Friday, March 03, 2006

I Have To Admit It's Getting Better

At socks that is. I think I finally found a pattern I freaking like. Everyone says how "easy" socks are, but they require a lot of math--adding, subtracting and division--all the reasons I went into a liberal arts degree program in college. Guh.

Here's my first attempt at a sock using the Basic Sock Pattern from "Learn To Knit Socks" by Edie Eckman and some cheapo Red Heart sportweight baby yarn:

1st Sock

(Springs was on my normal backdrop blanket and looked too comfy to kick off just for a sock picture).

And here's my latest sock using some "real" sock yarn I bought off ebay and a Frankenstein of various sock patterns I found on the web:


Looking better huh? However, check this out:


Not the best quality picture but what a lovely ladder. Sigh. I might darn it up once the whole thing is finished. I guess it could be worse huh? That first sock is horrendous! Too short, who knows what the hell I did when I picked up the stitches from the heel, and when I turned the heel, oh my! It created this humpy-seam thing that you can't see in that picture.

Maybe by the time my Regia Nation sock yarn in the German colors comes in, (I checked the tracking on my package--it was in Minnesota on's gotta be getting close) I'll be more proficient in socks.


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