Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Sock Challenged

Things were looking good for my first "real" sock. Until I hit the toe decreases. Jesus Haploid Christ--from far away the socks look okay:


Until you get closer:


And then even closer:


I get those damn humpy things again. Grr. I think the problem is the K2Tog. Those seem to be giving me the humpy ridges. I think on the next sock what I'll do is just stick to SSKs on the decreases.

So what I have learned sofar about knitting socks:

1. Next time, knit a few rows after the ribbing so the ribbing doesn't go straight to the heel.
2. Be more cautious when picking up stitches on the heel as to prevent a ladder effect on the heel seam.
3. It's ok to knit a little bit longer ankle (I was afraid I'd run out of yarn--I had ample yarn left in the ball when I was done).
4. Try just SSK instead of K2Tog to prevent humpiness.
5. Stick with one pattern instead of Frankensteining a variety of patterns together.
6. Mom was right, horizontal strips DO make you look fat. (God, my ankles aren't that stumpy looking--I swear!!!).


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