Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

May your day be filled with guts--


May your pumpkins give you startled expressions--


And may your night be dark and spooky--


It's also the one year anniversary of my random meanderings.

How to celebrate? A bandwagon contest of course! (All the cool kids give away stuff on their blogiversary!)

But of course you're going to have to work for it. Hee hee!

I'm going to go all fourth grade on you and we'll play truth or dare. Except you get to pick whether you want to reveal a truth or the craziest dare you've ever done (I guess that's sort of like a truth--but c'mon I'm doing this over cyberspace!)

Funniest truth or dare will win a prize and everyone else will be put into the pot to have their name randomly chosen.

Deadline will be November 6 at 12:00 a.m. CST...and I'll try to post winners on election day.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Warning: Sappiness Ahead

Here I was all worried about Chunky having a craptacular Halloween. I've decided I just don't know this city well enough to go out trick or treating. The Mad Scientist pulled a major guilt trip on me over the phone last night for not taking him trick or treating. The Mad Scientist hasn't spent enough time down here to realize that San Antonio is a whole different ball game compared to relatively podunk Lansing.

But I digress.

When I got home I had a package slip on my door. It was a sweet little Halloween package from Chunky's newest buddy Cpurl. In it were some Halloweenie treats and a sack of these gooey rubber bugs, worms, and severed ears, noses, and tongues. Super gross, but as you can see, he loved them:


She also sent me some gorgeous Socks That Rock yarn. Scroll down on her blog til you see the Love-in-Idleness color. She's a much better yarn pornographer than I am.

Chunky made the remark "Gee mom, she must know you like yarn." Hee hee!

Ok, here's where I get sappy.

Seriously, what kind of nuthouse would I be in if I didn't have y'all to listen to me bitch about life and witness the quirkiness that manifests itself in the form of yarn balls having sex or coats made of bags? You help keep me sane, whether I be toiling under the tyranny of The Man or doing the single mom thing 1500 miles away from me.

Stay tuned peeps, tomorrow is my one year blogiversary. And of course you can't have a blogiversary without having presents to give away right?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Suck It Martha!

Compliments to Penny K for today's post title.

As most of you know, it's going to be a lean Christmas here at Bezzie Manor. Every year I make the grandmas a custom Chunky-Calendar. It all started when I got suckered into buying one of those $25 custom Kinko calendars back in 2003 for a daycare fundraiser. Now my mom whines about getting one each year.

I love my mother, but no freaking way am I shelling out $25 for a calendar with my kid on it every year.

As a result of my stinginess, I've had to get creative. I made 2004's and tried to bind it using a hole punch and some kind of keychain contraption. Yes, that was a disaster, but since it had Chunky featured my mom didn't care--or at least she said she didn't care! 2005 was the same deal.

Finally, by 2006 I got smart and bought some of those blank calendars you can find in scrapbook stores. But dear mother of Fatzah, it got so boring making 24 scrapbook pages for the year. (One calendar for each grandma.)

This year I believe I've finally found the answer.

First off, I have to give credit to some children's hospital in San Antonio. They gave the girl who had my job before me (interestingly enough also named Martha now that I think about it) a little CD case calendar. I've seen these in calendar/Christmas card catalogues as well. Very cute, but again, very expensive for what you get.

So I decided to create my own! Behold!

Step 1.
Find a funkalicous CD case you don't want anymore. Make sure it's a fat CD case--not one of those skinny ones you get with blank CDs. Thanks to Darbyrose for swapping me a pattern for these fat CD cases!

CD Case

Step 2.
Pull the CD and paper junk out. Save the paper junk. You'll use this as a template to cut out your picture later. Measure how big the paper is. Mine was approximately 5" in height by 4.75" in width. You can save the CD too if you like. Lord knows you can make all types of crafty stuff out of those too.

Pulling Out CD

Step 3.
Using a small screwdriver, or even a butterknife, run the edge of the sharp object around the black CD holder stuck to the back of the CD case. Do this gently as you don't want any of the plastic to break.

Pry other crap out

Step 4.
Now that you have the CD holder thingy free, pull the back paper out. Feel free to discard this stuff. Or again save it to give to your plastic squirrel lawn ornaments to build a plastic nest out of. Whatever flips your cookie.

ta da

Step 5.
Gently separate the two sides of the CD case. They should be attached with a peg and hole type mechanism.

Separate two sides

Step 6.
Flip the front part of the CD case over, and reattach it to the back of the CD case again utilizing the pegs and holes on either side. When you flip it open, it should stay propped up like this:


Step 7.
Here's where it gets tricky if you're doing a calendar. Using a photoshop program cut and paste a calendar and picture of your chosing onto a canvas size that's going to fit your CD case. I found some blank calendars here for personal, non-sale use.

Step 8.
Print out your first calendar month. Using the insert from the original CD that was in the case oringially as a template, cut out around the image. I did this one on plain paper, but I'll probaby do each month of the final calendar on cardstock. Slip the month into the little holders that held the original cover of the CD case to secure it. For each additional month, slide them behind the month you want to display, and as the new month comes up just rotate them.

Finished product

This would also work as a cheap-o picture frame if you were so inclined. You could take it a step further and decorate the sides of the frame with a little somthin' somethin' too if you were feeling ambitious.

These will make my mom flip and will look great on the desk shrine my mother in law keeps with all her grandkids' pictures on it at work. Even better is they're lightweight and will cost nearly nothing to ship to Alaska! Not to mention all I have to do is hit "print" twice instead of spending hours scrapbooking January through December!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Move Over Click N'Clack!

Tom and Ray have nothin' on me!!

I took my sweet little grandmamobile to the shop (she's actually there right now). To figure out what the hell I did to it when I clipped that curb yesterday morning.

What's the verdict? Well heck, let me show you!

stabil001 copy

This is a stabilizer bar (or at least that's what Google images spit out--mine didn't look quite like this, but close enough!). It helps keep your car from rocking when you turn or are in high winds, etc. Apparently in addition to chucking out a baseball team that made the World Series a cakewalk for a certain Missouri teams that shall remain nameless, Michigan procduces a lot of rust.

The first question the guy asked me when he came in to give me the diagnosis was, "You're from up north aren't you?"

Still being in a non-Texas state of mind, I almost told the guy that no, I wasn't from the Upper Penninsula (Michigan and ex-Michigan readers will understand this).

Apparently my stabilizer bar was rusting and my curb hop did it in. The jarring of driving over that curb snapped a clean break right through it.

The good news? I think regardless of my less than stellar driving this would have happened anyway eventually. And the price. The guy is going to look for a salvage yard part first off, but if he can't get a scrapyard part first, he'll have to get one from a dealer. He gave me an estimate on the bar (at dealer market price) and labor and whatnot to be $660, give or take (probably give). That also includes a power steering flush, which my old trusted mechanics back in Lansing told me I needed, but I skipped because it wasn't essential. I'm just thanking whoever because I was convinced it would be closer to $1000 to fix. Finally, pessimistic thinking comes through for me!

It's funny, six years ago when we were heading to Michigan, ex-Michigonians would tell us to watch out for our cars rusting out every so many years. I thought I beat the curse. Apparently not. So today, me and the Tigers will nurse our wounds of having to be associated with the great State of rust and "we came so close" baseball.

ETA: I just got off the phone with the mechanic. He couldn't find a new OR used part for my car. So he's got to special order it and it won't be in until about Tuesday/Wednesday. So I have to baby my poor car and drive veeerrrry slowly!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ups and Downs



I finished my two hats for Pam's baby hat drive. For those of you that don't know the story behind the baby hat drive, I don't think I'm going to recap it. There's just been a lot of loss going around lately and it's a sad story. At 4:50 p.m. we received an email today that one of the department head's husband had died. Gah. He wasn't that old.


I wanted to complete another hat, but I need another pair of DPNs. There's a new yarn store opening in San Antonio (Yarnivore) this weekend and I figured that would be the perfect excuse to check it out since Michaels and Joanns do not carry DPNs in sizes smaller than US 10. Where's the down you ask? When I was leaving Chunky's daycare today, I cut the curb and banged my car down something fierce. Something is seriously effed up with my car now. It feels like something is rubbing or grinding on my axel. And when I turn, oh lord! The grinding and clicking is horrible! I'm guessing CV joint, axle--definately something expensive. Why wouldn't it be? I mean can't pay the bills as it is, why would I be given a freaking break now??? I can live without an extra pair of DPNs. (Not to mention the temptation of going into a brand new yarn store!)


The car problems happened on a Friday. I can take it in tomorrow morning to be looked at instead of having to take time off work.


I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday. The place I'm taking it to is first-come-first serve on Saturdays.


Come hell or high water I WILL buy a pair of pumpkins this weekend for me and Chunkmaster Flash to carve.


Remember my recycled xmas cards? One of the books, Santa Mouse, had a really cute cover. I felt like I could do something with it rather than throw it out. So I cut the spine off if it and with a little hot glue, paint, clothespins and some ribbon I made this:


A cute little xmas card holder! Chunky felt the need to pose next to it. He was in a state of half undress heading into the shower when I snapped this. Maybe he'll be a Playgirl model someday or at the very least grace the cover of some cheap paperback bodice-ripper. (Hm, does that still qualify as an "Up"?)

So hey, whaddya know? The ups outweight the downs in this post. Hooray!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sometimes I Really Hate This Time of Year

Five years ago I was pregnant with Chunky. I was about three weeks away from my due date.

A friend of mine at work had a sister in law who was pregnant and due right around the end of October. Due to what I deem as some poor doctoring, she lost her baby.

Mind you, I never met her sister in law, but I remember the day I came back from lunch to find my coworker at my desk sobbing because she had just received the news from her brother. I remember giving her an awkward hug over my protruding belly.

That event, coupled with her description of the funeral, really shook me up. At the time, I attributed my feelings to the fact that I was pregnant and it just hit way too close to home.

Today, I found out I was wrong.

Remember the mini-mites I made a while ago for a Lansing-area knitter? On my normal blogrounds tonight I read this.

Just like the sister in law of my old coworker, I never had an opportunity to meet Kristi when I lived in Lansing (crappy timing I suppose) but I'm hit yet again with that same feeling I felt when I got back from lunch five years ago almost to the day. Shaken up and helpless.

I wish I had a nice inspirational conclusion to this post. But I don't. It will just have to end at that.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Speaking of Trash To Treasure

I didn't think I would do Christmas cards this year. The fact that The Mad Scientist will be unemployed, we're stuck in an unfamiliar town, and there will be no snow, really sucks the Christmas spirit out of you.

But I caved. Better to get these done before we're a one-income family right?

I sort of ripped this idea off all the vendors you see on Etsy selling very similar stuff.

I took some old textbooks and Christmas books bought from Goodwill, rubber cement, leftover Christmas scrapbook papers from last year's cards, wrapping paper samples from those insane wrapping paper drives Chunky's old school used to hold, and a pack of 20 blank cards bought from Michael's with a 40% off coupon.


And made these: (If you're family reading this and want your Christmas card to be a surprise, look away now!)


Purty neat huh? People were getting rid of those books anyway, and people will probably toss the Christmas card anyway--so why spend a fortune on them?

And yes, I have done some knitting. Four pairs of baby booties for a charity knitting project:


Ok, they're more like baby slippers, but hey, newborns don't walk.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Top Secret Knitting and Haikus

I'm working on the Top Secret Project (hereinafter "TSP"). So I can free up my size 8 DPNs for some baby hats for the baby hat drive Pam's masterminding.

Just a quick and blurry sneak peek:


I'll be so excited if this turns out well. I'm appreciating all the crap knitwear designers go through. It's a lot of work designing your own stuff!!!

On a different note--only six more days left of interviewing and proctoring potential students!!! I can't believe how much reading I've accomplished proctoring this past week. Oye. Five hours straight a day of basically doing nothing four days a week. I tried writing dirty limericks to keep myself entertained as someone had suggested, but I really suck at limericks.

But I had time to write a few haikus about my proctoring. Prepare to snore!

Stomach rumbling loud.
I had to skip lunch for this.
Starving for students.


Dear red-shirted girl,
Please stop furrowing your brow,
Because it will freeze.


And this one is totally random--your mind has time to wander when you proctor!

More sex on TV
When your husband is away
And you sleep alone.

I've got another poetry project up my sleeve as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big poetry fan. It always has a feel of presumptuousness to me. Maybe because I'm inherently lowbrow. However, I am a big fan of crafting treasure from trash.

In my Yahoo email account I get spam with the weirdest message titles. No, it's not your normal "Increase Your Bust Size" or "Horny Housewives Looking For A Good Time" type stuff. It's little snippets of phrases, or two seemingly unrelated words put together.

So before I delete them, I've been writing down the subject of these emails. My plan is to string them together into something coherent and somewhat artistic.

I can't wait until The Mad Scientist gets down here. I won't have so much time left to my own devices.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Knitting In the Dark

The electric bill came in the mail today. My eyes did this:


So I've decided to launch Operation No A/C For Me!

It also helps if you turn all the unnecessary lights off as well.


Don't worry about my eyes. I'm determined to go blind by the time I'm 56 (a girl has to have goals right?); and who can't garter stitch with their eyes closed?

Operation No A/C For Me is actually a misnomer. It's a three pronged attack:

1. No more unnecessary lights/appliances left on.
This means I won't be leaving the stove light on overnight and I'll remember to shut off my printer when I'm not using it. This also includes showering by candlelight and, as mentioned above, knitting by candlelight.

2. No A/C for the month of November.
Laugh if you must. This is effin' Texas. They cut down their Christmas trees in their shorty-shorts and flip flops for crying out loud!

3. Avoid using the oven/stove at all costs.
This might mean I have to go back to using the little mini grill we were using when we moved down here. I stopped using it when it got so hot that the grass dryed up and I was afraid a lone spark from my briquettes would ignite the Dog Poop Plaza that flanks our building. But this also means more raw vegetables. I hate cooked vegetables. There for a while I felt like to be a good mother I had to feed Chunky canned/cooked vegetables, but then in dawned on me, who says we have to cook them? They're better for you raw anyway! Now many of our dinners are flanked by a serving of raw broccoli, califlower, celery, etc.

I figure by the end of Operation No A/C For Me my grandkids will be able to enjoy five more minutes of electricity when they're my age.

I enjoyed reading all your responses to my realization that I'm a dumbass when it comes to purling. I'm actually quite relieved--it's much easier for me to modify my purling than my knitting. It was also quite interesting to see how many English knitters are out there. I thought it was a 50/50 mix. I tried my hand at knitting English last night, but like you all described your experiences knitting Continental, it felt weird.

Whatever flips your cookie right? Or in my case, a ball of uncooked cookie dough because I'm not using the stove.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Knitting Epiphany

For some reason I got it into my head that I ought to watch some of those videos on knittinghelp.com.

My realizations in no particular order:

I've been purling wrong the whole time. Way to go Bezzie!

I don't hold my yarn all twisty around my fingers. Weird.

I've got a lot of respect for English-style knitters. Woah.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blogging ADD

This post is all over the place. I apologize. Nah, not really. No one's forcing you to read this right?

First up: Bosses' Week. My new boss rocks. Ok, she's a little scatterbrained, but find me a boss who isn't. She's genuine. She's nice. She's compassionate. I work with two other ladies (both above me on the totem pole) who want to pitch in and, since she's apparently a voracious reader, get her a nice gift certificate for Barnes & Noble (ha ha, suck it T!).

The other two ladies have indicated to me that I can donate as much as I feel fit as they both know things at Casa De Bezzie are un poco tight. So what's a good amount faithful readers? $10? $15? $20?

I guess I'm at a loss. I never got The Man anything for Bosses Day. She forgot Secretaries Day all the time--why the hell should I remember her? It doesn't help that my cool boss before The Man was more like an older brother. The first year I worked for him, I found out he despised broccoli. So what did I do? I bought a nice little vase and stuck a bunch of broccoli in it. A bouquet of broccoli if you will. To this day he still has that vase in his office!!

$10 seems too little (that's what I gave the Tibetans for their cow/yak/cak you'll remember). $15 seems like "Hey, I had a $20 but I broke it so I could give you only $15 of it. And $20, well I'll be honest with you, I take $20 out of the bank once a week to serve as the week's "entertainment" money for me and Chunky. $20 seems a little steep. Maybe I'm being greedy.



(I told you this was Blogging ADD).

These are some gorgeous cotton (!) sock yarns that the sneaky Miss Zonda sent me. It's a long story, but it involves me trying to be sneaky and her outsneaking me.

And finally, what the hell is up with this? Good grief. Call me naive, but do that many people really think Alaska is covered in ice and snow all year? And not even a state? Or that they're even wasting state revenue to commission a survey like that? Ha ha!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

They Don't Do Medicine Cabinets In Texas

They're a little skimpy on the closets too. And no basements. But I've bitched enough about this state lately. So we'll move on to this week's blog stalking assignment: the inside of your medicine cabinet.

Although I don't have a medicine cabinet, I do have a drawer:


Lessee, spare toothbrush, hairbrush, Batman bandaids, Walmart knock-off tylenol, a manicure set, tubes of sunscreen in varying SPFs, a book of matches (I like to shower by candlelight--saves electricity), my bag of various hair-accessories (yes Penny, there are a couple of scrunchies in there--I plead guilty!), my lucky yellow Colorado State pony tail holder (a must for game day), some of The Mad Scientist's deodorant that he left behind, disposable razors (although with no one to impress, lately I've been going the way of the tarantula), lotion, more deodorant, spare glasses, a ziploc baggie full of free lotion, shampoo, and conditioner samples, the infamous pink rollers, an expired prescription of pink eye drops for Chunky, and three thermometers. Yeah, that's right. Three. When your kid has a fever Murphy's Law dictates that your thermometer will have a low battery. It's much easier just to buy a new thermometer instead of trying to disassemble the one you have, find out what battery it takes, and go to store to purchase said battery.

Overall, nothing too weird in there.

But I do have this sitting on the tank of my toilet:


Someday when I get my custom VW Bug, this will be mounted on the hood.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Woo. Jaywalkers. Control Your Excitement.

We had to mail The Mad Scientist his winter coat, scarf and a few other winter clothes. When we moved down here, I kept all these things----thinking he'd be here by now! Ha ha! Michigan got a nice little dusting of snow this week so come Monday or so he'll be toasty.

In the spirit of mailing away warm things, I decided I would finish up my Jaywalkers. I figure I won't wear them because they're wool. Nothing against wool personally, but my feet tend to give off a lot of heat on their own, I don't need wool to help me out. Do you like the way I phrased that? That's a nice way of saying I have very sweaty feet!

A few weeks ago Chunky and I drove to Dallas to hang out with an aunt of mine I hadn't seen since I was about 11 years old. She works for Yankee Candle Company and was in Dallas covering a trade show for a co-worker (Dallas isn't in her normal sales region I guess). We drove up, had dinner, and spent the night in her hotel room. While we were hanging out I whipped out my Jaywalkers while we chatted. She was very impressed with them. Which is funny because she's a crocheter. I guess I was just surprised how interested she was in them as she's pretty handy with a hook.

So I figured since she lives in wintry Massachusetts she'll get better use out of them than I will. According to my mom her feet are as about as big as mine. Let's hope she's right!

Without further rambling here they are:



The stats--
Yarn: Opal Petticoat in Color #1293 (I think! The label's in German!) There was a delightful little knot half way into the second sock--so these guys are definitely fraternal!

Needles: Knit on 4 Brittney Size US 2 birch DPNs (my trusty sock needles!)

Misc. Ramblings On the Pattern: It was an easy pattern to follow. These are by far my best socks ever! I still can't get over how wonderful the heels turned out. At first I was dubious of knitting them on four needles, but I found four needles made it easier to conceptualize the instep and sole. It's a little trickier to do (for me at least) on three needles. The fit itself was a little roomier than what I'm used to. But keep in mind that I also like my cotton handknit socks and do a lot of simple ribbed cuffs. Cotton and ribs make the sock overall tighter fitting.

So kids, that's all she wrote in the sock yarn stash department! I actually didn't buy this Opal sock yarn. I won it in a blog contest Sassenach had on her blog a while ago. Will I buy more sock yarn? Maybe. If The Mad Scientist ever graduates and finds a job, and if that job (which the hunt is sofar proving well, fruitless. It's hard to remember that it took him a good 8 months to find the old job that got revoked) is in a cold climate I might convert back to wool sock yarn. But for now, my quest to find snazzy cotton sock yarn continues!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Can't Stop Laughing!

I saw this over at Yarn & Order's blog. Holy crap. How freaking funny!

So of course I had to do my trademark photo:

Ok, I knew I had the typical squarish ruddy complexion of a eastern Europino, but I had only suspected I had some Korean Soap Star and Indian Spiritual Leader With Funky Beard in me!

So of course I had to do another more normal photo...

Ha ha! Ok, this one they obviously just grabbed pictures of anyone in glasses and threw in Britney Spears to make me feel better.

Jeeze, Nigel Short and Milan Vidmar? I HATE CHESS!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finally Some Knitting!

And a blogstalking assignment.

But first the knitting!

You'll remember I'm participating in a cyber babyshower for Kristi (see the "Warm Up The Dutchians" button in the sidebar--it's late and I'm feeling lazy to directly link!) who will be giving birth to a set of triplet boys shortly.

So on Saturday I started with this:


And on Sunday ended up with these:


Close up shot!!!


Three mini-mite hats. I sized down the Black Widow Baby hat to fit a smaller more newborn head. And they're cute spiders, not black widows!

The yarn is some nice washable acrylic I had in my stash. All I know for certain is that the green is Caron's Simply Soft. The blue I've had forever. The yellow was something I swapped for some Regia sock yarn I had (Gasp! Yes, I swapped sock yarn for acrylic yarn!!)

Ok onto this week's blogstalking assignment: pet-cam. Or what does your pet see?

First up is Springs. He's a 9-ish year old Bengalese something or other. He enjoys a sexy blanket romp, warm laps, eating pony tail holders, antagonizing Squeaky, and hiding in my bedroom at night only to re-emerge and jump on my bed at exactly the point when I lose consciousness.

Springs would see:


a wall when he's:


sleeping in the kitty bed in the corner of my bedroom between my Commonawannalaya Lamp and the closet.

Next up is Squeaky, a 6 year old barn cat mutt hailing from Portland (Michigan). Her turn ons include a good brushing, hand raping, raw hamburger and chewing the heads off q-tips.

Squeaky likes to hang out:


On the back of my computer chair. It's all about being higher than the humans I tell you.

When she's back there, here's what she sees:


The back of my head. If you look really closely at the screen you'll see that I'm chatting with The Mad Scientist on MSN Messenger. You'll notice that his chat avatar happens to be Little Pink Nose herself. She's a daddy's girl to the max, although she's really attached herself to Chunky since we left The Mad Scientist.

Off to bed now. Hopefully the aforementioned Springs-cat isn't hiding in the room somewhere!

Friday, October 06, 2006

May I Should Have Stuck with Spinning...

I could have spun a mean skein from this new animal I discovered, the Blue Faced Chunkster:


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bezzie Bunch Part Deux

I love seeing these all together. I've added the new ones as well as some old ones doing double duty as my devilish doppelgangers:

Bubble & Curlers Take 2

(Yeah I know I'm missing like three spaces--I couldn't get the stupid mosaic maker to do a 9X3 mosaic!)

The one in the rag rollers taking a slug of brewski is the mastermind behind this whole plot, Domestic Overlord. Click on over to check out her sexay trailer trash make up!

Thanks for all the tips on how to desaltify my chili, bush my plant, enjoy my oregano before we have to move out of Hell, worry about my Tibetan cak* eating the Tibetis out of house and home, and most importantly how to kill time while I'm proctoring tomorrow. I wonder if I'll be able to add "proctologist" to my resume when October is over.

Finally I'd like to give a shout out to Cpurl for sending me a DVD of last week's episode of "The Office" she Tivoed. I missed watching it because last Thursday I was on the phone with The Mad Scientist as he broke the news of the job revocation to me. She's too damn sweet. For those interested--she's the Devil wedged between Domestic Overlord and Face-Cream-is-the-New-Bubble-Gum-Old Lady Pen Pal.

*For those readers wondering about the cow/yak reference in yesterday's post--I've been bemoaning the fact I was cornered at work as the last hold out in their charity drive to donate money. They were aiming for 100% participation and only had 99% before I was hunted down. Spineless me broke down and gave them $10. Never mind that I can barely pay my freaking bills as it is and am facing another cross-country move in the next year (again). So I picked the most obscure/"different" charity off the list they gave me that I could--The Heifer Project. They provide meat/milk bearing animals to underdeveloped countries. Yeah in reality $10 will probably only buy them a chicken, but a girl's gotta dream.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Musings Born of Boredom

I had to proctor exams today for potential students. The preadmission test takes three hours. I had to do it twice today. No computer, no knitting, just me, a pen, some scratch paper, and a paperback book that really wasn't holding my interest.

But I got to thinking about my upcoming knitting projects. I think I'm going to put Seamus on hold for a little bit. We'll more than likely be heading to a colder climate soon, so I can make that my "Welcome Back to Real Weather" project. Once I finish up my jaywalkers (I'm about to start the heel on the second one) I'll cast on for the Top Secret Project. I think the TSP will become my new portable project once the jaywalkers are finito. Mostly because I'm out of sock yarn once they're complete! Ha ha!

Finally, once I finish knitting 24 legs for the mini-mite hates, I would like to then go balls to the walls and crank out the log cabin blanket. I guess it would be nice to have a real blanket to put on my real bed once I have my real husband back again. God, but part of me wants to be packing by then.

So aside from mulling over my knitting projects, I came up with some random questions I can't seem to answer:

1. Do you ever harvest oregano? Or do you just let it keep growing, snipping off what you need? Does it ever die?

2. What on earth can one do for 3 hours at a time with no knitting, no computer, no good book? I'm proctoring exams once to twice a day for the rest of October! YAWN!

3. How do you get those pathos (I think that's what they're called) plants to bush out? I've got one that really took off here in Hell (must be the warm weather) but it's all just one big vine.

4. Do you think the Tibetans that I bought a cow (although The Mad Scientist contends it's a yak) for are enjoying it?

5. How do you de-saltify a dish? When I made crockpot chili today I kind of forgot to add the water that went with the beef boullion. It's not disgustingly salty--but just a little more than I'd like to to be. Won't something acidic cut the salt taste?

Monday, October 02, 2006


Which stands for Un-Finished Objects for the knitting civilians out there.

Would you like to know a secret? UFOs bother the piss out of me. Can't stand them. I will drudge through a project just so I can get it done. As a result, my oldest UFO isn't even 3 months old yet.

My oldest UFO is my log cabin afghan. You've already seen pictures of it about a month ago. Since then I've only done one more square. Therefore, I'll give you a different perspective shot:

logcabin square

A UFO I hope to finish shortly is my trio of mini-mite hats for the Red Dog Triplets:

stack o hats

That middle color is actually a green. I should have these cutie pies finished by the end of the week and hopefully into the mail by next Monday.

After I finish the mini-mites I'm going to start on the Top Secret Project. I'm itching to start it, but like I said, I hate UFOs and I never have more than three things going at once. Too distracting otherwise.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mixed Nuts and Other Randomness

Even though I haven't met a one of them, my cyberbud knittyheads made me laugh many a time over today with their nuttiness. Behold:

Bubbles & Curlers

Aw, shucks girls! You're the best!! Props to Sarah, who appears to the be mastermind behind the whole plot.

Now that it's October and officially the start of ArtSoMoFo Month I figured I would dabble a bit in the artsy fartsy.

Ok, so I'm not a "real" artist. I took four years of art in high school and intended on going to art school after high school until I saw the price tag. I didn't officially join the ArtSoFoMo group because I don't feel I'm a real artist. Call it an inferiority complex or call it being a renegade.

For my "art" I'm taking my inspiration from two things. First, I came across the concept of Artist Trading Cards on another knitter's blog. This seemed like the perfect canvas to create a series of pieces of "art." Second, I've decided to do a series called "My Texas Vacation Nightmare." Figure I might as well get something positive out of this whole experience right? I mean c'mon, I'm probably the only one that voluntarily leaves their husband, moves 1500 miles away, lives as a single mother, and works a mind numbingly boring job for a few months before getting to pack up and move all over again! Ha ha!

So I give you the first in my Artist Trading Card/ArtSoMoFo/My Texas Vacation Nighmare Series:

1st ATC

And yes, that's the picture of us in our wedding announcement that hit the newspaper. An old friend who had connections to the newspaper hooked us up with about 20 copies of the annoucement. The more I destroy now, the more valuable they'll become on eBay when I hit the big time, right?