Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meat Puppet or Messiah?

The forget-me-not in my sock finally bloomed!


Forget me nots are also the official state flower of Alaska. A state celebrating 50 years of being just that this year.

Which brings me to my promised "in depth" discussion about McCane's (I've decided to call him this in all fairness to me calling Barack Obama "Oboner"--thank you Daily Show--as a designation of his advancing age. Cane-old men usually use them-get it? Yes, I couldn't think of anything more clever.) vice presidential pick.

I'll discuss it now early-on because seriously, she's just a VP. In a week, she'll be old news.

Hm. Where to start?

Keep in mind these are my views, and no matter what you say, you're really not going to change my mind. Nor am I going to change yours.

And my apologies in advance for the extremely loooong nature of this. Now that I've got a paid Flickr account, I can view the 115 pages of photos I have in there. I've sprinkled some in here to keep with the hooray America feel and to make your reading a little less tedious.

Does she sway my fence-walking vote?


Why not?

Because I wouldn't have elected her governor and I still don't think she's who I would choose to represent me.

Tell me more about her--what do you think?

Now keep in mind, I haven't lived in Alaska since December 31, 1999.

But Dr. Mad Scientist and I still have parents and many siblings up there. We also both read religiously the Anchorage Daily News online every day. (But I also read the Lansing State Journal, and he reads the Rocky Mountain News--the joys of living a nomadic lifestyle!). I get to hear mom bitch about political shit going down during our Sunday afternoon phone calls when I'm able to pry the phone away from Chunky so I can talk.

I feel like I have a one-up on the Average Lower 48er though in that I've followed Palin's story since she was in Wasilla. And honestly, her nomination didn't really surprise me--she's been on the VP speculation list for ages. I'm more surprised she made it to the top of the list.

I didn't really dig her when she was doing her thing in Wasilla--but I really didn't pay much attention back then because I lived in Palmer--about 10 miles from Wasilla. She came to be mayor of Wasilla right about the time I was starting my nomadic new life as Mrs. Dr. Mad Scientist.

I remember shushing Chunky on Babcock Avenue driving in Texas while NPR was giving the results of the last Alaskan gubenatorial primary so I could cackle when I heard how she defeated that old toad Frank Murkowski.

She did quite a bit to clean up the mess that fucknut created.

For those who don't know Alaska politics, it's a very Republican state. Murkowski, Don Young and the now-infamous Ted Stevens were the Republican Triad that ruled the House and Senate seats.

Murkowski after becoming Governor, appointed his daughter, Lisa, to his US Senate seat. And that's just the tip of the slimy global-warming iceberg. The man was a douche.

And she cleaned that up--for the most part.

But she's no saint. She's got her own hometown problems involving her sister and her ex husband and blah blah, the media's already covered it. I have a hard time following it--I used to have to draw myself diagrams with various custody cases at work back in Michigan when things got sticky. I probably need a diagram for this issue too.

But I give her props for having the balls to challenge one of the old-school Alaskan political figureheads.

Maybe it was a case of the right timing though and anyone could have done it. Who knows?

Statue of Lib
God Bless Legos!

Did you ever think she was just appointed to give the campaign a pretty face! She's a meat puppet!

Well, this is an argument that you can't win. As a woman you're either too pretty or too manly and not womanly enough. Your fucked if you do, fucked if you don't.

Yeah I agree it's a little disturbing she was Miss Wasilla/Alaska, but whatever. If you're going to hold that against her, lets start finding manly flaws with Oboner and McCane.

And of course she's a pretty face.

Either I'm getting more cynical in my old age, or this year has been extremely hype-a-licious to me compared to other campaigns. Oboner is being shoved down my throat everywhere I turn.

At least if McCane's going to be shoved down my throat too at least it will be pretty. Those McCane chipmunk cheeks are hard to swallow.

She scares me! She's pro-life!!! (ETA: My bad! That was a typo!)

Oye. Was it Mags that brought up this point--Why is it we only hear about abortion during election time? (Maybe someone can bring up a good example of when that wasn't true and it seriously looked like maybe the tide would change...I'm OK with retracting and eating crow.)

Democrats use abortion rights to scare people and Republicans use it to woo people.

I've been alive since 1978. That's 30 years.

Roe v. Wade was 1973.

In the 30 years I've been alive we've had the following regimes:

Carter (I was only alive for the last half of his term)
Reagan 1
Reagan 2
Bush (the Elder)
Clinton 1
Clinton 2
Bush 1 (the Younger)
Bush 2 (the Younger)

That's 2.5 Democratic terms and 5--twice as many Republican terms.

Now I don't know the congressional majority/minority make ups of all those terms, but what I'm saying is, in my short lifetime, I've always had the right to choose whether I'll bear a child to birth.

Granted I've been lucky to have been born into such an era and I really can't imagine having to sneak around to do something illegal like abort a baby (regardless of the fact that I personally would never abort a child--but I'm not going to hold it against someone if they do make that decision for themselves), but after 20 years of varying degrees of pro-lifers in the White House and abortion has yet to be outlawed.

I'm not saying it can't happen--but I think there are more important issues this country needs to address right now.

What the hell does a picture of a dead mouse have to do with the Presidential race? I think you need to ask yourself what doesn't a dead mouse have to do with the Presidential race?!

I don't think any woman should be campaigning when she's got a 4 month old!!

And some who say this (to cover their bases and not appear sexist) will say: "I would say the same thing if it was a man."

Hmmm....but it was OK for JFK to campaign while Jackie O. was pregnant? JFK, Jr. was born two weeks after his daddy was elected. Is it really right to campaign when your wife is pregnant and caring for a not even 3 year old (Caroline)?

Here's where I start to feel sorry for her. I've already seen people criticize her decision to skip her maternity leave to go back to work.

This is the paradox of being a woman. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't.

You can put your career on hold or defer it to raise your kids--and find it harder to reenter the workforce and/or be seriously considered for jobs. Lord help you if you've chosen to stay home raising your children and something happens to your husband.

Or you can be a working mom who is torn between having to provide for her family/keep your foot in the work-door and raise your child and be criticized as being selfish and unloving because you put your job before your kids or that you had kids before you could afford not to work and take care of them.

But when you get down to it--each are valid choices for the women who make them.

When people make this point about Palin I feel it's the Mommy Wars rearing its ugly head.

Let's not forget she has a husband staying at home with the kids. It's not like she's Britney Spears and has a team of handlers raising her children for her.

She hid her pregnancy until she was 7 months pregnant. I can't help but wonder if that was to minimize having to listen to people speculate about a pregnant woman governing a state a few less months? (And props to her--she might have a second career as a watermelon smuggler if this VP thing doesn't work out! Seven months--after four other kids? That's impressive!)

And as a funny aside, she went into labor with that child while at a Republican Governors Convention. Thank the lord she made it back to have her baby on Alaskan soil.

And oh holy shit, don't get me started on the whole invented scandal "that's her 16 year old daughter's baby--not her's" that's starting to float around. Have you lived in Alaska? It's like living in a small town where nothing is sacred. If that story is true--kudos to the woman for keeping it quiet for that long. And congratulations to her for joining the Boy's Club of lying to cover up sexual indiscretion that both the Republicans and Democrats have members in.

But she wants to drill ANWR!

Ok, I will admit. I'm against drilling in ANWR. I have always said Alaska needs to hold onto this asset as long as possible--not so much for an environmental slant. I sincerely think if Alaska ever did get enough crazies up there, they could secede and it would be nice to have some income. Ha ha!

However, if it does end up being drilled--I like the idea of an Alaskan having a hand in it. The idea of outsiders determining it should be done and doing it makes me sick.

Dude, she's got no experience!

Yeah so? I will admit, one of my first major bones of contention with Oboner was this point.

But that was early in his campaign, I've gotten over it. (Hell, what kind of real experience did El Jorge have?) My focus has shifted from that to what he's saying. Some of the things I bristle immediately at. Clean coal technology? Hmmmm....

However, I can't judge what he's saying though without laying the same criticism on McCane.

They're both going to promise us the world and lollipops and candycanes. They're politicians trying to be elected--it's what they do.

I would love if someone said: Look, this is going to keep sucking for a few years while we get this economy shit sorted out, please have some faith that we're going to get through it for the better. Here's what I want to do and how I plan to do it....

So if you're going to play the experience card on one side--you have to play it on the other side or give it up all together.

But she's got no foreign experience!

Hm. Somewhat.

But I gotta say, how many other states abut Canada, are within walking distance to Russia (for a few months out of the year) and Japan is just a quick plane ride away? Alaska is constantly dealing with other countries.


Damnit, we need CHANGE in the White House! McCane will just be a rerun of Bush!

That's very well possible.

And honestly the only part of Bush Redux that bothers me is the Iraq war. I will admit, I am happy that Palin and McCain have kiddies going to or have served in Iraq. Not that I wish anything bad upon them, but I think it gives a sliver of perspective to them on how the Average American Military Mom/Dad/Spouse/Sibling could feel having their kid/wife/husband/sister/brother over there.

But it's also possible that things won't happen the way we want them to in Iraq (and with other things too) with Oboner in office either.

I thought for sure with a majority Democratic congress taking control that they would have accomplished more with the war than they have.

But it's a sticky situation. I think we should pull out definitely, but that's a big production to just pack up onto the circus train overnight.

Goddamn, all this boring politics-talk. We need more pictures--who can resist cake?

Aw, McCane just picked her to troll for the disgruntled Hillary vote.

Well, duh! I can't deny this. Yes there are idiots out there that might vote for her because she's a woman and no other reason. But I've also heard interviews on the street with people that are voting for Oboner because he's black. Again, it goes both ways. Idiocy knows know party lines.

I think he picked her more as a strategic move. Obama had a pretty heavy "making history" card in his deck being the first black man to be nominated by a party for president. McCane flipped it--while the Female VP thing has been done before--he did a good job leveling the "making history" upper hand that I feel Oboner had.

But there's a lot of other perks to her too. She's not a Washington insider, she's the Republican version of hip, and she doesn't come with too much baggage because she hasn't been around too long.

If I was Oboner, I'd be a little miffed that McCane cramped my style in picking a VP that made up for all of my weaknesses. But last time I checked, you picked VPs that made up for your weaknesses and were the yin to your yang.

So who am I going to vote for?

I'm not sure. I've still got 'til November 4 to figure it out. I will say I'm not looking forward to the massive generalities being made about Alaska that simply aren't true. But I guess I've made my cracks about Texass and Jersey. Hee hee! But they weren't with the vitrol some of the jackasses I've see.

I'm still not feeling the love for Oboner--nor for McCane.

However I am still happy McCane picked Palin.

Because if the person I do end up voting for doesn't win, and McCane does--it softens the blow of having to deal with an Old White Guy/Old White Guy ticket winning.

And for the record, I would like to state that I have sported the:

(photo courtesty of Alaska Girls Clothing)

sticker in my back car window (after the Texans stole my first one on my bumper) waaaay before this election season!!

So what do you think? I'm interested in what the Average Lower 48er has to say (and Mom, you can comment too!). You guys are smarter than most of the other comments I've read on this pick (either in favor or against) so let 'er rip!

I will admit the Alaska-bashing at work has been pretty intense with this pick. But it's fun to watch people get all embarrassed when they learn they're bashing my homeland.

And many non-political posts to come (three in a row is pretty yawnarific)! Another FO! A K.A.Y.E. Winner! Labor Day happenings! School starting! A big announcement!



Blogger Jo said...

Why would they steal your bumber sticker? Texas is that threatened by Alaska?

8:55 AM  
Blogger Jo said...


Sorry. Apparently I have not guzzled enough coffee this morning to be coherent yet.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Alaska - Bezzie, you impress me just having lived there and dealt with that cold. I can barely deal with Cleveland's cold as it is.

Anyway, that was a very insightful post! I especially liked the part about women and work. You're right on the mark. It's bad enough when men criticize a woman's choices about work and motherhood, but to me it's much more worse when another woman does it. As a mom, I've heard plenty of it.

Even if we don't agree on poltics, I respect that you're well-informed, and keep up with the issues. Heck, look how many people aren't even registered to vote, or are, but won't even bother to go to the polls. And here in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), anyone can submit an absentee ballot - so there's really no excuse not to vote. I'm still trying to get my 21 year old niece to register. Sigh...

9:56 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

I've done some reading on Palin since yesterday and I've got to say she's an interesting choice.

You wrote she's pro-abortion. I think you're mistaken, since everything I've read said she's pro-life. Anyhow, about the abortion thing, its not true to say that we only hear about it during election time. How about when Bush was appointing supreme court justices? We heard about it then quite a bit too.

Also, just because repbulicans have been in office more terms than the dems since 1970 doesn't mean a whole lot in turning over Roe vs. Wade. Its all about the supreme court at this point. We know that the justices are there for life, so any of the justices can sit there for 30+ years, regardless of what party currently holds the white house. This is why it was huge when Bush appointed two conservatives as supreme court justices during his term. There's more hope of eventually turning Roe vs. Wade than there was 8 years ago.

Mind you, I'm not singing Bush's praises...I think the man is an idiot for the most part, but I was just pointing out the abortion issue is not as black and white as which party sits in the White House and also that its not just an election time only issue. Personally, I feel that abortion is one of the most important issues of our time..what can be more pressing than the dignity of human life? This is where my conservative nature comes out full force, haha.

I agree that a woman is damned either way. A woman will always be criticized for being too pretty or too butch. We need to get over looks, period. Its silly.

As far as the war goes, I agree we need to get out. But it can't be done overnight. We've made a mess of things and need to clean it up before running back home.

I feel like this election is less about Obama vs. McCain, but about Obama vs. Bush. Alot of my friends that are voting for Obama say "we need Bush out of office already." Hate to break it to you peeps, but Bush is out of office regardless of who wins. Just because McCain is republican doesn't mean he's going to be Bush redux. You can never tell what a poitician will actually do in office until they are in office, Obama and McCain included. Election time means these guys/girls will be spitting out lies and half truths to win us over.

I'm rambling a bit now, but I also wanted to say that I don't like that Obama was very reluctant to say the pledge of allegiance. If you're going to lead this country, you need to have some sort of patriotism. Seriously.

On that note, I still don't know what I'll be voting in November. I'm debating between McCain and a write in. NY always goes blue anyway, but I want my vote heard regardless.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Mmm, cake. That looks delicious.

I love reading your blog. This post was so well thought out, it's nice to hear people talking about their political views candidly but without rancor - I feel like that's rare these days!

Anyway, about abortion, I just wanted to point out that things HAVE changed since Roe v Wade. Bush made partial birth abortions illegal just a few years ago. And yeah, I remember hearing tons about abortion when he was appointing people to the supreme court too.

Here's a story written by a woman I know about a horrible experience she went through because of that ruling (it made me cry, it's an amazing story):

10:58 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

I don't think my vote makes a whole hell of a lot of difference. The President and Vice President are chosen by the Electoral College, and are supposed to be separate votes, which means that the "running mate" really shouldn't make a difference. We've just allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the "ruling" political parties.

As for Palin, I'm not a Republican (or a Democrat). I tend to stand in the middle, and I don't like a lot of what either "camp" is saying. The only thing that really bothers me is her stance on drilling in ANWR, but I don't live in Alaska - I live in Maine (I started to write I love in Maine, which is also true, but which you probably don't care about - hee! hee!), and so far we don't have any gas or coal or oil (except maybe off the coast), and so far our "leaders" are really very interested in protecting our natural resources. While I don't understand why an Alaskan would be in support of destroying that pristine wilderness, I do understand that there are many people who are motivated more by dollar signs, and I guess that's what bothers me the most - the dollar motivation.

That said, I don't believe that Oboner (sorry - I stole your term :) will be all that different. It is, afterall, all about the money, and the only reason people are becoming more "frugal" and "green" is because it's getting too expensive to be otherwise.

The one point you make with which I wholeheartedly agree is the wish that the candidates would simply pony-up and say, "Things suck. They're probably going to suck a lot more in the coming times, but we can get through this, and this is what I think will work ...." I wish they would just stop insulting my intelligence with their empty promises.

Thank you for your insightful commentary and analysis ;).

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK! Am I glad that that was a VERY STRONG soapbox!!! (If not you would have fallen and gone to you know where!)

As for abortion---it is a medical procedure!!!!! Why the hell is the government having a say in it???? Because it is a FEMALE medical procedure. They don't have a say in vasectamies or any other medical prcedure.

As for Sarah....well I think that McCane has more on his shoulders than a hatrack. Out of all the candidates to include himself she is the only one who has executive experience. Yes it was and is for a small city in a big STATE, and a SMALL state in a BIG country but she is the only one to have it. What have the rest done? US Senate, First Lady? Sarah has proven that she can run things even if it is on a small scale, and run them successfully. Wasilla is still there and Alaska is still here. And another note...I don't know if it was Sarah or the current mayor of Wasilla but Wasilla has the tax base now that if you live in the sity limits you do not pay property TAXES to the city!!!!

Ok! that is my two cents cause I have to get to work. Love, Mom

11:10 AM  
Blogger weezalana said...

I'm just trying to get over the fact that she looks like Tina Fey...

11:46 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Frankly, I think McCane's choice of Palin is genius. Ignoring her other attributes, just being a woman and young is exactly what he is not. For me the Alaska thing doesn't enter into it at all, although now that I think about it she might be less apt than another person to let them drill in Alaska, but who knows.

I agree that we hear about the abortion issue way too much in election years than other times. No one is "pro-abortion", but I also think that how can you (as in the collective "you") be anti-big government and then want the government to tell you how to run your *body*? It seems to me we're all more "pro-education" and "anti-education" because what we really need is education about what it takes to get pregnant and how not to get that way if you don't want to (one of my "pro-life" friends says everyone knows that but when some people are being told that condoms aren't effective, that's
"anti-education") and not as much the idea open access to abortion. I guess that's my personal soapbox.

Anyway, I'm really interested in your Alaskan experience on this one, so thanks for the summary! I don't want to vote for either of the parties but I will say that the choice of Biden has made it much easier to vote for Oboner if I have to. Although I still may write in someone else - Larry Flynt? - we'll see.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

P.S. I am so glad that Hillary is officially out of the running. Now we have no reason to bash her anymore. She is only relevant to those New York voters who do or don't vote her in. I was really getting tired of her being a scapegoat for everything. She can have little or a lot of experience, but unless you live in NY, it doesn't affect you (again, the collective "you") directly.

12:16 PM  
Blogger janna said...

I agree that female candidates get flack for all sorts of things that don't matter in men, like their look, their femininity (or assumed lack of it), and their kids. I think women have it a lot harder than men in politics. That said -- McCane (I like that!) chose her solely because she is young and a woman. If he really wanted to choose a qualified woman as a running mate, Kay Bailey Hutchinson was mentioned frequently. But she's not young. I'm appalled that their may be Hillary supporters who switch over to the Republican party just because they've got a woman as VP. I wouldn't want people like that on my side of anything!

2:26 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

Forget politics... tell us more about that cake! I think that's a candy bar on top... and the icing looks delicious.

I won't go into my convoluted but insignificant (not allowed to vote) political opinions. But I really enjoyed reading your post.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

The funniest thing for me is that if McCane gets elected (and I really hope he doesn't), there is a very real possibility that the first woman president would be a Republican. Who would have thought? And, wouldn't that just piss off the ultra-conservatives out there?

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Hello from Alaska. I must say, we are all quite stunned here. Its hard to say what's going to happen. Considering McCain is in his 70s and he's had cancer four times, I think he should have picked someone with more experience. Surely there are plenty of women who would have been a better choice. I doubt Sarah Palin even knows what the job of Vice President is. Then again, McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns....

I think many Alaskans are feeling some anxiety right now. Palin may be resigning as our governor if McCain is elected, our Lt. Governor (Parnell) may be our next Congressman-the vote is too close and ballots are being recounted, our U.S. Senator (Ted Stevens) has been indicted on criminal charges and his trial starts soon. If convicted he may go to prison. Congressman Don Young (whether Parnell beats him or not) may be indicted next. If Parnall becomes our Congressman and Palin VP, then our Attorney General will be our governor. We've already had, I think 7, state politicians go to prison for corruption.

Alaska does have its share of drama.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Kay aka dkswife said...

While abortion is a medical procedure, it is also committing murder with life long consequences for the person who chooses to go through it. I bet all of those who think/believe all women should have a choice about giving birth or toasting a life are pretty happy that you/they are/were not one of them that got sucked down a sink. Right? Yeah, I thought so. Gimme a break.

Call me a religious zealot or a Jesus freak. I happily tout those credentials.

Abortion is murder.

Oh, and I think I have to vote for McCain. I like Palin's attitude toward gun rights and drilling. We need to drill anywhere there is oil. 'Nuff said. Not to mention if McCain kicks the bucket, we will not have Romney or Pawlenty as our fill in. :)

5:54 PM  
Blogger Kay aka dkswife said...

Oh and her pro life stance.

5:58 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

Kay, i agree with you whole heartedly! I'm right there with you...more than happy to be a Jesus freak!

6:17 PM  
Blogger Tactless Wonder said...

I want to throw in just a wee bit of humor; I hope I won't get stoned for it:
The "McCaine/Palin" or "Tigh/Roslin" twist:

11:58 AM  
Blogger knottygnome said...

i think that palin is a very odd and cynical choice. sure, he picked her b/c she's loves guns and hates abortion, but there are a lot of people who do--which leads me to believe he picked her primarily b/c she is a woman in the hopes of courting centrist and/or hilary supporters.

it irritates me that the repubs seem to believe that women will blindly gravitate towards women purely b/c of gender. i am also going to watch closely to see how much they play the "women making history" card b/c this would certainly not be my chosen way to make history--by her being arbitrarily selected by an old white guy. let a woman succeed in politics on her own merits and not as a pawn in the demographics game.

at any rate, i was never going to vote for mccain regardless of who he chose.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Georgiann said...

Hey, are those Reese Cups on that cake?
Thanks for your comments -- you got me thinkin'.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Geeorge dubbaya's been at it for 8 years and he has no experience either. Me? I'm red, white and blue. Especially blue. i'm tired of the reds and lived through a few more. My only wish is that every single able person would exercise their right to vote. Every. One.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Linnea said...

Oy. Excellent post. I'm going to read it again once the coffee hits my bloodstream a little bit harder. Just got back from leave and haven't quite had the time to digest all these latest informations, either. But, in no particular order: 1) You're spot-on about abortion being an election time issue; and it's not something that anyone should use as an exclusive indicator of which candidate to vote for, something I think happens all too often. 2) Yeah, Palin is a really interesting choice. I'm not entirely sure that it's the Republican answer to Clinton, but it is certainly different. Then again, so is McCain - not that I agree with him on a lot of issues, but he's not exactly mainstream republican. I don't know yet how it will influence my vote. 3) That being said, check out the Libertarian candidate (Bob Barr) and his running mate (dunno what his name is, sports better guy who had some kind of Vegas TV show) - yipes; guess I'll be paying better attention to the 'pubs this year. So 4) Man.. I like cake.

4:43 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

I admit, I skimmed most of yor post, as I am not American and thus the politics can't really be affected by me. BUT, you make a couple of excellent points.
1. Vaginas are not the instrument of voting. The finger that pushes the button or the mouth that says "Yay or nay" is. If someone votes for McCane just because his vp is a woman, they should have their head examined. The same for anyone that voted for Hilary just because she had a vajayjay or Barack because he's a darkie. While I'm on the topic, why do they keep calling Hilary by her first name and not Barack? Is it some weird patriarchy thing I don't get?

Also, you are right. the only time abortion (or gay marriage) comes up,you can be sure an election is in the offing. Argh!

As usual, you get to the bottom of things in a refreshing way.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous katie said...

I think what kills me the most about politics and religion is the labels and assumptions and how they go hand-in-hand. So many times we hear "liberal" or "conservative" and assume we know all there is to know about a person without actually talking to them, and in the right settings both become the most derogatory of names. My husband and my great-uncle agree point for point on every political issue they discuss, but my husband considers himself conservative while my great-uncle calls himself liberal. Huh. They'll probably vote for different people, too.

With that said, do you think that if enough of us vote for Donald Duck, they'll scratch the whole shenanigan and start over with new candidates? I'm not familiar enough with election policy to know the rules on a cartoon winning the vote.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Magatha said...

The liberal torches that have come running for Palin's ass just goes to illustrate that sexism is alive and well in the liberal mind. Remember, black men got the vote in this country approximately fifty years before women of any color were allowed to vote. And now that we have the vote and a certain level of equality, give or take some biology, we see that women are the most oppressive of other women who strive and achieve.

(Hilary got it too. Sexism is alive and flourishing amongst all in this country.)

Palin has two years experience in the executive chair of a state. 'Bama does not.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Guinifer said...

I think she's a crook responsible for costing the government tons of money and raging nepotism in everything she touched.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Guinifer said...

Oh - I forgot to post the link to one reason why I think she's a disaster:

and this:

and here:

If this is an example of her "exemplary" experience - the Repubs are in TROUBLE!

10:11 PM  
Blogger Guinifer said...

Also - whoever is passing around the rumor about Senator Obama and the Pledge of Allegiance should do some research:

10:16 PM  
Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Wow, I organize the craft room and look what I miss!! Actually, I just heard her speech at the convention tonight and it made me think, I want to hear what Ms Bezzie thinks of her. No, probably won't change my opinion, but at least I feel like I'll be hearing from someone who knows a bit about what they are talking about and aren't trying to shove some sort of agenda down my throat like the media is. So I appreciate this post a lot!

Okay, and the comments scare me a bit, but I was ready. I appreciate we are all knitters, but some of us probably use fun fur..hehehhehe (whatever floats your boat!!).

Seriously, the one thing that disheartens me. If she is to become the history making first female in a Vice President/President position, she's just not exactly the type of woman I would have thought I would have wanted my someday daughters/nieces/etc to be looking up to. Hillary was (ducks as people throw things my way). There are quite a few issues I disagree with her on...its going to be a long few months.

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Anonymous Amber said...

hee hee. That's a fantastic 'real' hometown analysis. I keep reading these blogs where people talk like they grew up in the valley and they really grew up in Juneau. And no one that grew up in Juneau has any grounding on reality in the valley.

How in the hail did you end up in Jersey? lol.

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