Monday, July 21, 2008

No Time To Blog

It's the third and final brief due today in the Case From Hell so I'll be working late again tonight.

So enjoy a Summer Grape Salad while I'm at work tonight.


Take 2 to 4 pounds of green and/or red grapes--the recipe calls for 2 pounds each of red and green grapes. I just used 2 lbs. of red grapes. Wash 'em and dry 'em (as good as you can.)

Whip a cup of sour cream, 8 oz. of cream cheese, 1 cup of sugar (although I only used about 1/2 a cup) and a teaspoon of vanilla.


Whip it real good.

Then spread it on top of the grapes. I'm thinking other types of fruit would be just as good--blueberries or strawberries perhaps?

Next mix a cup of brown sugar (again I only used 1/2 a cup) with a cup of crushed pecans.


Spread it on top of the salad. Chill for four hours or more and enjoy. This makes a great potluck salad.



This salad has a legal connection too--I got the recipe from Sarah, the aloof, bitchy clerk who worked at the circuit court and always treated me rudely when I was trying to file something.

Once she joined the law firm across the hall from my firm in Michigan, she was no longer aloof or bitchy. Maybe civil service was sucking away her soul.



Blogger Laura said...

That looks yummy, although I can't eat nuts. : (

That clerk is probably making a lot more money at the law firm, and it got rid of the bitchiness, ha, ha!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

Anything with sour cream and cream cheese gets my vote. It would probably be good with blueberries or mixed berries.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Miss T said...

Civil service does inhale souls at quite a pace.

That looks decadent and delicious!

11:49 AM  
Blogger sgeddes said...

Looks good to me and sounds great with some type of berries!

11:53 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Looks yummy!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Oh, I'm drooling now, Thanks a lot!!! Dang it...note to self to stock ccheese and sc this weekend!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

I've never seen a recipe like that. It looks delicious!

Good luck with work tonight. I feel your pain.

7:31 PM  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Now that's my kinda salad!

(I'm sitting on the jury in the civil case from hell

8:50 PM  
Blogger Ina said...

Thanks for a cool summer recipe! I think dark sweet cherries might be nice.

I hope at least you're racking up the overtime!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! I can just see that salad made with Splenda! I am going to have to try it. Sorry you have to work late...will your men leave you some of the salad? Love, Mom

10:25 AM  
Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh my! That looks delish!!

Hope all this working late means overtime!!

2:28 PM  
Blogger Kay aka dkswife said...

Here's one for you Bezzie: Soften one pkg of cc, and combine with a small tub of cool whip and a small box of vanilla pudding. Mix it, mix it good. Add a can of crushed pineapple, and a 1/2 a cup or one full one of chopped nuts of your choice (I like english walnuts). Let chill for an hour or so, and eat! Oh it is so good.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

I'm too lazy to faff around with all that mixing and poring. I just wash the grapes and yum them down.

3:29 AM  

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