Monday, March 20, 2006

Being a Grownup Sucks

The first reason it sucks: Because you can knit a cute little nip strip tank top, put it on and realize that you look fat in it. Yeah it fits ok, and it's not like I did a bad job knitting it, it's just that it's got horizontal "stripes" and my upper arms are ginormous (and pale.)

The second reason it sucks: Your husband's grad student health insurance sucks so damn hard its not even funny. You take your kid in for a well child check up (well because he'll be in year, and he's going to be 5 and 5 means more immunizations). Not to mention the daycare you take him to requires it (but why am I working again when I work basically to pay for daycare?!). And then you get the bill in the mail. $375. That's right. $126 for a doctor to look at my kid for 5 minutes and tell me he was ok. And the rest was immunizations. What's the best part of that? Know how they make the MMR shot (Measels, Mumps & Rubella)? Well apparently even though that's ONE prick of the needle they charge you THREE times for each disease you're getting vaccinated for. I should have know. The nurse asked me if Chickering (that's right Chickering--stay away from Chickering health insurance they SUCK) covered immunizations. Well they did last year. Apparently not this year because according to the statement my kid is too old to have "well child exams and immunizations" covered anymore. What the fuck???? I'm telling myself that $375 is better than a kid that's dead of the measels, but that's really hard.

Third reason: The $375 bill is harder to swallow when you realize your stupid husband didn't go after the health insurance company for double billing us. Technically his lab is supposed to pay for HIS health insurance and we pay for Chunky's. Well when I got the renewal in the mail I thought it was for Chunky, so I paid it. Only to have Chunky's renewal come a few days later. The Mad Scientist started to pursue the payment and make sure we got reimbursed and his lab covered his portion. But he never followed up. Great huh? I guess it's my own fault for not being the shitty wife that nags her husband about stuff like that.

Grr. The worst part is, yes, we're moving to San Antonio, but he won't set a date to defend his damned thesis yet. It's pissing me off. Now with this lovely $375 looming over our heads, I'm thinking I'm going to have to delay quitting by a week. Damnit.


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