Monday, March 13, 2006

Thank Heaven For Little Boys

Ok, I guess the song is really thank heaven for little *girls* but I'll take what I can get.

Yesterday me and Chunky went to check out a new flea market in town. Meh, it was ok. Not as many fleas as I would have liked. I realized that since we were on that side of town there was a yarn store I hadn't checked out before--Yarn For Ewe
It was 3:30 p.m. and the shop closed at 4:00 p.m. so I couldn't get my proper yarn oggling groove on. As we're working our way through the tiny, and very small store, I turn my back on Chunky and hear a crash. Somehow he had managed to collapse a shelf of mohair causing like 30 balls to hit the floor! Poor kid was mortified! I snap at him, unneedlessly I realize now as the shelf was poorly constructed (picture one of those particle board bookcases with the tiny little pegs supporting one shelf) and all he did was bump into it. So after I managed to reconstruct the shelf and we put all the mohair (now I have even more reason to hate mohair) I feel obligated to buy something. Sigh. I hate small stores where they watch you like a hawk. So I had to buy this:
(blurry I know but it gives you a better indication of the color since there's no flash)
(a less-blurry picture w/flash)

Yup. My first Lorna's Laces. I've heard people swear by all types of their yarn. It was $9 a skein. For some reason that seemed reasonable to me. I think it was the mohair madness I had just endured.

Now here's a question for any random mothers that might be reading this that is totally off the knitting topic. Chunky's been singled out by a girl who used to be in his class (he turned 4 and got "promoted" to the Preschool II room) for a playdate. Apparently this little girl has been going on and on about how much she misses Chunky so much that her mom left me a note in his folder this afternoon asking if he could come over and play.

I'm new to this playdate thing. How does it work? Do I have to stay at the little girl's house while they play? How long should it last? It seems like free babysitting to me if I drop him off and I don't want to come off as a mooch. However I like this little girl's mom and we've talked on field trips before--but I find it really hard to relate to some of these mom's of his friends. They're all at different stages in their lives. They had their careers and then their babies. I had Chunky relatively young and me and the Mad Scientist are just now venturing out into the "real world" with him graduating from grad school shortly. Plus I find it's really hard to talk to people once they find out I was born and raised in Alaska. I'm not a freak. And yes, it is a far away place, but it's not so far that you have to ask a million stupid questions about it. So needless to say I'm a little more worried about my role in this playdate than Chunky's!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a couple of those floating around waiting for me to make socks. I have a lot of sock yarn, but have make one single pair of socks in my time. I keep buying the yarn though! -cheepie SP

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