Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cheep SP Revealed!

I got the final package from my Cash Free SP yesterday. Behold the cheapy goodness:


There was a wonderful binder with plenty of page protectors, a little notebook that will fit great into my knitting bag/purse, some "B" stickie notes (which I laughed at because I got some of the same stickie notes for *MY* cash free SP that I'll be sending her in her last package next week!), some easter egg dye tablets for dying yarn, some gorgeous stitch markers, some really cute patterns from what appears to be the pattern-a-day calendar (I couldn't get those in the picture but trust me, they're cool!), and then--and I think I dig this the best--an exclusive pattern that she designed herself for these amazing wristlets! It's a beautiful pattern and I'm really honored she'd share it with me! I've got a real admiration for the knitters that can write their own patterns. I tried it with the raincoat since that was a design-as-I-go kind of thing, but I can't imagine doing that for a serious pattern!

Ok, and now a nice close up of those stitch markers on my bamboo needle before I tell you who she was:


My cheep SP was none other than Lunastrixae!!! (AKA Sherry!)

I want to thank Sherry for being such a great Cheap SP! This was my first time doing an SP (cheap or not!) and she made it a great experience! And honestly I had NO freaking clue who you were. Either you're that sneaky, or I'm just that dumb! ;-) My money's on a little bit of both!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

It's done! The plastic bag raincoat is done!!! AT LAST!!!!

I stayed up til 2:00 a.m. last night finishing this puppy. Only to find out that the hood was too big! All that scrounging for extra bags and I had to perform some ghetto "steeking":



(what a mess!)

But after spending probably an hour braiding the lanyard and melting buttonholes in the wine corks Turtlegirl sent me to make the toggle closures, I finally got it done!

So before I do the final "reveal" here are the pattern stats (do you like the way I'm pretending this is like a sophisticated knit item?):

The Pattern: My own design

The "yarn": Probably close to 1000 plastic shopping bags (I'd like to give a shout out to those who donated bags: my mother, my sister Birdeger, Turtlegirl, and of course my Cashfree SP--whoever you are!)

The Needles: Size 17 Susan Bates circulars. The scary part of that is that they were white when I started but the ink from the bags has now turned them gray!

So here it is: (Insert drumroll here)


Hood up!


Hood down!

Aside from the chainmail-esque looking hood I am extremely pleased with the "fit" of this coat. For being my first time a.) designing anything wearable and b.) knitting anything with sleeves, I think it turned our pretty damn well!

And for the curious--it's sprinkling outside today I took the coat for a short spin to my car. It seems to do well repelling sprinkles. Downpours? Probably not.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Damn Nazis!

I'm such a creature of habit. Today was the day that me and Chunky were to go to the library to check out new books like we do every Saturday once a month. We get to the library and posted on the door is a sign stating that pursuant to the recommendation of the Lansing Police Department the library will be closing early at 1:00 p.m. (it was 2:30 p.m. when we got there).

Why? Because of the Nazis. For some stupid ass reason they feel the need to "demonstrate" (I don't even really know what exactly their purpose of gathering is) in Lansing. Ok, Lansing. C'mon. This may be the capitol, but please, go to Detroit or something and leave this sorry excuse of a town alone! I mean good lord, downtown was all blocked off there were like two heliocopters circling around all day--what the hell? Bah. And trying to explain a Nazi to a four year old? Geeze. How do I do that without going into all the historic gory detail?

Anyways piss on you Nazis for being close minded freaks with nothing better to do than get all riled up in LANSING! (insert eye rolling here)

The raincoat is coming along. I think I might just barely have enough to finish the hood tonight and start seaming tomorrow. I'm soooo sick of this damn thing it's not even funny.

Oh and you'll also notice I added a button for the new Knitty foremothers' new book Big Girl Knits over to the right.

Now I'm not a big girl in the the way they define it (although I inherited a nice big ass from my mother but I've come to accept that the junk in my trunk is slammin') but I cracked up when I saw that button. When I was pregnant with Chunky we didn't find out what sex he was going to be. My father was adamant about calling him (if he was a boy) Robert Budnik Bezzie (ok, NOT my real last name there but Budnik is my maiden name and Robert is my old man's name). That got shortened to Bobby Budnik Bezzie, and that got shortened to, can you see where I'm going now? B3. So yes, although I only have one of the B's they're referencing in that button, I do love my B3!

And for the curious, Chunky's middle name is Robert. The old man got part of his wish.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Gargantuan Noggin

Once again, I seemed to have created something with an abnormally large head. I give you Bronty:


What the hell? Lets just say he lived at the end of whatever period Brontosauri lived, and the stiff competition for um, I dunno, palm fronds?, left him skinnier than the other herbivores. Poor Bronty. I might give him to Chunky instead of Baby H. (The shower for Baby H isn't until May 12, so I've got time to think of something different, or build a better Bronty).

Chunky too was born with a large head. What does the Scottish father say in "So I Married an Axe Murderer"? It's like a toothpick with an orange on it.

You try raising a kid where you have to actually cut a notch the collars of his shirts so they'll go over his giant melon! Ha ha! What kills me the most is the "joke" his pediatrician made when I brought him in for his first or second year check up (it's all a blur) and he made a comment about Chunky's large head...something to the effect of normally they'd screen for encephalitis with a kid with such a large head but since he's not having any visual problems he'll probably be ok. It must have been his one year old check up because I remember being a little peeved about that comment. You don't joke about shit like that with a new mother.

Anyway, because if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all--I must say I totally dig the yarn I made Bronty out of. It's one of the balls of frogged sweater yarn my Cashfree SP sent me that I Kool Aid dyed.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mo's New Home

I swear to god the drawing for the director of Lupe and Shawnee Do The Big City wasn't rigged!!!

Click on over to Merlinthecat's page and check out Mo in his new home!

Ends up Mo didn't get to travel the world very far. To respect Merlinthecat's privacy, I won't say exactly where Mo is right now (wouldn't want the papparazzi busting down her door trying to get a swatch of Mo), but lets just say he's still in the great state of Michigan! Ah, the life of a small-time yarno director!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gratuitous Kid Post

So I'm rummaging through my stash last night looking for what I can't even remember. Chunky climbs up on the bed where I'm digging through the bag that holds my stash (yeah that's right--just a measley bag! You saw the yarno!) he grabs the big ball of orangey goodness I dyed from the frogged sweater my Cashfree SP sent me and says "Mom take a picture of me with your yarn so I can be on the internet!"

So yeah, how could I say "no" to that?


Hee hee. He even said "Yarn ball!" instead of cheese--no prompting on my part. Hm. This picture might look good on the Christmas cards this year. Why can't he ever smile like this when getting his school picture taken? When they tell him to smile at school he smiles like he's taking the world's most painful crap!

Well tonight I should be knitting more of the raincoat. I'm on the final piece--the hood, but believe it or not I'm running low on bags again (can you believe I went through all those bags Turtlegirl sent me?!) Gah! I'm so close to the end. I'll get it done this weekend, I swear!

But tonight I shall embark upon casting on Bronty. He's a dinosaur from Xtreme Knitting. I don't have the link, but he's related to the Mr. Stegs Grumperina finished and documented on her blog. I've got a friend that just popped out a baby and even though I already knitted her a blanket, well I can't exactly go to her baby shower (it's one of those postpartum baby showers you see) without a gift!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

April Showers

Rain is forecast for Wednesday. So I must get crackin' on the raincoat. Here's the sleeves and front plackets:


Woo! I'm so excited. However, I've cast on for the back of the "coat" and I'm hoping I have enough plastic bags. I've used a majority of the ones my sweet CashFree SP sent me, but I'm steering away from the thick plastic ones. If you can't tell from the picture they mess up the "gauge" of the piece (ha ha, how one can have "gauge" on a freakin' plastic bag coat is beyond me!). Thank god we go grocery shopping Wednesday!

Now that I'm getting closer to the end, I'm thinking more about finishing. My newest dilemma: beer bottlecap buttons or say larger snapple top buttons? (I've got the beer bottlecaps lying around--I'm not sure about snapple tops, would have to consult the spaces underneath the couch where my Squeaky cat likes to stash them).

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ha ha, that's right people! Certain members of the "live studio audience" are finding their ways to new homes.

I've put a bag of small balls (huh, huh, I just said "small balls") in Chunky's stack of stuff to take to school tomorrow. I figure his teacher can do something with all the small balls--incorporate them into an art project, the texture table, whatever!

Then Soapfigergal has put out a call for "scrap" yarn to help teach tomorrow a couple of skeins of LB Woolease in cranberry (from the Harry Potter Scarf I made last fall for one of Chunky's teachers) and a skein of Carons Simply Soft (from the nip strip tank) are heading her way.

So off to the postoffice I am tomorrow!

On the t-shirt front--I take back anything bad I might have insinuated about I got an email from their customer relations department telling me a new tshirt was on its way and that I can keep the misprinted t-shirt:


Pretty awful huh? But hey, now that this one is free, sure I'll wear it!

Ok, well I'm off to peruse the new issue of Knitty and then it's off to finish the second placket of the raincoat. I want to get that damn thing done. I hate WIPs. I hate that acronym (that's what we call our invoice drafts at work). So I want to get that damn raincoat done so I can start on my next venture: a cottony set of summery tank tops for San Antonio. My goal, to make the nicest, coolest, machine washable tank tops/short sleeved sweaters for cheap.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I came across this t-shirt online at Cafepress thru Knitty:


Woah, I thought to myself, it doesn't get much better than that. I love to knit, I was a Hispanic Studies major, and I have an affinity for the number 27 (Chunky was born on the 27th of November). So of course I bought it.

It came in the mail yesterday. Yikes. A note to Cafepress: it's called quality control, look into it! The printing was awful. The black outlining the box was only half printed, it was faded in some places and overall did NOT look like the above picture. So their returns department got a nasty little email from yours truly. Lets just say if they try to jack me out of the money it's going to cost to return it, they've got another thing coming. But I'll wait to hear from them until I go into full-bitch mode.

I ought to get back into my Spanish again. I was decent at it when we were living in Colorado. Hay muchos mexicanos allĂ­. I worked for a company that involved me inprocessing a lot of migrant workers to work for various landscaping and construction companies in the area. I'd have to give them the schpeil I gave everyone to them in Spanish. I think it shocked the hell out of some of them that the little gringa behind the desk knew what they were saying. The worst part of that though? I don't/didn't speak Spanish well enough to come up with snappy comebacks. One example of this was two guys came in to inprocess and they were clearly talking about me and how they'd like to hit this...all the while I'm scrambling for the right things to say back! I finally strung a sentence together and showed them my wedding ring, to which their response was asking me if I had a sister. Ha ha!

So before we go to Texas, I guess I should start watching more Telemundo and dust off my dictionario so I can keep up with the sexual harrassment.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What do you know? I've been busy!

We'll start with the mundane--mom's German socks:

mom sock top

I decided to go with a lacy cuff (officially the pattern is "Toe The Line"). It's not as fast as the boring old K2P2 cuffs I put on my pair, but it's getting faster. When I was out at lunch today walking the marsh loop, I became inspired to design my own socks. I'm going to have to do some searching for the right color yarn first though. Damn, socks ARE addicting!

Remember the frogged sweater my Cashfree SP sent me? Well it now looks like this:

Hand dye

I'm really digging that pinky/orange skein. I actually did a green skein last weekend but didn't take a picture. This yarn is screaming "cables" at me. Maybe there's a fruit loop cabled tank top in my future?

And then we can't forget my good old raincoat can we?


I've got a few more inches to knit on one of the front, um, what do you call the front half of a cardigan? Anyway, you get the picture. So after I finish this, I'll have the other half to knit, the back and the hood to do. I've got some ideas about finishing it too (buttons and trim that is). The Mad Scientist was complaining about how loud of a knit it was and remarked that there's no way that this is going to keep me dry in the rain. I told him of course it would, because I don't think I'll want to be seen in public wearing it thus, I'll be running inside VERY quickly!

And last but not least, my latest ebay acquisition came in:


It's a top-whorl drop spindle, and unfortunately it didn't come with very clear instructions. No bother, I merely moved the cuphook to the top of the shaft and now I can use the much more detailed destructions for bottom whorl drop spindles that are in Hands On Spinning that I checked out from the library. I'll probably be spinning a small skein of ghetto beginner drop spindle yarn this weekend!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So being the voyeur I am, I checked the stats on my stash-flash site Lupe & Shawnee Do The Big City. Wow. That's all I can say about that.

I was a little worried people wouldn't "get" my weird brand of humor. I guess I was wrong! (Whew!) So to you all you cyber knitters out there--thank you for laughing!!!

I'm also very excited to see Mo off to a new home. Lord, I can't stand mohair. Someone left a brilliant comment about starting a Mo-Go-Round---sort of like a traveling ball of yarn that people take pictures of in places around the country and submit the pictures and then pass him on. Sort of like the traveling gnome except yarn. Hmmm......