Friday, June 08, 2007

Apples Of The Earth

Remember my Great Urban Potato Experiment?

The one where I rooted a grocery store Yukon Gold potato?

So far so good!

Friday, May 25:

Friday, June 1:

Friday, June 8:

If I get one potato out of this experiment, I shall dub it a success. I don't know if it's the Irish in me or the Palmeranian (my hometown, Palmer, is known for it's excellent potatos and marijuana), but I am super excited about this tater plant!

Chunky is really into my pot garden too. He loves to go out and water the plants with me in the evening after work/school.


In that picture you can see him next to my tater, the marigolds he planted me for Mother's Day (still blooming strong), some sunflowers down in front of the tater (not sure if those will work out but BP was giving away seeds to kids and Chunky wanted to plant them), and my oregano over to the right (which is growing like a weed!)

I also have six tomato plants, a pot of green onions, and a bunch of nastursiums growing. It's my first time growing tomatoes, if you don't count the space tomato I grew in sixth grade. I actually got a tiny little tomato off that plant. Growing tomatoes in Alaska without a greenhouse is no easy task!

The nastursiums are delicious--I like to eat the leaves and flowers straight up. They're very peppery and almost spicy. A great alternative if the green onions don't work out.

Who says you need land to garden? I think even if I owned a house proper I would continue to pot garden. It's so much more versatile. If the rain or wind gets too strong, I can move them out of it. If the sun gets too intense, I can move them out of it. If it gets too cold outside, I can move them out of it. Can't do that with a vegetable patch!

This weekend: the end of the Quill Lace Socks!

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Blogger Carol said...

I'll be intersted to see how the great potato experiment turns out. Tomatoes is easy. Just tie them up and water....

6:34 PM  
Blogger Magatha said...

Awwwww! >>>>Chunky<<<< I <3 Mr. Chunk.

Nice garden too.

7:08 PM  
Blogger weezalana said...

Wow, your plants looks huge! Very impressed with that potato!

7:30 PM  
Blogger SP9 said...

I'm gonna have to come and give you our plants. Dan came home from school yesterday with a green stalk in a milk carton, which he tells me is lima beans. And last week, he came home with cabbage seeds planted in a plastic cup. I have a blacker than black thumb and I have no idea how I'm going to keep these alive.....I killed a chia pet for pete's sake. Sigh.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Poops said...


Pot garden...weed...potatoes and marijuana...

I hope the DEA doesn't do a google search.

8:33 PM  
Blogger T. Budnik said...

Nice tots.


8:36 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Cool plants! Cute Chunky! :)

11:30 PM  
Blogger Linnea said...

Neat! I can't get anything to grow. Maybe I need lessons from you! Nastutriums are awfully yummy. If you pickle the seeds you'll get capers!

2:36 AM  
Blogger Cheesy Knit Wit said...

Hee hee, snicker, snicker, you typed pot garden! Weeeee

5:22 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Your garden is looking much better than mine - I found out earlier this week when we had that deluge that my big planters apparently don't have drainage on the bottom because my plants are swimming in water!

6:25 AM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

I didn't know potatos grew so fast! Amazing!

6:31 AM  
Blogger sgeddes said...

Good looking garden. The nastursiums would be nice in a salad. Pretty too.

I planted several vegetable plants this year and so far the deer have eaten most of them.

8:52 AM  
Blogger AR said...

I bet you'll get potatoes. Neat. I love home grown vegies, but I am a plant killer. I have whatever is the opposite of a green thumb!

9:49 AM  
Blogger buttercup said...

Wait till you get your first ever Jersey Tomato. There are no other tomatoes like them. My parents live in NC and one of their friends drove up to NJ (she has family here) and brought back DIRT for her potted tomatoes. She's hoping they will taste like they do up here even tho they're going to be grown in NC. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

Mom and Dad usually have us bring a bushel basket of tomatoes when we visit in the summer.

Now I want a BLT!

Chunky is so proud of your garden. I can't wait to see it when its fully grown!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chunky makes a nice, cute model for your garden! I am glad that you are getting something out of it!! I have lettuce planted in mine and still no show. I am begining to think that the magpies have eaten the seeds. Keep us informed on how your garden is growing and how Chunky is modeling. Love, Mom

11:01 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

Your potato experiment is looking good!!

As always I adore the photos of Chunky!!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

I love your garden! We do some container gardening, but also a lot of raised beds. It's a lot of fun, isn't it :)?

9:03 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Good job on the potatoes. A small word of advice, they will need a whole lot of sun in order to have the energy to store to make the tubers. Make sure if the place where you have them currently doesn't get full sun that you slowly (over at least a week) transition it to as much sun as possible.

Good luck and happy spudding!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous pyewacket said...

That totally rules. I must try rooting one of the idaho spuds in my pantry...

dangle, little participle, dangle!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Cozy said...

Cool! The plants are great. I'm new to your blog (Dame Wendy suggested it), blogging in general really and have been enjoying reading all your stories and even though I'm not a knitter the pictures of your work are great fun to look at.

Your son is adorable!

3:58 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Go you and your little green thumb. I have a newfound love for gardening. It's so much fun to watch everything grow! Your potato is out of control.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Rain said...

Blimey! You've got so much growing considering the lack of garden. I'm impressed.

1:53 PM  

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