Saturday, October 28, 2006

Move Over Click N'Clack!

Tom and Ray have nothin' on me!!

I took my sweet little grandmamobile to the shop (she's actually there right now). To figure out what the hell I did to it when I clipped that curb yesterday morning.

What's the verdict? Well heck, let me show you!

stabil001 copy

This is a stabilizer bar (or at least that's what Google images spit out--mine didn't look quite like this, but close enough!). It helps keep your car from rocking when you turn or are in high winds, etc. Apparently in addition to chucking out a baseball team that made the World Series a cakewalk for a certain Missouri teams that shall remain nameless, Michigan procduces a lot of rust.

The first question the guy asked me when he came in to give me the diagnosis was, "You're from up north aren't you?"

Still being in a non-Texas state of mind, I almost told the guy that no, I wasn't from the Upper Penninsula (Michigan and ex-Michigan readers will understand this).

Apparently my stabilizer bar was rusting and my curb hop did it in. The jarring of driving over that curb snapped a clean break right through it.

The good news? I think regardless of my less than stellar driving this would have happened anyway eventually. And the price. The guy is going to look for a salvage yard part first off, but if he can't get a scrapyard part first, he'll have to get one from a dealer. He gave me an estimate on the bar (at dealer market price) and labor and whatnot to be $660, give or take (probably give). That also includes a power steering flush, which my old trusted mechanics back in Lansing told me I needed, but I skipped because it wasn't essential. I'm just thanking whoever because I was convinced it would be closer to $1000 to fix. Finally, pessimistic thinking comes through for me!

It's funny, six years ago when we were heading to Michigan, ex-Michigonians would tell us to watch out for our cars rusting out every so many years. I thought I beat the curse. Apparently not. So today, me and the Tigers will nurse our wounds of having to be associated with the great State of rust and "we came so close" baseball.

ETA: I just got off the phone with the mechanic. He couldn't find a new OR used part for my car. So he's got to special order it and it won't be in until about Tuesday/Wednesday. So I have to baby my poor car and drive veeerrrry slowly!!!


Blogger Linnea said...

Gasp. Oh my goodness. It just broke? Ouch. I feel your pain - my old, trustworthy Jeep took a totally unexpected $1000 crap in the swimming pool parking lot last year. Sorry to hear they couldn't find a part in the junk yard, but at least when it's over you won't have to worry about things for a while (or so I tell myself).

Also nursing the wounds of the Tigers' loss (hubster is from Flint) and various other sad happenings in life... Here, have a glass of my cheap Shiraz. It's good, I swear.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Avrienne said...

I've managed to get over the "we came so close" thing by not caring about sports in the slightest. Besides, my dad's a born-and-bred OSU fan, so, according to him, I couldn't root for Michigan in football, I don't actually know his favorite team. Meh.

5:40 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Aw man, that sucks about the car. I always dread spending $$ on the car--it's not like you get a cool sweater out of it.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Tom and Ray always tell people not to ignore broken stabilizers. That does suck though, having to spend mega-bucks on that right now.

I used to listen to Car Talk faithfully in the pre-child, upstate NY days. I never really reconnected with the it in a different time slot here in WI.

11:42 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

nice job on the diagnostics, Click! Now don't drive like my brother...

11:28 AM  

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