Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cheep SP Revealed!

I got the final package from my Cash Free SP yesterday. Behold the cheapy goodness:


There was a wonderful binder with plenty of page protectors, a little notebook that will fit great into my knitting bag/purse, some "B" stickie notes (which I laughed at because I got some of the same stickie notes for *MY* cash free SP that I'll be sending her in her last package next week!), some easter egg dye tablets for dying yarn, some gorgeous stitch markers, some really cute patterns from what appears to be the pattern-a-day calendar (I couldn't get those in the picture but trust me, they're cool!), and then--and I think I dig this the best--an exclusive pattern that she designed herself for these amazing wristlets! It's a beautiful pattern and I'm really honored she'd share it with me! I've got a real admiration for the knitters that can write their own patterns. I tried it with the raincoat since that was a design-as-I-go kind of thing, but I can't imagine doing that for a serious pattern!

Ok, and now a nice close up of those stitch markers on my bamboo needle before I tell you who she was:


My cheep SP was none other than Lunastrixae!!! (AKA Sherry!)

I want to thank Sherry for being such a great Cheap SP! This was my first time doing an SP (cheap or not!) and she made it a great experience! And honestly I had NO freaking clue who you were. Either you're that sneaky, or I'm just that dumb! ;-) My money's on a little bit of both!


Blogger Sherry W said...

That's OK, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to the clues. Either I give away too much info or not enough!

Funny with the post-it notes!

I'm happy you had fun and enjoyed your stuff. Now I can post on your blog and not have to remember to be 'anonymous'!

5:45 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

beeeutiful markers! I always laugh at the curlers pic on you comments on Behold my.. and thought I'd check ya out.

9:37 PM  

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