Monday, February 06, 2006

Insert Squeal Here

Ok, so I think my last few posts may have rambled excessively about sweaters for stuffed animals. Good lord. When the hell did I get so girly? I never liked pink and I never played with dolls/stuffed animals as a kid. Who would have though birthing a boy would bring out all this girliness?

Anyway on to some girly-squeal-inducing knitting acqusitions today:
monday fun

Hee hee! My Needlemaster set finally came in! I ordered it on the 25th of January off of ebay (for $37) and it finally came today! And over the weekend I received notice from the library that Folk Shawls was in and I could pick it up (I put it on hold). What a book! I had perused it at the bookstore across the street from my office, and fell in love. However I didn't fall in love enough to shell out $20 to buy it! I'm so freakin' cheap! Ha ha!


Blogger Penny Karma said...


Before you use it, you need to ask "WHAT IS THY BIDDING, MY NEEDLEMASTER?"

And then that way any mistakes are the Needlemaster's fault. You were just following orders.

9:02 AM  

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