Monday, February 20, 2006

Nomomokobofomo Update

I might need another hobby to keep me from coming up with such catchy names for my knitting projects. Behold my latest Knitting Olympic update:


I shall call it my Nomomokobofomo made from my exclusive yarn "Lupe" distributed by Goodwill industries. I like the way that name rolls off the tongue. No Mo(re) Mo(hair) K(nitting) O(lympics) B(ranching) O(ut) Fo(r) Mo(m).

I've got about 20 repeats done. The pattern calls for 27. Hm. Considering there are five days left of the Olympics, I can do one repeat in 1/2 an hour, and I still have to block this baby...I'll need to knit what about an hour on it each day? If I do that I can get seven repeats done in 4 days and block it on the fifth. Ay camion. I might just get this damn thing done.

I don't know if its the intensity of a deadline but I have never been this distracted in getting a project done before. Maybe it's because I can't (well I guess I can, but who wants to lose at the Olympics?) just take my time on it and work on other stuff.

Next on my list--finish the raincoat and then I'm falling in love with the once piece sweater in the spring edition of IK. However, I'm not really "getting" the drop stitch thing. I might just modify the pattern to my own liking and maybe use a different lace pattern.

I'm such a spaz. If I'm not "sort of" following the pattern I'm giving an old pattern a funky new name like Nomomokobofomo! I'm like a mainstream rebel--ha ha!


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