Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm A Doofus

Being it's the Thursday that we go grocery shopping (we go every other Thursday), me, Chunky, and The Mad Scientist hopped into the Beluga (my Buick--see post below!) to head to the local Kroger to score some food. I set my keys and my small wallet/purse on the trunk while I buckled Chunky into his carseat. I thought "I'll put my keys next to my wallet because then I won't forget my wallet on the trunk and drive off."


I drove off with my purse on the trunk!!! After getting to Kroger I realized what I had done. Cursing the whole way back home, we back-tracked. We searched the parking lot. I talked to the apartment manager who we waved to in the parking lot as she was walking into the building as we were driving off--she didn't find it. The Mad Scientist peeked into the dumpsters. Me and Chunky set off on foot to backtrack the route we had taken. Nothing.

When we got back from backtracking on foot, The Mad Scientist hopped into his car and took off to backtrack by car. Me and Chunky went inside so I could start calling the bank and Mastercard to cancel my credit card. I had to make a point to tell Chunky that the words that mommy was saying were not appropriate for little kids and they should never be repeated.

Right after I got off the phone with "Justin" at Mastercard, the phone rang again. I didn't recognize the caller id and figured it was another battered woman looking for a place to stay (our phone number is one digit off the local women's shelter hotline and office phone numbers so we get calls all times of day from poor abused women and there must be a full moon because there have been a lot of them calling lately) . But I picked it up anyway---it was a little girl who said she had found my wallet on the street that intersects with the road we live on!! She put her mom on the line and mom gave me directions to their house.

I told Chunky to grab his coat and I went diving for the closet. In the closet I keep our emergency supplies. After the Ginormous Blackout of 2003 (I think some of you might remember that) I started collecting supplies--beans, rice, a couple gallons of water, a handcrank radio/flashlight, first aid supplies, oatmeal, etc. I also kept a wad of cash in there. During the blackout it just so happened that Chunky was out of diapers. Um, yes, try searching the city for a store that has power and working ATM. Needless to say I grabbed a $50 from the emergency wad of cash and me and Chunky were on our way. We met up with The Mad Scientist who had just returned from his backtracking by car.

I've never hugged a stranger before, but I hugged that woman!!! I'm not sure how she found my phone number, but gracias to whatever being(s) is above us, next to us, and/or under us!!!!! I had my phone number unlisted three years ago when a crazy emotional divorce client of mine kept calling my house one evening and my phone number isn't printed on any of my checks. So I don't know what she did. Maybe she had a four year old phone book?

So alls well that ends well. I'm the luckiest unlucky woman I know today!


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