Friday, March 17, 2006

Nip Strip Tank

Well hopefully not nips with this tank top! This is the back of the tank top.


I think the nipple strip will work out ok. In fact I hereby dub it the "nip strip tank" (I can do that right? Rename a pattern that I've altered? Hee hee!) It was pretty quick and easy. Makes me think, hey, I could do a sweater someday! I think my major hang up was shaping the neck. But it turned out ok. I'll cast on for the front tonight.

Speaking of showing things off--I'm done flashing my stash. This project has shown me that I don't have much of a stash. I've been browsing pics of what people did last year. Yipes. I thought I was bad, but apparently I'm not! Well I guess I didn't include the six balls of German Nation sock yarn, but the rest of my yarn fits (tightly) into one of those mesh beach bags.

So...I had to get a little creative fleshing out my stash. I think people will enjoy it. I can't wait to share!!


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