Sunday, September 30, 2007


I swear, weekends need to be three days.

Saturday and Sunday it seems all I do is catch up on the housecleaning, bill paying, grocery shopping, and lunch baking...I have no time for anything fun!

That should change in October though--instead of Rhinebeck, Chunky and I will be going to Amherst, MA to visit my Aunt Jaywalker. Last time we saw her was about a year ago when she was doing a conference in Dallas. I was knitting a pair of Jaywalkers that she admired and when I found out she had the same size feet as me (she had to buy cowboy boots in Dallas!) I sent them to her. Funny thing is that I'll probably be knitting some Jaywalkers when we go up there.

The last week of October will be fun too--my sister T. is coming up to visit. Well, more like the end of the week--she'll leave on Saturday. She's on the job-hunt and her school is putting on a job-fair hootenanny in NYC. Her poor sucker classmates will have to spring for NYC hotels. Ha ha! We won't have much time to hang, but it will still be good to see her.

If anyone knows of anyone hiring a newbie copywriter with a penchant for the weird (although she can pretend to be normal if need be) let me know.

And speaking of the ends of the months. Tomorrow is October 1. Which means tomorrow I'll be drawing for September's K.A.Y.E. winner.

Mmm....Mirasol Hacho yarn--two skeins!


And finally I just finished up stocking my Etsy shop.

I've introduced something new. I'm not sure how well this will sell--but here it is:


It's a polymer clay yarn/thread cutter shaped like--what else?

The only problem I forsee with this is the price. Because those blades aren't cheap, it bumps the price up a bit.

But it was fun to make!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Could Fall In Love With Jersey At Sunset...

I love fall light.

Sunset boobie

Sunset over the Broughton Boobie Bar.

Not to be outdone--Chunky grabbed the camera and snapped this one about a half hour later.

Boobie 2

The sun's just a tiny glowing sliver on the horizon.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cheap Thrillz: Part One

I thought about actually participating in WIP Wednesday but I only have two WIPs--a baby dress that I haven't made much progress on since I last blogged about it, and a boring angora/wool winter hat for Dr. Mad Scientist. We're talking a 1 X 1 rib and then just stockinette the rest of the way. Yawn! Boy knitting is kind of boring.

Seeing as said Dr. Mad Scientist is working late tonight and it's the Festival of the Hut in Israel and as a pseudo-Jew I'm out of work early--I give you Part 1 of my cheapy tips/journey through Sucky September where we tightened our belts and basically every paycheck I brought home, was set aside for the IRS.

Hitting back on the topic of boring--this post is long and not so picture-y. I won't feel bad if you don't read it all.


A few days after I received the dire news from the IRS, I sat down and I pulled out all of the bills I had waiting to be paid and the ones I knew were going to be cropping up.

Even though all of those bills (car, cable, power, weekly daycare, student loan) weren’t due that day, I wanted that money out of sight out of mind. I then set up the pile of envelopes or checks with little stickie notes as to when I needed to mail them (usually a week before they were technically due). A few of the payments I scheduled to be automatically deducted from my account—which saves you 41 cents a check!

Bottom line—a soon as I wrote those checks, out of my balance they were deducted. I ignored what the bank said I had and went off of what I had left after all those checks were written. This gave me an amount to work with for other non-billed expenses.

Removing Temptation

The second step was removing temptation to spend. Dr. Mad Scientist, oh how I love him, but he’s just like his mother and his siblings—money burns holes in their pockets!

When we lived in Michigan and the ATM machine (or MAC machine if you roll like that…) ruined his card and we were too lazy to get it replaced, life was good. I’d give him a weekly allowance and he’d spend it.

Rinse, repeat.

Cut to our Michigan-Texas separation and now him working in La Manzana Grande. He was easily pulling anywhere from $60-100 a week. To be fair, some weeks it was not that much, but other weeks it definitely was that much. I grumbled about it (trust me!) but I let it go on. What the hell was he buying? Beats me. Sodas, lunches, dinners, bikini waxes*? Whatever it was, it was quite a bit.

So I took away his credit card and ATM card and we went back to the allowance system. $40 a week for him and sometimes me. On Friday I would pull ½ of his allowance and on Monday the other half (from our bank's ATM to avoid service charges of course). This helped him budget it out better. Like I said—money burns holes in his pockets.

He got to spend his allowance on whatever he wanted.

Remember how I air-dryed our clothes the Saturday we received the notice from the IRS? The following two weeks Dr. Mad Scientist gave me 75 cents from his allowance to dry the clothes. Hee hee. Apparently he likes his underpants downy soft.

With the allowance system, this meant that our debit cards and our credit cards stayed at home. They only came out when a.) it was an allowance pulling day b.) he needed to buy his weekend train ticket or monthly subway pass (a portion of those expenses are reimbursed pre-tax thru Mt. Sinai ) or c.) I needed to fill my tank with gas—a once a week occurrence.

I put our cards someplace where I knew he wouldn't find them, but someplace where I wouldn't forget about them.

In with my knitting mags...

...which was then hidden by a picture.

WOW! You should see my credit card bill!

There’s nothing on it but what I qualify as necessary expenses. There’s no charges to McDonalds, Subway, 7-11, Duane Reid, etc. And my bank statement didn’t make me want to scream at Dr. Mad Scientist.

I’m so proud of him for limiting himself.

I was usually able to get away with $20 a week.

From my allowance I also paid for the laundry ($5.00) and my fresh produce vice.

I’m not sure if this is really a vice or not, but I spend easily $10 a week across the street at the farmer’s stand buying tomatoes and fruits for Chunky’s lunch. This past week I splurged on a ½ gallon of apple cider ($2.50).

One week I spent nearly my entire allowance on beads for my balls. (Hee hee, I said balls.)

But that’s the beauty of an allowance. You only get X amount per week. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. It makes you think about what you really want.

Do I want to buy that $1.50 bottle of Diet Coke on Tuesday leaving me with just $2.00 left until Friday? Hmmm…

Leaving the credit cards and debit cards at home was also liberating. Yes, it’s possible an emergency could come up and I would need them, but I still had my checkbook, and there are Banks of America everywhere. If I had really needed money, I could have gotten money—the same went with Dr. Mad Scientist.

Up next: Food

*No, my husband does not engage in genital-area waxing. Do they even call bikini waxing for men? Do men even have that area waxed??

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello! FO! Goodbye!

Gah, more drive-by blogging. Everytime Dr. Mad Scientist isn't on the computer 24/7, I've got nothing to blog about!

But here's the Anthromadeinchina Shruglet all done:


I cropped out my face. Bad face day.


I think it turned out cute.


The button matched great!


I took a page from Weez's book and followed the tutorial on My Fashionable Life to make the button loop. I re-did it about three times because I kept making the loop too big. But overall I love that technique. Especially because I suck at knitting real buttonholes.

Buttonholes are like my piecrusts. I can make them, they just don't turn out that great.

And just because I can--I leave you with my Brooklyn Tweed closeup shot. Except he can't take pictures of his boobs.


Oh I almost forgot! I also went balling this weekend...check out this cute one I made for me!


Shamrock beads!

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Purse Guts

Blogstalking Assignment #2: Purse guts.

I hate purses.

Hate them.

Why don't men carry purses and we do?

What can't we let go of and feel the need to carry with us every time we leave the house that they can?

And one thing I've noticed recently--and this applies to a couple of states so I can't say it's just a NJ/NY thing--what is with women carrying TWO purses?

Take a look around. I often see women carrying a cute little teensie designer purse on one arm only to have a gigantic clunky-dumpy looking carpet bag on the other shoulder.

I am the furthest thing from fashion conscious, but this bugs me.

Are we as women making sure we carry survival kits with us at all time in case the apocalypse should happen when we're at the mall or on our way to work? What the hell exactly IS inside those big ugly second purses???

But I guess that's the purpose of this blogstalking assignment.

I suffer from purse trauma. When I was in fourth grade (or around that age) my great aunt and great uncle gave me a purse for Christmas. Being the ungrateful snot I was, I really didn't like it. It ranked up there next to the make up kit and bottle of cheap perfume a couple of other aunts gifted me for Christmas, as worst present ever. What can I say? I wasn't a girly girl. I'm still not.

I downgraded my small purse to an even smaller purse a few months ago. I think this was actually marketed as a wallet on a strap.


The dollar is there so you can get a good idea how big it is.


In my purse, I've got my checkbook (behind the calculator); various cards--health insurance, library card, MI bank card, AK bank card, Costco card, and driver's license, note the absence of a credit card and NJ bank card--more about this when I get around to my cheapy tips; there's a pocket on the back that you can't see for my cell phone (pay as you go--no expensive contracts/monthly fees); Chunky's Official Michigan Immunization Record; a stack of coupons; the receipt from sending the bureaucraps their mother effing tax money; an agenda I don't use except to write down my insurance and contact information for assumed illegal immigrants I rear end; a business card for one of Chunky's summertime teachers (she teaches at public school during the school year); some change; a book of stamps; and a check for $2.18 representing my award from a class action suit brought against Valvoline.

So there you go.

Pretty boring. If my work slacks had back pockets, I'd probably just start carrying a wallet.

Apocalypse be damned!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Drive By Blogging


I know I promised cheapy tips, but my computer time has been severely limited this week.

When I blog a lot during the week, that usually means Dr. Mad Scientist is working late hours. This week--he's been home by 7:00 p.m. each night.

Sharing a computer with a computer-game-dork husband can suck.

But I have been keeping my fingers busy knitting instead of typing!

I finished up my car-lunch-knitting project.


The stats:

Pattern: Mead, by Elizabeth

Yarn: Some mystery Russian 100% laceweight alpaca (I say mystery because the label was in Russian.)

Needles: US 4

Notes: Maybe it's the fact it was alpaca, maybe it's the fact it was brown, but Mead seemed like just the pattern I was craving for

Maybe it was the alpaca, maybe it was the brown color--but Mead was just what I was craving when I went searching for a lace scarf pattern.

The only modifications I made were that I only used a little less than 300 yds. so it's not as long as Elizabeth's Mead. I also made it skinnier than hers and did two repeats of the zig-zag lace. I inadvertently read the chart a little too literally and thus there's a few extra stitches spacing my two zig-zag columns. But it looks OK!

This will be a Christmas present for Chunky's lead teacher at school--Miss Maya.


I think I'm going to continue my Elizabeth lace scarf knitting and make an Autumn Walk scarf for the school director for Christmas.

But first--I've cast on an angora/wool hat for Dr. Mad Scientist's adventures in NYC winter commuting.

Finally, before I go--a quick Etsy update--the latest batch of orders are going out in the mail tomorrow. I'll see if I can't restock the shop some more this weekend as well.

And speaking of Etsy--the buttons for my Anthromadeinchina Shruglet came in the mail today!


$3 for 3 big old vintage buttons. I was a little hesitant to order them online not being able to see if they'd match--but I couldn't be happier! They match great!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wanna See My Sleevage?

It's a shame my sleevage is a little uneven, but here it is.


I'm going to have to remember that little camera trick. I look like some kind of funkalicious assymetrical super hero. Ha!

Other than being one sleeve light, we're also a couple thousand dollars light today too.

The money to the IRS is actually due tomorrow.

The plan was the mail the amended return tomorrow at lunch via certified mail, return receipt requested. I'm not dicking around with these IRS jacknards. I want to make sure my money gets to them. Since they've made it clear that they're idiots (ok, not all of them, just the ones dealing directly with my return), how can I trust that they can do something so simple as to recieve their mail?

However we've got a stupid training session at lunch tomorrow--something lame like "How To Seal An Envelope" or "Paperclips: The Metal, The Myth, The Mystery" I'm sure.

So I went to mail it today instead.

I included a sweet little letter with the check and forms too.

It pays homage to my days as a federally employed weenie sucking.

I used to carpool to base with my Old Man. He worked at the Travel Office.

When any military person on base went TDY or PCSed, they submitted their travel vouchers to him for reimbursement. He'd go over them and cull out any bogus charges.

I worked as a paper pushing general summer hire office monkey for the Civilian Personnel office. We serviced the whole Pacific rim. If you were a civilian and worked for the Army in Alaska, Hawaii, Korea, Okinawa or Johnston Island in the late 90's, chances are I saw and personally fondled your Personnel File.

Anyway, one day, probably on during our hour long commute to work, we came up with a mock-union for ourselves. We nicknamed it F.E.C.A.L.

Here's a copy of the letter I sent with our returns to the IRS today. If you read closely you can figure out where I slyly reference F.E.C.A.L.

Internal Revenue Service
Memphis, TN 37501

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Form 4549; 2005 Income Tax Examination Changes; Contact No. ********; Tax ID No. 574-**-****

Enclosed for your records please find Form 4549 for the 2005 tax year signed by myself and my husband, Dr. Mad Scientist. Additionally enclosed please find Check No. 1170 in the amount of $2,442.59.

Please accept this as payment in full for our 2005 tax obligations.

Whereas I feel my husband’s non-self-employment income was wrongly lumped with my self-employment income, I am wary to expend the energy to fight your claim that these monies are owed to you. I am sure you have heard the old cliché that time is money. I am confident that the amount of time and overhead expended on auditing our tax return to collect $2,442.59 in the long run doesn’t net the IRS very much money. My arguing this amount would only further expend overhead and employee wages thus reducing the total amount the IRS is collecting–assuming they were correct in classifying my husband’s University wages as “self employment” income.

To conclude, I do not blame you--the auditor/person reading this letter. You are a person merely trying to feed, shelter and clothe your family. You’re just another person in the federal employees’ coalition of administrative laborers doing your job trying to make a living.

Please pass my regards onto Uncle Sam. I hope he enjoys his extra $2,442.59 he’s getting from us.


Yeah, I feel better.
Later this week, I condense down my cheapass tips for surviving Sucky September--or any financially sucky situation.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Who Am I?

Blogstalking is back bay-bee!

This week's assignment is: "Who am I?"

Hm. Deep man. Can you dig it?

I contemplated this quite a bit.

Am I a joker?

A smoker?

Possibly a midnight toker?

Nah, I've never played my music in the sun. Actually, I don't play music.

I'm going to have to go with the normal answers--but with a twist.

All of which can be summed up in this picture:


The normal answers as to who I am:

I'm a wife. As portrayed by the sexy garter there--no, my thigh is not that fat. Elastic loses it's elasticity in direct sunlight and over nearly eight years.

I'm a mother. Chunky wore those booties for like a millisecond when he was an infant. The kid's feet are only an inch and a half smaller than mine now--he's FIVE.

And I'm a knitter/crafter/creator. That mirror ball belongs to Soapyknitter now--and now that I think of it, she's one of the people who helped spawn the first blogstalking round. The Michelle to Ladylungdoc's Romy perhaps?

But the twist is that these are all in my car.

What's a better metaphor for change than a car? You're always changing location in a car. The scenery can stay the same or it can differ greatly.

I'm evolving as a wife, that's for damn sure. These husbands would be nicer if they came with manuals to help guide you through the shitty parts of a marriage, but they don't. You have to roll with them.

I'm definitely changing as a mother as El Chunko gets older. I walk a fine line between being the sweet doting mom and the hard ass mom that wants her little monkey to succeed and try his hardest in everything he does.

And then there's the knitting/crafting/creating. Knitting is my thing right now. I don't know if it will always be. But it's what I do right now. I've always got to be doing something that produces a product. Be it a skirt with old business cards sewn on it, an oatmeal sculpture shrine featuring my dead goldfish, a batch of killer brownies, or just a pair of plain jane knit socks. It doesn't matter. I like to make stuff. Useful or not.

Of course the car also symbolizes my nomadic stature of late. I'm 29 and the past 10 years of my life have been spent in a state of temporary. Sure we were in Michigan for six years, and we'll be in New Jersey for a couple of years, but in a lifetime, that's nothin'.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go get my lovin' on the run.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

So Close to the End

I just know I'll finish the Anthromadeinchina Shruglet in time for the weather to spike back up to the mid-80s!


I freaking love this shrugletmajigger. I love top-down and I love stockinette. I really am a mindless knitter.

I also love this color.

Gratuitous Brooklyn Tweed artsy-angle-detail shot!

While we're doing artsy-macro shots of fiber why not do the top fiber producers in our household?


Springs!!! My Meatykins is enjoying this cooler weather--lap whore season is back in action! No more being shoved off the couch because snuggling in 100 degree weather with 90% humidity isn't what mommy is in the mood for.

But we can't forget...


Squeaky! Look at that smug look on her face. Damn it feels good to be a katze.

Finally, a big thank you to Turtlegirl who RAKed me these cute little stitchmarkers:


Flying pigs! Ha ha! Too damn cute! Thanks Cristi! I'll be casting on a sweater for the Chunkmeister soon and will put these little porkers to good use! I love pigs!

She got these off Etsy (I want to link to the store--but the tag fell behind my dresser!).

There's so much cool stuff on there, I bought a button (because I no longer have any decent places to buy simple things like buttons in Northern New Jersey) for my Anthromadeinchina Shruglet. Only $1!

And speaking of such, I've updated my cyberstore front as well to include some newish stuff. I hope everyone's balls are getting to them in one piece. Please let me know if anyone's balls got squished!

I love the fact that that sentence could be interpreted in more ways than one.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Sucky September

Today is payday. (Of course due to my pseudo-Jewish status, I'm off of work today because it's the second day of Rosh Hashana so I won't actually get the check until Monday.)

This marks the second paycheck untouched and alloted to go towards paying off the IRS.


On Wednesday I shall mail those dipwads their money via certified mail, return receipt requested, with the words "Suck It" and "Paid in Full" in the memo line of the check.

Even though we get to actually use next Friday's paycheck, that check will soon be snapped up for daycare and bills that are due at the end of the month. The 28th's check goes toward rent.

Of course Zorba the landlord still hasn't cashed the $1200 check from September's rent. Which is quite annoying when you're trying to balance your checkbook to see how much you can actually spend to buy food.

Anyway, where am I going with this half-cocked rant and picture of tax forms with rice and beans artfully censoring our address and social security numbers?

I'm thinking of kicking off a week long wrap up of Sucky September on Wednesday and all the shit we did to get through it.

I keep find myself composing blog posts about it only to find that I've written pages upon pages of things we did. No one wants to read that. Snooze fest!

But maybe if I broke it down into manageable easy to digest posts?

Whattya think?


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wippidy Doo Dah Wippidy Day

Happy New Year to any Jewish or Ethiopian people reading this blog!

Today's my Friday on account of my pseudo-Jewish son not being able to attend school today or tomorrow.

Since the new year is all about new beginnings--how about a WIP for ya?


I'm making progress on the Anthromadeinchina Shruglet. Yes, it's supposed to be that open in the front.

Such a refreshing change knitting with size 10 needles!

And speaking of beginnings--I've also signed up for folia. It's like a Ravelry for gardening.

The difference?

Well first off they have statements that they won't use your email for anything. I don't think the Rav has that--do they? What's to stop them from data mining who has mainly acrylic yarn in their stash and selling those email addresses to Lion Brand? Of course I only say this because I received a catalogue in the mail from LB yesterday that I don't remember signing up for. I know it didn't come from Rav datamining. My "stash" on the Rav is a picture of everything in a box. Ha ha!

ETA: I had to dig for it, but apparently the topic of a "Terms of Service" has been broached on the Rav. Hopefully they'll have something in place soon.

Anyroad, it's kind of sad because I'm way more excited about this than I was Ravelry! Maybe because there's more of an uncontrolled element in gardening? I mean I can knit a sweater and if it I knit it wrong, it's easily correctable. Whereas when I grow a plant, I'm basically battling nature to get the plant to maturity.

Maybe it's more of a challenge to me than knitting?

I also feel like a database and notes on my plants (which I was keeping anyway) will serve me better than a list of my yarns. Maybe because after a plant dies, that's it. There's nothing to look back on, unlike a pair of socks knit out of XYZ Yarn.

If you're into gardening and organizing--go check it out!

Also a quick note--balls are going in the mail tomorrow!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cause Yarn For A Cause

As promised, here's the yarn for September's K.A.Y.E. prize:


Two skeins (50 gm ea.) of Mirasol Hacho yarn in a blue (yeah, sorry, blue again) periwinkle color. I'm not really sure if it's sock yarn, but it is a finer yarn. It would make a cute scarf or hat if you weren't into socks.

What's so special about this yarn?

First off the clerk informed me that it was brand spanking new to the market. (For the record, I bought this stuff the day before we received the little note in the mail from the IRS informing us that September would be Sucky September--I returned the other yarn that I bought that day, but kept this!)

Second it's yarn with a cause. A percentage (I believe the sign said 75%) of the proceeds earned from the sale of this yarn went to the Mirasol Project. It's a program designed to help Peruvian children get an education, but still maintain their cultural identity.

Add onto that that large earthquake that struck Peru not even a month ago this is definately cause yarn for a cause.

What? Did you forget about that earthquake already? Hm, maybe because there was no big tsunami that made for interesting news. Add into that that Peru's not really known for it's exquisite tropical beaches and no supermodels were swept to sea.

Earthquakes are interesting phenomemon if you've never felt one before. That rush of adrenaline mixed with fear that you get when they start while you're figuring out where you should duck for cover--you've got that question "Is this it? Is this the Big One?" gnawing at the back of your mind. They usually only last for seconds, but feel like they last for minutes.

I can't even begin to fathom what it's like to lose your home and family in one.

And it's fall--prime earthquake season. For some reason the ones I remember always happened when the seasons were changing in spring or fall.

But anyway! If you haven't entered and you meet the requirements email me and I'll get you entered! (Click the link above if you're unsure of the rules or have no clue what I'm talking about!)


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget

Atrocity is atrocity.


Six years ago today or thirty-four--pain is pain.

So when you're reflecting on the 2,740 Americans that lost their lives on this day, give a few seconds to remember our neighbors who were executed and/or unjustly incarcerated and tortured as a result of this day as well.

But onto somewhat happier subjects!

Tomorrow I shall reveal the September K.A.Y.E. prize yarn.

Which coincidental to this post today, will help some of our neighbors--stay tuned!!!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Ok, so the weekend isn't completely over, but I've got a quick minute to blog.

Then it's off to make some homemade granola bars for lunches. Sucky September* means no more buying storebought desserts/snacks for lunches. Oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, and sunflower seeds are cheaper than anything a Quaker can offer.

Friday I cast on for the ubiquitious Anthropologie Reverse Capelet.


I'm not sure why they call it a capelet since it seems more like a short sleeve shrug to me, but whatever. I want to make it a little longer so it's not so boob-a-licious and the sleeves at least 3/4 length. I'll leave it at work so when the pregnant girl and menopausal woman get their hand on the thermostat this fall I'll have something to stay warm.

Plus I put one of my $5 cheapy knit cardigans out to pasture this week. It was looking pretty tired and worse for wear. This will make a great replacement.

I'm knitting it with some wool I won from a blog contest The Curly Knitter put on a while ago. It's a deep forest green--my favorite color!

Then all day yesterday was spent making the latest batch of Mirror Yarn Balls.


Seven new ones. Whew! They're pretty simple in construction, but an hour each takes a while!

Then thanks to an idea of Carol's, I made some little cell phone fobbies.


I sort of see these puncturing someone's jugular, but that could just be the voice of my Old Man echoing in the back of my mind. Growing up everything could puncture your jugular--or give you lead poisoning.

If I have time after granola bars, I'll post everything to the shop. Otherwise it will be sometime early this week.

The first batch of balls went out in the mail yesterday.

ETA: The shop has been updated!

*I've renamed Project Poverty to Sucky September. We don't live at poverty level and I felt like comparing our IRS debacle to those actually living at poverty level devalued that word.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Regional Dialect

I used to make fun of an old boss who grew up an Army brat and then joined the Air Force himself. He's not really from anywhere.

As a result, he had this bizzare accent that we all used to make fun of. It's hard to describe. It was a kind of east coast-midwest meets Texas accent (he lived in El Paso before leaving for law school in Michigan).

It wasn't weird to hear him say he was fixin' to go get a pop out of the fridge. "Fixin'" is common southern saying and "pop" is such a midwest word!

Apparently I shouldn't have made fun of him for his mixed regional dialects. I didn't realize that I'm just as bad!

"Hooky bobbing" appears to be a distinctively Alaskan word.

Per Urban Dictionary, hooky bobbing is defined as:

An Alaskan teenager activity which a sled is attached to the back of a truck and pulled around with somebody on the sled, often with the truck moving at high speeds. This is done over snow or ice. The act of Hooky-Bobbing is often accompanied by jumps, bumps, potholes, and snowbanks, off which the point is to go high up in the air or hold on as long as you can.

"Last night, since it snowed so much, me, Isaac, Gabe, and Jake went hooky-bobbing out the road. We nearly killed Isaac when he went over the birm!"

I thought everyone knew what hooky bobbing was! But no wonder they don't cover this in elementary school safety education down here!

My google research even cited "hooky bobbing" in a dictionary I totally need to buy when I've got $50 to spare on Amazon:

AK Eng

There you go. Y'all can go home now. You've learned your one new thing for the day.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Do Your Balls Hang Low?

Ok, ok, so all the cool kids seem to have an Etsy shop.

Guess I'm just running behind the bus filled with those cool kids hoping to latch on. Remember when they taught us in school not to hooky-bob? Apparently they don't teach that anymore.

Monday I took five hours and made five Mirror Yarn Balls (I'm still trying to come up with a catchier name. Due to my shorter showers to save money on hot water, I'm not having much brainstorming time. All of my best ideas seem to come to me in the shower.)

Those are nekkid Turtle Daddy Sock Blockers in the background there.

Then I put them up for sale in my Etsy* store. But before I could make this official announcement that they were up, two were sold!

So I feel kind of lame with just three up to officially announce!

But it works out good, I wasn't planning to do much this weekend--looks like I'll be making more of these and hitting the post office!

*Dearest Sister T.--it's pronounced Eht-see, not Eeet-see. Love, Your Oldest Sister


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Monkey Pride!

The Rosie Colorado State sweater is done!


Pattern: My own (it's a monkey sweater, not rocket science.)

Yarn: Knit Picks Dye Your Own fingering weight koolaid dyed by me.

Needles: US2

Notes: I love how the self striping turned out! The cherry on top of this sweater was adding the little Ram's head logo and the CSU initials. Chunky had a VERY funky pair of CSU jammies that he had outgrown with those two things printed all over them. I merely cut them off the jammies and ironed them onto Rosie's new sweater.

CSU plays Cal this weekend. Hopefully this will be a LUCKY monkey sweater!

I've also been doing some car knitting:


That's a Mead scarf for Miss Maya, one of Chunky's teachers.

Which leads me to the obligatory first day of school shot (which isn't that cool when it's basically just another day for your kid due to public school sucking ass in the kindergarten department):


Now, I just have to figure out childcare for a bunch of Jewish High Holy days in September and October when school is closed. Not like I can afford to take unpaid days off work when we owe the IRS more than half a month's pay.

Those are the breaks when you take your kid to a private kindergarten that is held (but is NOT Jewish) in a synagogue.

Wake me up when September ends!

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Little Things

Remember El Squid, the squid pacifier holder I knit and felted for what I'm assuming was the shotgun wedding of Dr. Mad Scientist's nephew and his pregnant bride?

Well lookie what came in the mail today.


A thank you card.


Bride and Groom were married approximately three weeks ago.

I've never met this girl so I don't know her from Eve. She could be the Evil Beeyotch from the Black Lagoon, but the fact that she sent out thank you notes? Yeah, she wins my vote of confidence.

I'm ashamed to say she makes our close friends look bad. (Yeah I'm thinking of you Mr. Dr. Mad Scientist's Best Man--I send my husband to Seattle for a long weekend leaving me at home with a 3 week old baby and missing our anniversary because you and your woman decided to get married on OUR wedding date and do I get a thank you card? No! But I'm not bitter.) I can count on half a hand how many of them sent us thank you notes after we attended their wedding or gifted them something.

It's just the little things that make me happy.

Speaking of little things--that knitting you see in the background is a sweater I cast on for Rosie (Chunky's stuffed monkey).

I was going to cast on a pair of CSU socks Saturday, but it occurred to me that Rosie doesn't have a CSU t-shirt or sweatshirt like the rest of us.

I dug out this ball of yarn I dyed back in Texas with koolaid. I didn't quite capture the true CSU green and gold colors, but for a monkey sweater, it will do just fine. I am pretty impressed how nice the striping is coming out. Go me. Wish I could remember how I did that! Ha ha!

Stay tuned, there's a sweet little surprise that's going to happen to that sweater.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Winner! And Other Meanderings.

And August's K.A.Y.E. winner of the Fleece Artist hand dyed Kid Aran in "Renaissance" is....



Congrats Cbear!

As for the rest of you--don't give up hope yet. Your name may be drawn in the next few months! And don't forget there's the grand prize of a mini-stash consisting some seriously lux yarn generously donated by knitters from around the world.

Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Click here, get rooted (or spread the word if for some reason you're unable to be rooted due to some circumstance), email me, sit back and wait til the end of each month to see if your name's been drawn!

Moving on--

Last night doing laundry, I finished my weekly Hat for Alex and I have a few minutes to ponder. (I knit a Hat for Alex each week parked outside the laundromat.)

I finished knitting my Tomato sweater in my car. Afterwards, I took the teeny bit of yarn I had left, balled it, and hung it from my rearview mirror. I'm not sure why I did this. Maybe because it was TLC Cotton Plus and throwing away even just a smidge of that wonderful joy of a yarn seemed blasphemous.

But staring at that ball on my mirror last night gave me an idea.



What the hell is it?


It's a little blinged up version of the ball of yarn I had hanging from my rearview mirror.

Obviously it's not for me if the end charm is any indication. (I'm making one for a certain Stubborn Pole as well--they both know why.)

So my question now is--would you buy something like this? How much would you pay? I've never made anything high quality enough to consider selling, but these take exception.

Plus it's a cool way to use up those little balls of yarn I can't seem to part with. Stubborn Pole is getting a mini ball of Peace Fleece, one of my fave wool yarns.

Here's hers:


Once I get some scratch I'll mail these to you two sneaks!


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Let's Go Rammies!

12:00 p.m. EST --- Colorado State (home of the undergraduate Dr. Mad Scientist degree) v. University of Colorado at Mile High Whatever The Corporate Name Is Now Stadium! Who else gets to start the season with one of their fiercest rivalry games?!



If I get my Saturday morning chores done in time--I'm sooo casting on for a pair of Ram socks today! It's football season again!

Yarn purchased at Pink Wool's etsy shop. She's an OSU fan, but we love her anyway!