Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 FO Roundup Part 4

Part 4--hold on, we're almost to the end! The boredom is almost over!

Today is the proof that I'm a spastic kniter who can't commit to a large project:

2006 Odds n' Ends

Odds n' Ends! I'll keep this short since there's so many.

(Left to right starting with top row)

1. A sweater for Rosie--Every stuffed monkey needs a koolaid dyed, cable sweater right?

2. Gold Card--My felted, beaded experiment with knitting with those plastic cards credit card companies feel obliged to mail you every day. The felting didn't turn out too hot though.

3. Felted box with bead trim--My own halfhazzard pattern (but seriously, it's a box, how hard is it to knit a box?). Living proof that I hate sewing when I had to sew the lining in this puppy. However I did dig the cool reflective beads.

4. Eco-Friendly Yellow Ribbon--I support the troops, however I do NOT support choking trees in the name of supporting the troops. Stapling or tying plastic ribbons around a living thing is not cool (remember corsets? similar concept there). I designed a knit ribbon that buttoned on a tree and gave a little ease as to not cut off the tree's circulation. If you're ever in Lansing, drive past Post Oak Elementary. That's where I "tagged" a tree with this puppy.

5. Sweat Sock--Another design of my own. Just a simple water bottle cozy that looks like an old fashioned sweat sock to keep my water cold when I freeze it. It works like a dream and I love it. I get many double takes with it from people who think I actually put a nasty sweat sock on my water.

6. Trio of Felted Christmas Trees--From "Knit Christmas Stockings!" A fast, cheap and easy answer to gifting my coworkers.

7. Face Cloth--Yet another cheap and easy gift for my old college roommate. But alas, I can't remember the name of the pattern I used.

8. Dia De Los Muertos Doll--Based on Dr. Mad Scientist's recently deceased grandfather and knit using the AntiCraft's Bad Juju pattern. I don't join many knit-alongs, but I really enjoyed the Day of the Dead one!

9. Cat Poo Booga Bag--A delightful answer to the $20 minimum in purchasing a White Elephant gift for the office Christmas party.

10. Bronty--One of my first attempts to knit a toy. Very cute pattern. I would have gone down in needle size though to eliminate the little holes that showed up when I stuffed him.

11. Apple Face Cloth--See #7

12. Log Cabin Afghan--Ok, so technically this isn't finished--but I DID finish knitting all the blocks for it (hooray for running out of yarn early!).

13. Four Baby Booties--Just four pairs of charity knit baby booties.

14. I Left My Heart in Lansing Mittens--I joined a KAL (hm, maybe I do join more than I admit) where the goal was to make a pair of "bitchin' mittens." Since I was missing Dr. Mad Scientist at the time, I made these. They're based on the hand "map" Michiganders always use when you ask them where some city is located. These now hang on my wall in our bedroom. True "artsy fartsy" knitting.

15. Dream Swatch--Made with some beautiful Cotton Twist yarn I picked up in San Antonio while down here interviewing. It didn't turn out to be big enough for a scarf and too fat for a headband, so it sits as a quasi table runner on top of my entertainment center. It's classier than it sounds. Trust me.

Finally, I promised I would give props to my CASP2 who sent her final box this past week revealing herself to be the ultra-talented Knitting Mamma. Yeah it was a little late, but eerily enough she just moved too (I almost didn't participate in CASP2 because I figured we'd be moving).

Here's what she sent!

A happy elephant project bag to match the needle roll she previously sent. I've currently got my Corded Yoke Pullover housed in it!

A row-counter I'm assuming she made. (Now I must cast on something complicated with some actual repeats so I can use it!)

The rest of the box! There's some notecards, scrub, a cool little box, a magnetic notepad (absolutely love those things and was almost running out of paper on my old one), a crayon thermos for Chunky, a flashing tiara (oh I've got plans for that baby!), and four skeins of Sinfonia (I love that yarn!)

She was a great CASP2 and I'm glad she finally revealed herself! Maybe if Dr. Mad Scientist gets a job and if they have it, I'll participate in CASP4.


Blogger cpurl17 said...

You were a bizy gal! I wish I was half as productive.

Great CASP2 package! And I hope that Mad Sci finds a great job (and since I dream big, I hope it's in a state you'd love to live in, with a fabulous relocation package and great benefits)

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is that it? Where is the raincoat? It seems to me that you left out a few items, was that on purpose? And what is a CASP2? must be something good cause what was in the box, was really cool. Love, Mom

10:53 AM  
Blogger AR said...

I really need to get my knitting organized. I'm not sure I could tell ya what I knitted last month. LOL

I'd wear that rocking tiara on New Year's Eve. Cool box of goodies you got!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

You were a busy knitter for sure!! Great projects!

Awesome CASP2 giftees there!! Great bag and needle roll and other goodies too!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Christmas strikes again! In such a good way too! I've never knit anything even slightly big. Except for the ribbon tank I had to force feed the trash can. But I have "bigger" plns for the year. Oh stop laughing. Enjoy those toys! I can't wait to see the tiara in action;)

4:03 PM  
Blogger weezalana said...

Aaaaah! I so love that sweat sock! Now I know *just* what to do with that bit of white yarn poking about my stash. Or grey, I could use grey to give it that dingy, unwashed look...

Love all of these! Off to download that Bronty pattern...

P.S. Can I just say how cute it is that your mom comments on your blog? :)

P.S. Apparently I'm trying to see how many comments I can leave in your blog in one sitting.

8:06 PM  
Blogger sgeddes said...

You really were a prolific knitter this year!

Great looking Secret Pal package.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, knitting all those blocks for the log cabin quilt is being very committed, I think. You should give yourself more credit.

You have knitted quite a bit. I am envious.

Happy New Year Ms. Bezzie. Here's to a wonderful 2007 for you and yours.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Rain said...

I love your whimsical knitting, it makes lie so much more interesting.

The package is fab, every girl needs a flashing tiara.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Zafran ali said...

You are so talented & so cleaver....
plastic cards

4:51 AM  

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