Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogging About Books

This week's blogstalking assignment is to show off your bookshelf(ves).

Now, I'm somewhat of a book snob. The Mad Scientist has box upon box of sci-fi-fantasy mass market paperback books. Paul Harding, Frank Herbert, Donald E. Westlake, Anne McCaffrey, and Terry Brooks are just a few of the authors of the books taking up room immediately next to my computer. I tend to dismiss these as too mainstream for my taste. However, in the immortal words of a librarian I used to TA for in 8th grade because I hated Home Ec and was able to shelve books instead of sew pillow cases, "It doesn't matter what they're reading, as long as they are reading." Point well taken, but I'm still a book snob! Most of the books I like tend to cost $15-$20 in paperback. So I don't buy many. I prefer to check them out of the libary or scour used bookstores. Not to mention, I got rid of a lot of books before we moved (books are HEAVY!)

Therefore I present you with my absolute favorites in this picture having spared being Freecyled or Amazon Marketplaced in June:

my bookshelf

Top shelf is photo albums/negatives from before the digital age.

Second shelf contains my old favorites from Betty Smith, Amy Tan, Isabel Allende, Alice Walker, and Margaret Atwood.

Third shelf is more leftovers from college I couldn't part with or attempts to make myself smarter. Home Buying for Dummies (yeah right, I can't even get my husband down here to live with me!), Learning German (from my failed attempt to make it to my brother's wedding---fuck the man for not letting me have time off!), What To Expect When You're Expecting (now that I've had a kid, I can say a majority of this book is bullshit--but it will be recycled for when T. has a child but the title will be doctored to read something different--she knows what I'm talking about), and my favorite Revolutionizing Motherhood, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (more people need to become aware of the human rights violations happening to our neighbors in South America, maybe then we wouldn't waste our time in the middle east under that guise. Oh wait. South America doesn't export as much oil.)

Can't forget cookbooks on top of the fridge:


That orange Betty Crocker book is my absolute favorite. Same with the slow cooker book. The best one for cake porn is the German title you see in there.

You also can't forget my "bed books."


Peel My Love Like an Onion by Ana Castillo (one of my current library books) and Texas Curiosities (bought for $1 by my mother at the library she works at).

And finally, I'll bet you didn't know I had a book written about me did you?

ha ha

Some of you might remember me mentioning the Macho Tax Man. The attorneys at my old firm would bring in their biblio-castoffs for the staff to take. One slow day at work he made this using a photo of me brought in my a pair of my coworkers who I attended a wedding with in Detroit. I'm probably the only one under 70 that has no qualms about being seen in public with my curlers.

Kris will probably be the only one to get the "Lansing State Urinal" play on words.

Now, off to surf other blogstalker's shelves. It's like peeking into medicine cabinets to me!


Anonymous nikbudnik said...

I am the biggest book snob I know . I am not only into literature worthy of keeping, but I have to have literature underground enough for me to hold onto.My local library waives my overdue fines becaue I have donated so many books,ones that i did not want to keep for my personal collection..( I am a Kerouac, Burroughs,Kesey,Burgess,Huxley, Salinger type of reader)
I love Eva Luna, and House of the Spirits. Be glad your husband reads at all. The only reading material Gene has are Mini Cooper repair manuals and Hot Rod magazines. I too, am a book snob widow.
I have to say......your cookbook collection could be better, Ultimate Cake mix? you need a book for cake mix???
But......I am a HUGE food snob as well as book snob.So go figure.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous nikbudnik said...

By the way....Gene specifically told me not to comment to you on this..he thought i might piss you off Ha! I never, ever listen to a man telling me not to do something.Besides, I never mean to offend.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha Nik! Don't blame me for the cake one--that was an Xmas present from T.!!!! :-P

Trust me, I can bake a hellofacake from scratch. But sometimes when the Chunk's birthday lands on a weekday, it's easier to use a mix as a base.

8:11 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

I can be a total foodsnob but I loves me a good ole'old skool cake mix cake anytime.

I have that same early 80's verison of the BC Cookbook. It has the best recipe for peanut butter cookies ever.

If I ask real nice-like, can I get an autographed copy of "Over the Edge?"

8:56 PM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Bah, you privatized your flickr pic! I wanted to be nosey and see the titles better. =P

Which Amy Tan book is that? I have The Bonesetter's Daughter if that's not it (but it looks like it is) but if it's not and you want it you're welcome to it. It was a wonderful book!

8:35 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I adore books. Just went to the library book sale last week! $16 and a whole box o books! And good, book-snobby types too!

Nice Knucks btw! wooo!

Dang, I really wannna hear about the spider hat!

1:28 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

I love Amy Tan books too. Have you ever read books by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni? She wrote the Mistress of Spices. They're making a movie out of it and I hope they don't muck it up.

1:47 PM  
Blogger weezalana said...

I'm a booksnob. Well, one of my shelves says I'm a booksnob. One of the others says I like shallow, mindless drivel. ;)

Dig the pics on the cyc!

9:33 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Nice pics! Love your own book too! ;) hehe

9:34 PM  
Blogger T. Budnik said...

Hey, I'd kill for a cake mix cookbook. Haha. Seriously, I decide what I want to eat for dinner based on whether I want to take the time to split a can of soup into two portions or just nuke a burrito.


10:18 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Can't say I'm a "book snob", I just love books, and I'll read just about anything - and probably have :). I have bookshelves in every single room in my house, all filled with BOOKS and three of them are floor to ceiling, and I still don't have enough room :). My motto is: When I get money, I buy books. If any is leftover, I buy food and clothing.

I majored in English both as an undergrad and grad, and so I like the "classics", but I will always have an affinity for my first loves - which include the likes of Wilson Rawls, Gertrude Chandler Warner, Stephen King, V.C. Andrews, Jacqueline Susann, and Jackie Collins. I hope I don't go to a bookless hell because I admitted that ;).

1:11 AM  

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