never been this distracted in getting a project done before. Maybe it's because I can't (well I guess I can, but who wants to lose at the Olympics?) just take my time on it and work on other stuff.

Next on my list--finish the raincoat and then I'm falling in love with the once piece sweater in the spring edition of IK. However, I'm not really "getting" the drop stitch thing. I might just modify the pattern to my own liking and maybe use a different lace pattern.

I'm such a spaz. If I'm not "sort of" following the pattern I'm giving an old pattern a funky new name like Nomomokobofomo! I'm like a mainstream rebel--ha ha!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is this one of the signs?

That the end is neigh? Thunder and lightning in February? In Michigan? What the hell is going on? Of course The Mad Scientist is out and about tonight during all of this (he's helping woo potential grad students to the program). Ice storm warnings to the north of us, high wind advisories to the east, and here in Ingham County--a freaking TORNADO warning. Holy shit!!


I used that red tornado to show where I am on that map!

I used to think Alaska had weird weather (wrong). I used to think Colorado had weird weather (I remember one day when at 12:00 p.m. it was 70 degrees and sunny, but 3:00 p.m. it was snowing). But I think Michigan takes the cake. Today I awoke to light freezing rain. At lunch it was 33 degrees and raining. At 4:00 p.m. when I left work it was raining (and the snow and ice was falling off the trees/powerlines in dangerous chunks). When I put Chunky to bed at 7:00 p.m. it was "movie" raining (coming down in those blowy sheets..) thundering, and lightening (I think I just made up a word.) Now at 8:15 we're under a tornado warning until 11:00 p.m. Guess who's not going to bed until 11:00 p.m.?

I HATE tornados! My brother was in the huge Oklahoma City tornados of 1998, and those tornados that hit Utica, Illinois and leveled that bar where everyone died a year or two ago--that bar used to be owned by my uncle! Thank GOD he was an alcholic and didn't realize it until he bought that bar and drank the profits to the point they had to sell and he got help.

So I guess this is a bonus for me (aside from worrying incessantly about The Mad Scientist being out there), I'll get a bunch of my NoMoMoBO scarf done for the KO tonite!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

La, la, Lamp (Post)

So I took a shower this morning. I get my best creative ideas in the shower.

Yesterday I received a Delia's catalogue (Ok, ok, so I'm pushing 30--and that catalogue is aimed at 13 y.o.'s--but they have cute shoes!). They had this crocheted lamp:


One of my other obsessions besides knitting is making lamps:
tiki2 tiki
My Tiki Lamp. I made this one from a barf-licious lamp (fake wood and this yellowing shade) that was in my old boss's office. When he was "promoted" to a better office he was just going to throw this out! I needed a bedside table/lamp. So I created the Tiki Lamp!

Then a few days after my birthday two years ago, I decided it wasn't enough just to bake my own cake. I had to make a lamp too:

Last Easter I was taking another shower and pondering my little sister's move in the fall to Georgia. She had mentioned that she was going to drive down from AK to GA and wasn't taking any of her furniture/lamps with her to save space in her car. So since she was stopping by here to visit on her drive down to GA I figured I'd make her a lamp for her new apartment:
Behold my favorite lamp--The Playboy Bunny Peep Show Lamp! Made with Marshmallow Peeps with handpainted on bikinis. Hee hee! The crowning touch on this lamp was:
Of course a Hef bunny in his trademark maroon silk pjs!

I have another small "welcome" lamp in my closet I bought of ebay for $3. It's got this godawful leopard print shade. I was going to use it as an xmas present for my little brother, but the idea I was working on got scrapped.

Back to where I started--when I was showering today, I thought, my new desk at work is going to be this fucking beige color (yes, I'll drop the F-bomb when speaking of beige. My apologies beige-lovers), I'll need color. Why not KNIT a lamp? I mean if Delia's can sell a crocheted lamp for $26 why can't I make something of my own? Hmm, I'm going to need some kind of really garish/loud color. Something to really scream "I'M NOT BEIGE!" and that small "welcome" lamp in my closet is the perfect size for my new desk.

I'm going to have to shower on this one again to see what I come up with.

P.S. Brownie points if you can tell me where the title of this post came from!!

EDIT: Well der, I should have known Knitty would have had a pattern for a lamp shade!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

So I have the following pathetic submission as a member of Team Swearing At Lace:

branching out


Yeah, so no mo mohair (what the hell am I going to do with a mohair scarf anyway?). And no folk shawl. Jebus, I spent a freaking hour just casting on the start of the birds nest shawl. Holy shit, no way! Maybe sometime when I'm not under a deadline. That's akin to me running a marathon tomorrow. Two minutes into the damn thing I'd probably drop dead! Ha ha! So with recycled cashmere and Branching Out I trudge forward!

On non knitting related and the boys went to see Curious George today. I love Jorge Curioso and Will Ferrel. It was cute. It took some liberties, but overall it was really good. Afterwards I found myself yearning for a pet monkey. But alas I've already got two of's just older and hairier than the other.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Insert Squeal Here

Ok, so I think my last few posts may have rambled excessively about sweaters for stuffed animals. Good lord. When the hell did I get so girly? I never liked pink and I never played with dolls/stuffed animals as a kid. Who would have though birthing a boy would bring out all this girliness?

Anyway on to some girly-squeal-inducing knitting acqusitions today:
monday fun

Hee hee! My Needlemaster set finally came in! I ordered it on the 25th of January off of ebay (for $37) and it finally came today! And over the weekend I received notice from the library that Folk Shawls was in and I could pick it up (I put it on hold). What a book! I had perused it at the bookstore across the street from my office, and fell in love. However I didn't fall in love enough to shell out $20 to buy it! I'm so freakin' cheap! Ha ha!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

You won't see this sweater in the jungle.

I give you Rosie modeling her new sweater:

rosie sweater

And my two little monkeys cheesing it up for the camera:


Not much time for knitting today (which is good, I'm getting myself mentally prepared for the mohair Branching Out that I'm doing for the Knitting Olympics.) Plus I'm feeling like total crap today. It started yesterday with stomach cramps which have continued into today, but I'm utterly exhausted now too.

And of course for nearly the first time this winter it snowed. Now Chunky wants to go sledding. I'll probably give in and go and just not ride down with him all the time.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rosie Rose

So a few more pics of Rosie Rose (I think that's going to be the official name of this color):



I'm not usually a pinky/purpley kinda girl (well I guess I do like purple) but I really dig this stuff. I'm going to be jealous of that stuffed monkey's sweater!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fact or Fiction?

I normally don't do these, but I had a lot of fun with the one on Turtle Girl's blog that I couldn't resist:

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL MEMORY OF YOU AND ME. It can be anything you want--good or bad--BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE. When you're finished, post this on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.

I'm pretty sure not too many peeps read this cheesy little blog, but I like a good read if anyone does comment.

I think I'll be posting more pic's of Rosie's pink yarn tomorrow when I've got more time on the comp. It's drying really nifty. When Chunky wasn't looking, I stuck some blue Wilton dye in there to complement the raspberry there's a bit more purple in there. But I don't think Rosie will mind (hee hee).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Buttons and Dye Jobs

So I joined my first ever SP round (guess which knitting message board?). It's a cash-free SP. Right up my alley. Cheap is my middle name. It runs until May. At first I was hesitant to sign up--what if we're moving this spring? But in the end I threw caution into the wind. If we move great, but I'm fed up with having my life in limbo for the past year wondering when/if The Mad Scientist will get a job and we'll move. This SP sounded like too much fun to pass up!

One of the girls on the board designed a set of buttons (the delightful PennyKarma)--which inspired me to make my own:


Hee hee. My only wish is that the knitted background behind George showed up a bit clearer. That was a total beneficial mistake. I put Georgie on Chunky's hat (see earlier post!) fully intending to crop his face off of the background. But I liked the way it looked so I kept it.

Speaking of Chunky. He's got this stuffed monkey (Rosie) that he got on a field trip to one of those "Build A Bear" stores. Poor kid. All the other kids there got these $30 outfits for their animals. I just couldn't justify the expense (I told you cheap was my middle name!). I was so proud the way he took it in stride when all of his friends were showing off their overpriced teddybear outfits to him! However, since then he has asked me to knit Rosie a hat (blue) and a sweater (pink). Since I didn't really have any pink yarn in my stash, I asked him if he'd like to dye some with me. So me and Chunky did a quick dye job on some white Pattons Classic Merino Wool I had lying around just for dying. Here's a pic of it brewing:

I think it will turn out pretty cool once it dries. Chunky says it's not pink enough---sheesh! You have to love picky four year olds!!!