Friday, March 30, 2007

Are you Flashing?

April 1st is Sunday.

The boys are going to the museum tomorrow and leaving me at home alone.

Today I've been storyboarding.

Tomorrow production starts.

On April 1 I shall "Flash my Stash" yet again.

I just spent half an hour doing the girls' hair!

Speaking of other crazy stuff, did you see the latest CRAFT blog entry? Check this out. Simply breathtaking!! Wow. Puts my little shitty raincoat to shame!

Can you believe San Francisco is banning plastic shopping bags? Oh the horror!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

KAYE Update

It's Thursday! Enough moping about no job and cars not passing inspection (which cost me $365, not $250 like I originally thought, WOO!)!

After I took a nap I decided to head out with El Chunko and purchase the yarn for this month's KAYE drawing at the local yarn store.

Holy crap! What a great place! It was like the love child of my beloved (and gigantic) Threadbear and some of those teensey NYC stores we visited on Sunday. It was big, but not too big. They had a great selection of sock yarn that reminded me of Rae's store that I also still miss.

Nothing like buying some yarn to get you out of a bad mood right? And the best part is because it's not yarn for me! Guilt free yarn! Who would have thought such a thing existed!

If you're just tuning in, the reason this yarn is guilt free is because it's all in the name of the Kootchie Awareness Yarn Extravaganza!

This weekend I'll be pulling a name for March's winner. Click on the link in the sidebar for rules or to get my email to send in your entry if you've already been in this year for your annual cooter rootin' or have spread the word if your cooter for some reason can't participate.

What does the winner get this month?

Why that would be a skein of Malabrigo.


Pardon my poor yarn porn skills!

This stuff is SOOO soft!!! The color is special too. It's Azul Profundo, but better than that, it was hand-selected by Chunky!

The color is more true to this blurry picture.


And since this is the end of the quarter I want to show you something else.

Along with you guys pimpin' the contest on your blogs, at the hairdresser's, or to your other real life knitting friends some of you have sent in donations.

Now, I want you all to know these donations were all completely unsolicited. You're under no obligation to donate. They're just a testament to how generous knitters are.

What I've decided to do is at the end of the year in December draw one name out of the year's participants and award the donations as a "grand" prize all in the name of Kootchie Awareness. It will be like getting your own mini-stash!

Check this out!


From the top going clockwise:

1. That's a skein of "kootchie pink" Cascade 220 from Weezalana. I'll blame her for dubbing it that color. ;-)

2. My fraternal name twin Kay, a/k/a The Cheesy Knit Wit sent the large green skein is Farmhouse Yarns Single Ply Worsted Yarn, the KP Alpaca Cloud, and skein of KP WOTA Peruvian Mist yarn.

3. Our favorite Mistress of the Soap and knitting The Soapy Knitter (Rosi G.) sent the two balls of Regia there. If you've got kids and knit, go check out her latest blog post. It's a riot. Hell, even if you don't have kids go read it--it will prepare you for what it's like if you ever want them!

4. The three balls of Sport & Strumpfwoll Extrastark was sent in all the way from the Fatherland by Linnea. I don't know the exact translation of that label, but it's sock yarn and I am guessing it's extrastark-y!

5. Finally bringing up the end of the alphabet with a skein of Heelside Farms yarn is a donation from Zknitter a/k/a Zonda!

You guys rock. Seriously.

Alright, now that we're done looking at pretty pictures we'll look at some nasty ones.

Remember the mouse Squeaky caught?

I had the sneaking suspicion that there were more of them--living in my stove.

At night Squeaky will sit right in front of the stove staring at it intently. Sometimes she'll jump up on the counter and gaze at the burners. I concluded that either the stove was haunted or it has mice.

During our trip to Home Despot earlier this week, I picked up some snappy traps.

I loaded the bait-plate with some Skippy Extra Chunky peanut butter and set them out around the stove near the burners and on the floor. I've learned from my mouse hunting days working as a legal secretary at Scheister, Shafter, Conniver & Dodge, P.C., that it's best to put something sticky on the bait-plate. If you don't, those damn little things will grab your ritz cracker or whatever you put on there and get away with their lives and a free meal!

On Tuesday I had my first kill. A large brown mouse.

Yesterday I got nothing.

Today I got this, and yes, my dead mouse porn pictures are just as bad as my yarn porn pics:


Looks like he popped up from under the burner for a little snack. You'll never eat Skippy Extra Chunky peanut butter again will you?

Just call me Bezzie the Mouse Slayer!

Which allows me to segue to some knitting!

Being married to a geek will change you. Growing up, I always thought I was a geek.

Then I married Dr. Mad Scientist who puts me to shame with his uber-geekiness.

As such, we've always been fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

There, I said it. I've been hanging out with him for ten years now, his uber-geekiness was bound to wear off on me.

Through my blog surfing over at Knit-Think I came across the Buffy KAL.

I of course joined the KAL.

I've decided to knit a sweater I've always admired worn by a character in an episode.

Here's what I've been able to find of it off YouTube:

sweater detail

Crappy pics all around today, I know.

But if you saw the sweater in whole, it was this bizzare attempt at a fair isle sweater. I've read descriptions of it online as it looking like "a freebasing grandma put it together."

This KAL discovery coupled with my desire to knit that sweater, and the fact that Chunky doesn't have a spring jacket (and I have no idea where the nearest thrift, mall or department store is) I thought I would knit my own spin-off of this sweater for Chunky.


It's my first attempt at fair isle (if you can even call it that).


Check out the back! Yes, not as neat as most of you could probably do, but I'm way impressed with it. You should see the back of my cross stitching attempts!

I think I can make it look as bad as a freebasing grandma or at the very least not as bad.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Please Don't Wake Me

I had a long rant-y post about the shitiness of being in a Catch-22 of not having a job, needing a job, having a kid, and well yeah you know the rest.

Then the phone rang. My car failed state inspection. The freaking "check engine" light came on. Something about an EGR valve and me bending over to hand them $250 to fix it so I can bring it back Friday to be reinspected.

I'm going to go take a nap.

But I'll leave you with the start of my latest project.


It's a damn good thing I embrace being a cheapass and have no problems knitting from the stash or knitting with acrylic.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NYC Knitties

So I bit the bullet and just hopped into the tepid puddle I was unable to bail out and took a shower late yesterday afternoon. I tried getting the plug plate off like y'all suggested, but the one screw that is left on there is soap scum welded in there.

Still nothing from Zorba on this subject. But somehow I got roped into driving him to the Social Security office today at 10:00 a.m. When he called last night I was so shocked at what he was asking me, I completely forgot about the tub.

And of course I told him I'd give him a ride. Sigh. I'm such a passive agressive bitch. But now I'm wondering why Natasha, his live-in nurse, can't drive him.

But onto happier things!

On Sunday I went into the city to meet up with some knitters I had only ever "met" in cyberspace.

The Harlot's big hooptie on Thursday kind of spawned the meet up. I'm not a big enough Harlot fan to have attended the big talk she gave in NYC on Thursday night and various other crapola her visit created. But when given a chance to meet people like Cooknknit, LaBean, Mikomiao, Val, and Erica, on Sunday how could I resist? (I know I'm missing a ton of knitters that also showed up so I apologize that I can't remember you all!)

We started at The Point which was very quaint. I guess I got spoiled by Threadbear in Lansing so these teensey little city yarn stores are kind of cute to me. They sure do maximize their space though--yarn up to the ceiling!!!

Then we hit Purl Soho and literally stuffed that store with our presence. They had a wall of Koigu. I guess I never really understood the allure of Koigu until then. So soft and pettable!!!

And speaking of Koigu---look what Karen (Cooknknit) made me!


Pomatomus (although I always want to read it Potamus) socks in Koigu!


God, they're so damn pretty!


And yes, these socks literally knock my socks off. There's no way I could knit socks for someone else. I could never compare to these!

After Purl Soho, we broke up into a couple of groups. One group headed for the Yarn Tree in Brooklyn while Karen and Tamara were nice enough to stay behind in Manhattan with me. (The train schedule to Brooklyn and back would have meant as soon as I got out there, I would have had to turned around and took the train right back so I could catch my 4:15 NJ Transit train from Penn Station back to Seacaucus so I could get home at a decent hour to feed the boys).

We hit M&J Trimming--which was like the mecca of all ribbon, beads and buttons you could imagine.

Then we grabbed a late lunch and helped Tamara ogle some shoes. (Yes, people, shoes and yarn shopping in one trip--how long has it been since I've done these without a male presence??) After that it was back to Jersey for me.

I had a great time. I wish I had remembered my camera, but I never do for situations like these. Besides, I wouldn't want to have looked like a tourist and had Karen yell at me.

Oops! I promised her I wouldn't mention that! ;-)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Stinks


That stench would be me.

I originally wanted to blog about the great time I had in the city yesterday meeting various knitters I had only read about in cyberspace, but why ruin a shitty mood with something so upbeat?

Let me walk you through a regular day of unemployment for me.

6:00 a.m.--I wake up. Somehow I am STILL waking up before Dr. Mad Scientist even when I don't have a job. No. I'm not bitter.

6:30 a.m.--While I'm acting as Dr. Mad Scientist's personal coffee barrista and lunchlady, he hops into the shower.

6:45 a.m.--We all pile into the car and Chunky and I drop Dr. Mad Scientist off at the train station. He could drive himself but that would involve paying for parking. No way.

7:10 a.m.--Chunky and I come home. I catch up on emails and we eat breakfast.

8:30 a.m.- 9:00 a.m.--I usually hop in the shower.

But today, this is what I find when I try to take a shower.


Hm. Yes. How in the HELL did Dr. Mad Scientist NOT notice that the tub wasn't draining? I will admit, it has always been slow to drain, but it's never been THAT full when I shower!

As you can see, he failed to mention anything to me about it this morning before he left.

So today instead of showering, Chunky and I went to Home Despot to buy a plunger and some Drain-O.

I had to buy a plunger because Dr. Mad Scientist couldn't seem to remember to bring the plunger with him from Michigan to San Antonio when he finally finished his freakin' doctoral degree.

We get home and I plunge.

And I plunge.

And I plunge some more.


Nothing. I grab my trusty 99 cent plastic bucket and start bailing out the tub.

Who said showering doesn't waste as much water as a bath? Not when you're a man I guess. I must have dumped 15 gallons of water out of that tub down the kitchen sink.

I figure with less water in the tub I'll be able to get some better plunging done.

No dice. Even with a shallow puddle in my tub now, I can't get anything to go down the drain. Manually ejaculating an elephant would be easier than plunging this drain.

I then decide to exercise my google-fu instead of my now sore from all that plunging biceps to see how to free up a plugged bathtub drain. Somewhere I read to stick a wire coat hanger down the drain.


No. Not so great.

Look at the first picture.

See that thingy right below the faucet? Now on non-100 year old bathtubs (yes, I'm exagerating) you flip that little switchy-do in order to get the tub to stop up when you take a bath.

Well that little switchy-do is as flacid as a poorly stimulated elephant. It flops around and doesn't "stick" like it's supposed to. I can spin it around with ease. When I was plunging and attempting to force water down the drain and wiggling my coat hanger in the pipe, I noticed I could get that switchy-do to move a bit.

This leads me to believe that the stopper device for the tub is broken. Thank god I didn't go pouring any Drain-O down there.

However, I also happen to think that the landlord, hereinafter known as Zorba, KNOWS this.

Why? Because when we first moved in, there was a removable plastic stopper put over the tub drain. A quick-fix for something more seriously broken.

I come to the point of desperation and I haul out the phone book.


There's no way I'm going to be able to fix a broken drain stopper. My plumbing experience ends with vigorous plunging and coat hanger hooking.

I call up EconoRooter. They get my information, blah, blah, blah. But stop me when I say I'm renting.

"Oh, I'm sorry, you're going to have to get your landlord's permission before we show up."


I hang up with EconoRooter. I call Zorba. And it rings.

And rings.

And rings.

And rings some more.

Zorba isn't home.

Zorba does not have an answering machine.

I should have figured. I don't think the man can take a shower on his own (he's got a live-in nurse and is allegedly wheelchair bound). Why would he be prudent enough to join the last two centuries that the answering machine has existed?

I write Zorba a sincere little note informing him of the situation and tuck it under his doorknob.

And here I sit. 12:30 p.m. unshowered and pissed.

Everyone I know who owns a home always complains about how they're responsible for repairs and rave about renting because they don't have to worry about the repairs. Well I'm here to tell you--you may not have it as bad as you think. At least you can CALL someone who will take care of your maintenance problems without having to jump through multiple hoops.

Yes, I'm a control freak. I'll admit it. I like being in control. I think I like showering just as much.

I get the distinct feeling like Zorba's going to pawn this off as my responsibility like he did the oven knob. Which by the way, the one I ordered in my impatience did not fit and I've had to re-order the actual one based on Stacie's wonderful oven-sleuthing. It cost me $30 and will take about a month or more to get here.

I cannot wait for Dr. Mad Scientist to finish up this postdoc. After a postdoc happens, you typically get a steady job. When that time comes we are so buying a house of our own (preferably without Señor Asshat-esque realtors).

Renting is for chumps.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

One More Reason I Love New Jersey

In Texas, I had to deal with this:

100_2339 copy
(Check out how that cockroach has a whitening effect on the ceramic!)

Heebie to the jeebie! I hated showering because of the cockroach in the bathtub.

But for some reason, when Squeaky (who is finally earning her keep around this household!) finds this behind the radiator in the dining room:


I have no problem whatsoever. Doesn't frighten me a bit!

Isn't Chunky cute down there looking at the little mousie?

She stunned/injured our little rodent friend enough to where Dr. Mad Scientist and I were able to scoop him up into the bowl.

Apparently this mouse looks just like the ones Dr. Mad Scientist will be playing with at work. Can you imagine injecting crap into that things teeny little tail?

No injections for this guy. He was a bit injured, but not mortally, so I released him outside away from the house.

Of course I'm sure he'll be having nightmares about this little pink nosed monster for a while--

squeaky nap

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Friday, March 23, 2007


An instant-job finder email in my box today:

THIS IS A JOB NOTIFICATION ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. A job has been posted that matches your profile. Below is a brief summary:

Location: New York, NY
Short Description: personal assistant
Job Requirements: -Smart

If you are interested in this position and would like to apply, please log on to complete the application.

Hm. The only job requirement is "smart."

But the description matches my profile allegedly so I guess I'm smart.

When I looked at the description, it was for a part-time personal assistant job helping someone run a business and two households. Part-time?!?

I think I'll be smart and NOT apply for that one.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's Thursday. Update day. Lord I need to find a job! I've been blogging so much lately and about nothing really!

First up I'll show you some of the stuff I've been knitting since we landed in Jersey a little over a month ago.

We've got hardwood floors in both the bedrooms and linoleum in the kitchen which is right off the bedroom.

Dr. Mad Scientist actually requested I make him some slippers. I think aside from the CSU scarf I made him for Christmas the year before last, this will be the only thing I've knit for him.


I wanted to do Fuzzy Feet, but decided against it since, dear god, I'm getting even too cheap to buy a skein of $4.99 Paton's Classic Merino Wool! I also no longer have a communal washer on-site like I did in Michigan or Texas so that makes felting a little more difficult. I don't do hand felting very well either. Plus I would have had to purchase a new set of DPNs.

So I just bought a nice forest green ball of Lion Brand Wool Ease for $2.68.

Even though Dr. Mad Scientist has pretty small feet (size 10.5--get your mind out of the gutter!) I think these are going to be too wide around his feet.

I'm not going with any specific pattern really--I didn't find any slipper patterns that didn't make me want to retch, so I just cast on 60 sts to see what would happen. We'll see. I'm in no hurry and they're a fast knit and will be even faster if I cast on few stitches next time.

Next up, I've been working on the sleeve for the Lace Bell Sleeve Pullover.


I figure I'll start with the sleeves and not the body so that I actually get the damn thing done. I've yet to knit a real sweater with sleeves because of this. I hate sleeves.


A close up for you. The color of the yarn is truer in the first picture.

Next up--guess what's sprouting?


Look close! Oregano!




I still haven't received my container seeds yet. I'm not sure what the hold up is. No worries. I figure I won't be able to start sticking anything outside for at least another month.

You can also tell that the Great Urban Potato Experiment has eyes.


Mmm! We ate some more of the potatoes out of this bag and I am smitten with Yukon Golds. I hope these things actually take and we get at least one potato from this experiment.

Also a quick thank you to those of you sending in your KAYE entries or pimping the contest on your own blog!

I'm going into the city again on Sunday to meet up with some infamous knitters (Karen's just one of quite a few that should be showing...) and I can't wait to shop for prize yarn. I swear, that's all I'll get!

Maybe once I get a job I'll buy some yarn for me.

But at the rate that's going, getting a job might take a while.


Well in order to get a job, I have to find a daycare for Chunky (can't drag him to an interview now can I?).

I found him a daycare, but I have to get his shots all updated/verified that they're updated.

As you'll recall, I was going to take him to the Public Health Clinic yesterday. However, once I finally found it (after getting VERY lost), let's just say I didn't feel safe getting out of my car. I feel even more vunerable with Texas plates on my car. Nothing screams "Hey! A tourist!" more than out of state plates. Especially all the way from Texas.

I figured, screw it we aren't getting screwed as hard as I thought we would on our taxes this year, I'll just find a doctor that will take payment out of pocket (Dr. MS's health insurance doesn't kick in until 4/1 and even then I don't think he has a freaking clue about any of the details in adding me and Chunky. That's what happens when you get get your first real job when you're 29 years old.)

Lucky me--I found someone! But, New Jersey state law apparently prevents them from treating new patients without having all of their medical records first.


So I call up MSU Healthteam and ask what I have to do to request Chunky's records. Of course, I have to request them in writing. I can't be too upset, I understand why they do that.

In the mail on it's way to East Lansing today is my request. How long it will take them to send me his records--I have no clue. I had him slated to start preschool/daycare on April 2. I might have to call them up and bump it back now. However, I've already paid the registration fee, so he should have a spot saved.

Note to self for next move: Request medical records before we leave!!!

I also picked up the kindergarden registration packet for Chunky. Holy freaking crap. Wow. My Canadian potato farm dream looks better and better all the time.

As a renter I have to get a notarized copy of my lease to these people. How freaking idiotic is that? No one is going to notarize my lease! It's a COPY! How do they know it's my signature aside from the fact that I say it is? I know as a notary myself, there's no way I would notarize anything like that for anyone.

I sure as hell am not going back to Señor Asshat's (the "realtor") office to get their help either.

Thank goodness for nearly six years in a legal office. I'll just whip up a little affidavit swearing that I live in said residence and that said lease has been signed by me and Dr. Mad Scientist, have it notarized, and staple it to the back of the copy of the signed lease.

That's just one of the many hoops I have to jump through.

The form I have to fill out for his registration wants to know where Dr. Mad Scientist and I were born. That's in addition to what city and state. I can see wanting to know city and state for citizenship purposes, but the hospital? Why the hell do they need to know that?

Ah well, whatever.

Today might be an adventure too. I'm off to the Social Security Office. Somehow, along with misplacing my address book, I have misplaced my social security card.

I'm sure when we try to get our new driver's licenses and registrations this weekend that will be a sticking point. I've got my old one with my maiden name and a copy of my marriage certificate, not to mention a freaking passport. If that's not enough for them New Jersey bureaucrats can kiss my butt!

Alright, that's enough unemployed rambling for one day.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Virtual Circle Indeed!

My favorite midwest moshin' mommy does this thing on her blog she calls "Virtual Circle" wherein she poses a question to the cyberworld usually pertaining to a knitting question she has. We all then chime in and comment giving our two cents.

Hilariously enough, the Virtual Circle ringmaster herself came up with the answer to my knob problem!


There it is! Stacie has the same stove/oven and was able to locate her model number. Hey! This makes us oven twins! Oven Twins Activate!

Of course before she chimed in, I got impatient and ordered a different knob. What can I say? The siren's lure of the thought of freshly baked cookies is a strong one.

We'll see if the knob I ordered works or not. If it doesn't, no biggie. The place I ordered from has a 30 day money back/exchange policy. I can always exchange it for the right knob. Which of course costs twice as much and has to be special ordered.

So hold on to your knobs Stacie! They're precious commodity!

No real knitting to speak of. I've been busy getting odds and ends dealing with moving taken care of.

Today I get to go down to the Public Health Clinic and get Chunky immunized because Dr. Mad Scientist's health insurance doesn't kick in until April 1 and Chunky starts his new preschool April 2.

Oh boy. This should be fun.

But I'll also be able to get his kindergarden registration done too. They only process kindergarden registrations from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the cusp of the waning moon. It's very biased against working parents. I'd like to get it taken care of before I find a job.

I'm sure I'll have many exciting stories from the clinic to share tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Help a Knitta Out!

Well, I did as Dingaling the Landlord told me to and called the gas company to come fix the oven.

Why? Because whoever rented this place before us did this to the oven conrol knob:


When Oven Repair Dude was over today, he was able to get the oven going using a pair of vice grips.

Excellent, we can confirm that the oven works.

However, he told me the gas company would charge me out the ass to replace an oven knob. But then he told me they wouldn't even be able to do that because when he popped the hood of my range to look for the model number sticker, it had worn off (you can see where it would have been).

So I'm asking you, if you have an older model Kenmore gas range sitting around that looks like this:

stupid stove

Could you let me know what model number it is?

I found this really great website that sells used oven parts, including knobs. However they aren't much good if you don't have the model number of the oven. You literally get hundreds of knobs that come up for "Kenmore."

I could try to find something similar to that melted specimen there. But look at it closely. Where are the temperature settings printed? I think even if it was melted, you'd see some indication of writing on there. Therefore, I'm suspicious as to whether the melted knob is actually even the original one.

And yes, I have tried looking for other places where the model number might have been--the oven door, inside the oven, the broiler, the side, and ewww...even the back of the oven, which I must say was extremely disgusting. Dusty, greasy, and mouse-shitty.

If this doesn't work out, I guess I'll invest in a nice pair of vice grips and an oven thermometer and maybe just do take-out next Thanksgiving.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

No knitting really to speak of. Well unless you count my laundromat knitting.

I've decided each week I'll chuck out a Hat for Alex.

I do laundry for about two hours a week at the laundromat. It takes about that long to crank out a simple baby hat. It gives me a way to use up my scrap yarn and I can avoid having to chat with fellow laundromatters. I don't do much charity knitting but as a working mom, what happened to Alex is every working mom's nightmare.

Actually my wrists are killing me from all the shoveling we had to do Saturday morning.


Off street parking in New Jersey comes with the caveat that you have to shovel your own driveway!

But it was actually pretty fun and a great workout. It's so nice to have REAL snow and a town that doesn't freak out too bad when it snows. Although I heard all the schools in NYC were closed Friday. Not sure if that's 100% true though.

Speaking of NYC--yesterday we ventured into the city for the first time as a family.

I'll just cut straight to the pictures!


We got to the train station a little early and it was windy, so we hung out in the car. I LOVE this picture!

train to NY

On the train from Clifton, NJ to Penn Station, NY. I made that hat for Chunky to fold up the brim when he wears it. Does he ever fold up the brim? Now why would he think to do that??

madison cube garden

After we got to Penn Station, we emerged from the station and walked around Madison Cube Garden. Sadly it's not a square! Something must have been going on because there were real live ticket scalpers outside.

waiting for subway

Then we caught a subway uptown.

Then we hit Mt. Sinai to check out Dr. Mad Scientist's new lab. It looks like every other lab he's worked in. But he is on the 17th floor and they've got a really good view. Of course they don't have the money in the budget to wash the windows.

dirty window

This is actually from the library window on the 11th floor.

Did anyone read about the fire at Mt. Sinai a few weeks ago? This happened on Dr. Mad Scientist's first day there. Check out the picture in that article. Now check out my picture--taken from the same spot it would appear!



Then we hit Central Park (right across the street from Mt. Sinai) where I had to get a picture of NYC kids sledding on a hill with maybe a 20 degree incline.


We walked through the park parallel with 5th Avenue.

cp boys

Stopped for a couple pics of the Jackie O Reservoir.

jackie o

On this portion of 5th Avenue are all the museums.


That's the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It would have been cool to go in, but it's $20 a pop. Yeah, we'll wait til we've got some scratch before we actually go in.

Then we hopped back on the subway and made our way to Grand Central Station.


It was kind of dark in there, so it was hard taking pictures.


I tried the "night" setting on my camera. You get a better idea of the station in this picture, but it's kind of blurry from using that setting.

Then we walked to Times Square. But on our way there we saw the New York Public Library.


Can you see one of the stone lions there?

liberry 2

Just another library picture.

There was no photography allowed in the library, but I snuck a picture of Chunky down a dark hallway off the beaten path.

cool dude at the liberry

Hee hee!

Then it was off to Times Square!

Times Square

While in the Times Square area, we hit three places.

First was the Toys R Us super store.

The best part of the store? Why the Lego section of course! We didn't get to see the real Empire State Building this time, but we did see the Lego version. Complete with a robotic Lego King Kong!

toys r us king kong

Statue of Lib

The Lego Statue of Liberty.

They also had a life size animatronic Tyrannasaurus Rex--so cool!


The second place we stopped was the Hershey Store.


Not really all that cool, but it smelled good in there.

Then across the street from the Hershey Store was--M&M World!

M&M world

THREE floors of M&Ms and M&M related paraphernalia.

The M&Ms (in all the colors of the rainbow--colors you can't find sold anywhere else..well, except online) were $10 a pound, but the sitting was free.

boys on M&M

They're sitting on a giant leather red M&M. I need one of those for my spartan living room.

After that, we headed back to Penn Station and headed home.

On the way back to Penn Station I had to get a picture of this. I had no idea my number one Peepita had her own chain of stores. Hee!

peep show

Hm. Believe it or not, this wasn't a place we could look at our Christmas presents early. Bummer!

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