Thursday, March 02, 2006


Put 'em together and what do you get? FUG!

Ha ha, it's so refreshing to "meet" other people (even if it is only in cyberspace) as nuts as I am. Most people around here think I'm just that--nuts. No imaginations whatsoever. So when Penny Karma and Domestic Overlord of the knittyboard decided to do a "fug" yankee swap--how could I resist. At first I didn't think I'd have anything to submit (how pompous of me to think that I had no fug I had knitted!) But then I remembered this gem:


Aye camion! What the fuck was I thinking? I think I thought I would actually use this thing (and shhh...if you can keep a secret--I did use this purse once going to work but all my shit kept falling out of it all day.) It's been sitting at the top of a shelf abiding by the out-of-sight-out of mind rule. The First Annual Fug Off brought it back to the surface. I'm sure it's not the fugliest of fug, but it's definately worthy of the fug title I'd like to think. I can't wait to see the muppetastic stuff other people submit. (I'm trying to bring muppetastic into my everyday vocabulary.)


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