Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ha ha, that's right people! Certain members of the "live studio audience" are finding their ways to new homes.

I've put a bag of small balls (huh, huh, I just said "small balls") in Chunky's stack of stuff to take to school tomorrow. I figure his teacher can do something with all the small balls--incorporate them into an art project, the texture table, whatever!

Then Soapfigergal has put out a call for "scrap" yarn to help teach tomorrow a couple of skeins of LB Woolease in cranberry (from the Harry Potter Scarf I made last fall for one of Chunky's teachers) and a skein of Carons Simply Soft (from the nip strip tank) are heading her way.

So off to the postoffice I am tomorrow!

On the t-shirt front--I take back anything bad I might have insinuated about I got an email from their customer relations department telling me a new tshirt was on its way and that I can keep the misprinted t-shirt:


Pretty awful huh? But hey, now that this one is free, sure I'll wear it!

Ok, well I'm off to peruse the new issue of Knitty and then it's off to finish the second placket of the raincoat. I want to get that damn thing done. I hate WIPs. I hate that acronym (that's what we call our invoice drafts at work). So I want to get that damn raincoat done so I can start on my next venture: a cottony set of summery tank tops for San Antonio. My goal, to make the nicest, coolest, machine washable tank tops/short sleeved sweaters for cheap.


Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Yeah, get on that raincoat, dammit. The suspense is killing me!

The suggestions you were getting for reasonably priced cotton yarn was cracking me up. I don't think some of the suggestions were considered "cheap" at all. I certainly plan on making something out of the Bernat Cotton Tots I bought (it is so nice to touch) as well as Peaches 'n Creme. Even the new batches of Sugar 'n Creme yarn is nice and soft! But I do recommend washing your swatches just like you plan on washing the garment. Even throwing it in the dryer if you plan on it. It will shrink or it could bloom. It all depends. I've had both happen with my dishcloths. Something to consider.

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