Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Beware of spooky jack o'lanterns!


Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 30, 2008


There hasn't been much going on here.

The wife of Mr. Texas Politician robo-called me yesterday. I guess Mr. Texas Politician didn't read my email asking to be removed from his mailing list. I do believe I'm going to check out the Bexar County results on Wednesday to see how this dingus did.

Knitting has been pretty boring.


That's Chunky's new winter scarf. It's the same as one I made Dr. Mad Scientist two or three years ago. He wanted CSU colors, so CSU colors he gets.

Work has been pretty ho-hum too. Each Friday I reach my Chatty Cathy threshold where I want to staple her lips together. But after a nice weekend I'm usually good to go for another four days.

It's Gang Week in Newark--which was extra special today since it's "Mischief Night" (such a Lower 48 thing...). The office manager came around at 5:00 p.m. to make sure we were all leaving before dark.

Thanks to the ineptitude of New Jersey Transit I've been able to drive my route home the last two nights in the dark because I've had to drive BACK to the office after picking up Chunky from school to pick up Dr. Mad Scientist beause his train home's been cancelled for whatever reason. (The office isn't very far away from one of the Newark train stations). It's not scary after dark at all.

And speaking of driving, I reached a new milestone yesterday!!!

* been rear ended in New Jersey;
* dinged a driver myself (Sorry Senor Chico!);
* ran over someone's cat;
* witnessed a motorcycle collide with a car; and
* watched a pedestrian get hit by a car!

The pedestrian appeared in decent shape--but he hit the driver's car hard enough with his head to smash the glass on the windshield. Still, that had to freakin' hurt.

Now I've been uber-sensitive to every little pedestrian I see!!!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only One More Week!

Thank freaking god!!!

So have you made up your mind? Douchebag A? Douchebag B? (I'm so burned out on all of it, I can't even use their cute little blog names Oboner and McCane...)

Last night a new Douchebag arrived on the scene and gave me a call.


I'm sitting here minding my own business when the phone rang. It was Unknown Number so I let the machine grab it.

It was a Republican calling me to ask me to vote for him.

Here's the deal though--it wasn't one of the usual Douchebag suspects.

I had to do a double take when I listened to the message:

"Hi Rebecca, I'm calling all my constituents in Bexar County to urge them to vote on November 4...."

Wait, did he say Bexar County???

Now some of you reading will immediately understand why I'm floored by this call.

Bexar County is the county I lived in in Texas for a scant 7 months.

Somehow this Douchebag got my NEW JERSEY LAND LINE phone number and was robo-calling me trying me to get to vote for thim!

Never mind that when I left Texas--I un-registered to vote there (betcha didn't know you could do that did you? I've now officially been registered to vote and have voted in 4 states in the 12 years I've been eligible to vote!). And never mind that this dude tracked me down all the way half way across the country grovelling for my vote.

Now I can't help but wonder how much money this douchebag wasted on calling out of state non-registered Texas voters????

I'm just sick of the whole damn thing. I'm undecided, but not in the sense you would think.

I've been reading up a lot on the right NOT to vote. And now I'm torn between writing someone in or skipping the "Presidential" section of the ballot all together.

The right NOT to vote is something I think we Americans don't give enough thought to. I mean we have a right to bear arms right? Does that mean we all have to pack heat? Nope. I choose to exercise my right NOT to bear arms.

I'm still mulling the whole thing over. The argument of exercising your right to vote or not to vote is certainly more interesting to me than listening to Douchebag A and Douchebag B natter on and on pandering to whatever mass they happen to be appearing in front of at the time.

I dunno. Maybe I've just become a supreme cynic in the 30 years I've been here on earth or I'm just sick of the fake-rhetoric of Douchebag A and Douchebag B. Neither one is willing to admit that they'll have to raise taxes and they'll be damn hard pressed to clean up the mess created the last 8 years in at least half the time.

And if I hear the effing word "change" one more time...

But then again, if Freedom costs just $1.05, and all I have is $2.00 then I guess my "change" would be 95 cents right?


Monday, October 27, 2008

Three's a Charm

Not much to really report here in Nueva Jersey.

I finished up the third and final market bag for My Apple.

Because seriously, could you take another boring-ass picture of a bag propped up on a chair?

This time the fabric bottom was, what else? Apples!


There's only one thing on my needles right now--a new scarf for Chunky which is literally putting me to sleep--I dozed off knitting it Saturday night!

I'd love to cast on a pair of socks, but sadly I don't lunch knit anymore and I can't remember the last pair of socks I didn't knit as a lunch-knit.

I got sick of answering coworker questions about what I was knitting now that I'm forced to eat in the lunchroom and not my car. Now I just bring a book and no one bothers me.

The weekend wasn't without it's fun though. We carved pumpkins for Halloween. Chunky got pretty into the gutting part.


Hee hee!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review: Custom Knits

I don't do many knitting book reviews on here because quite honestly, I don't buy a lot of knitting books.

However, the Sunday of Columbus Day, Chris drove up to North Jersey and we hung out for a bit at Stix-n-Stitches fondling their yarn and perusing their books. They had a display copy of the new Wendy Bernard book Custom Knits that we thumbed thru--and I fell in love.

Now I've always dug Wendy Bernard's stuff. She's the designer of the uber-popular Tomato (which I am guilty of knitting--minus the mini-Texas houndstooth checks) and Sahara sweater that everyone and their mother knit a few years ago.

Plus she does many of her sweaters in one piece. I have yet to knit a sweater (for me) that you have to seam together more than just an armpit hole for.

When I was making an order for some other stuff and needed to spend a few extra bucks to get the free super saver shipping, I figured what the hell? We're not starving until January when Dr. Mad Scientist quits his job to concentrate on becoming Teacher Mad Scientist full time, and as much as I love the man, I could write out the ISBN number of this book for him and ask for it for Christmas and he still wouldn't get it for me!

But on to the "review"!


In short, this book has many likeable things.


Simple sweaters mainly with details. I like that. I'm a big fan of stockinette boredom.

I mean I love colorwork and really admire the people who can a.) knit it and b.) wear it and pull it off--but I'm just never going to knit a Eunny-vamped-out-bodice-hugging-low-cut-colorwork vest.

I like my knitting a bit more boring.

But that's not to say the patterns in this book are boring. They're not. They're all about the details.

Be they the cable in that first picture or the vintage ribbon snap liner on this caponcho (pronounced kay-paun-cho) thingy that I'm oddly attracted to even though I think it would make short stumpy pear shaped me look even more short stumpy and pearish.


It's not really called a caponcho...she calls it a Not-a-Poncho-City-Cape. I like caponcho, it rolls off the tongue better!

The book also gives you options with nearly every pattern on how you can easily modify the pattern to your own likes.

Quite honestly, I'm experienced enough where I can do that on my own, but sometimes it's nice to have someone else spell it out for you.


You can see an example of this in this picture where the cover sweater has been modified to not cut quite so deep into the cleave.

On the subject of cleave--another bonus of this book is that it has sizing ranging for women sporting pancakes to women sporting muskmelons and possibly some other fruit bigger than a muskmelon. I don't even know exactly what a muskmelon is, but it sounded like a good large big busted fruit. The sizing ranges from X-Small to 3XL (and that's just one pattern I randomly picked out of here--but that gives you a ballpark idea of the size-range in the patterns they're all like that!).

Speaking even more of cleave, this book might be responsible for drawing more horny men into the realm of knitting.



Many of the models in this book are pants challenged. Making it great to peruse with your resident horny man--you're scoping out sweaters while he's checking for camel toe!

But don't fret--the photographer was nice enough to throw in a picture of Pedro The Pool Boy's geekier whiter pool boy cousin, Peter. A little scrap of man-meat for us if for some reason you get tired of looking at all the great knitwear!


Check out how pasty that guy's thighs are compared to his calves! Hee hee!

To conclude, I try to stay clear of bandwagons, but I've had my moments of weakness (Tomato, February Lady, Tulips Baby Sweater...) and I wouldn't be ashamed to hop onto one of the sweater bandwagons I'm sure this book is going to spurn.

I fretted about posting pictures from the book on my blog due to copy write blah, blah, blah--but all of these pictures can be found on The Place That Shall Not Be Named. That combined with my craptacular skills of taking pictures of pictures seems to work. Maybe TPTSNBN actually sought permission before posting theirs though. Whatever, don't be a loser, if you like the sweater and want to knit it--buy the book! Very cheap on Amazon! And cheaper on Knitpicks right now if you can wait for them to a.) get it in stock and b.) you can wait for their shipping to get it to you.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monkey Hooters

There's a girl at work that's expecting a baby boy.

I figured I'd knit her something.

I saw the ever so cute Baby Owl Vest on Kay's blog that she made for her nephew a while back.

I thought I'd be clever and use my whole "Oh if I knit it with a thinner weight yarn like I did with my Koigu Tulips Cardigan it will fit a smaller baby."

And it would fit a smaller baby. With a pinhead.

The torso and armholes worked out great, but as I was putting the ribbing on the neckline it became abundantly clear that there was no way this sweater would fit over a newborn noggin.

Therefore, Rosie (Chunky's stuffed monkey) became the proud recipient of a Monkey Hooter sweater dress.

Chunky took these pictures, focusing more on Rosie (obviously from the way he posed her arm all jaunty like) so you can't quite see the cabled owls on the chest.



It's a cute, quick knit. Next time I might actually try to gauge swatch before I cast on though!

Before I go--I didn't link to the pattern because it's a You Know Where download pattern. Y'all can figure that out on your own if you've got a burning desire to knit this.


Monday, October 20, 2008


I love fall.

One of the things I developed my first fall in New Jersey was a severe case of mum-envy.

At the end of September through about mid November, every house and many businesses sport gorgeous round balls of mums. In all the places we've lived, I've never encountered this mummification before.

Last year I splurged despite our IRS induced moratorium on spending and bought a small pot of yellow mums.

This year I went all out and bought TWO small pots of hardy mums.


I'm a sucker for contrasting colors--especially purple and yellow.

Here's what I think is funny.

The little neighborhood garden center is owned by non-native Americans (or else they kept their accents pretty well).

And I've always thought it funny that other English speaking countries call their mothers "mum" instead of "mom" like we do here in the States. (Although I'm pretty sure "mom" probably sounds weird to their ears in turn.)

So when I got the receipt:


I couldn't help but think--Do people who call their moms "mum" call their mums "mom"???

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halibut Prince

It's already the middle of October--can you believe it?

This means there's only half a month left to get your name in for October's K.A.Y.E. drawing.

Around the holidays, I like to pick seasonal colored yarn.

What I'm about to show you is kind of Halloweenie. It's also very fitting to show you this yarn since last night another famous pair of dudes promised us all the world and more in the final of their three-part snowball festival.

But this is about yarn and a pair of boys and a pair of socks.


Yes, even though I highly despise Harry Pooper, this month's yarn is a ball of Opal Harry Potter Sock Yarn in the color of "Harry Und Ron."

What attracted me to this yarn was the German translation of the "Half Blood Prince"--Der Halbblot Prinz. It made me giggle.

The fact that it's Harry AND Ron yarn made me giggle too. I'd insert some inappropriate comments right now, but I like to save those for when Dr. Mad Scientist makes me watch these crappy movies--I only do it with the caveat that I can make as many wisecracks as I want during the course of the movie.

Just think, if you win, you could knit one sock and name it Harry and name the other sock Ron.

No idea what K.A.Y.E. is? Just click the link earlier in this post and read up on it.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a final picture of some wand on wand action.


ETA: As much as I would love to take your entries by leaving a comment, I cannot as some people's email addresses don't show up. If you were to win entering that way--I really don't have a way of contacting you to alert you to your winnings! Click on the K.A.Y.E. link in this post, or on the sidebar, check out the rules to see if you qualify, and email me to let me know you qualify (my email is in the link posting the rules). Good luck!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mail Call

On Thursday, I found a lovely surprise in the mail:

Rosi G

This summer Rosi G. had a "Where the hell are all the commenters?" contest on her blog. I'll cop to it: I'm a loudy-fingers, and I commented, and the random number picker picked me as one of the winners.

She sent along a delightful bar of her infamous Rosi G. Soapy Knitter soap--Cucumber Vanilla, along with two balls of a deep blue Mary Maxim acrylic (this is my first time seeing MM in person--nice stuff!), two balls of Plymouth Encore worsted in a nice wintry gray (I was just introduced to this stuff by Poops--and again, nice stuff!) and a dark green ball of what else but Rowan Chunky! Ha ha!

Now do I make Chunky something out of it or use it all on me? Muhahahahahah!

On the same day I got this in the mail, I learned that I'll get to meet Rosi G. next month. Hee hee! How cool is that! I tell you what, Jersey may get a bad rap in some circles, but it's a hotbed of great knitter activity!!

Thanks Rosi!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 10

Today marked two complete work-weeks of working in Newark.

I've finally got my route to work down--and sadly am showing up WAY too early some days depending on the manic traffic patterns.


Ugh. This is the worst--when you can see the light half a mile ahead turn green but you don't move.

Even worse is getting stuck behind a bus that's stuck waiting for the Light Rail to pass.


I'm still trying to work out a lunchtime groove. I used to sit and knit in my car. I tried knitting in the lunchroom but a.) I got sick of everyone making a comment about it when they'd walk in to grab something from the kitchen and b.) I like getting out of the office even if it is just to my car. I like my alone time.

I have been out exploring (on foot) though.

On Thursday I brought my camera.

I love the juxtaposition of everything. On one side you have old abandoned buildings.


And up a block you've got church spires and the museum.


Of course you have to have your requisite "green space" too.


This is a nice park--but no benches. Probably to prevent loitering, which is a shame, I'd love to come out and knit here at lunch--maybe even in the winter. Why not?

Overall I really dig what I've seen of Newark. It's like being in New York City-Lite (from what I've seen of New York City!)

The new office itself is also pretty cushy. Much, much bigger than Livingston with lots of room to grow. They're still working on finishing some of the conference rooms and glamming up the lobby with overpriced fixins that you see at every attorney's office, but it will look good when it's done.

My cube has lots of under the desk box storage (hee hee which we're not supposed to do, but screw it!) and many other niceties.

The only thing that's driving me nuts is Chatty Cathy my cube mate. For some reason there are only four of us secretaries in the office that share cubes, and lucky me, I'm one of the four. The other two girls have a large gap between them so they've got nice personal bubbles.

But not my desk. It's not super-tight but she's right there next to me at all times.

And she's always talking.

She's a really nice lady, don't get me wrong, but in two weeks she has shared with me through her incessant chatter more personal details that I think I've even shared with my husband. The man I share carnal liaisons with!

For example:

* She's been married since 1976
* She was born in 1954
* She has two kids--one is a cop one is a teacher on a year-long maternity leave
* She goes grocery shopping every Friday night
* Cough syrup makes her super drowsy and I think she's developing an addiction--she's been joking about the past week using it to get to sleep. I haven't heard her cough once all week (after coming down with a cold over the last weekend)
* Her daughter weighed 211 pounds when she was pregnant
* Her daughter now wears a size 4
* Her daughter was born in February 1978
* Her husband pays $4 a week for his health insurance policy

Oh the list goes on and on. My boss even reported that he saw her pass by his office in the hall talking to herself.

Today it really got to me. Most days I let it roll off. I'm hoping I'll learn to adapt like I learned to adapt to the yelling and berating that I used to have to hear Attorney DK dole out sitting so close to his office in Livingston. The first two weeks I remember being stressed just listening to it. But then I learned to tune it out.

Here's hoping I can do the same with Chatty Cathy!

I'll give you a hint--I work VERY close to one of the buildings, but it's not pictured here!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bamboo Not Included

Another somethin' somethin' I finished this weekend.

Another market bag for my old roommate. She's got the thing for pandas, so this bag is strictly panda. You'll remember the last market bag I made for her was pandas AND apples.


Her birthday is December 5 and then Christmas is of course 20 days sounds bad but I send her birthday and Christmas presents at the same time. What can I say? It saves postage!

When we lived together, I didn't lump everything together--I swear! (I've met some December babies that get really touchy about this.)


This bag only has one handle despite the fact I like them better with two. But I ran out of yarn--those darn variegated balls of Sugar and Cream don't have as much per-ball as the solids!

The plan is to make one last bag for her and then buy her a Christmas present (or birthday present, I'm sure sure what the bags are going to be).

Only 3 more Christmas presents to knit left to knit. However, I'm sure there will be more that crop up!


Monday, October 06, 2008

Random Monetary Musings

A boring post! Now with more random pictures from my Flickr Archive!

A theme that's been cropping up for me a lot lately the past three days is kids and money. I could post about the doom and gloom situation that's happening, but that's been beaten to death. Our country is run by idiots and there's a new wave of idiots trying to worm their way in. Not to mention trying to figure out the sheer bizarre-ness that is our financial system (I just finished listening to this week's This American Life on the drive home tonight).


First up--I took Chunky to the park on Saturday. Word on the street is the township had installed some new equipment and we felt we should scope it out.

I love now that he's in public school--all the kids in the neighborhood that look remotely his age go to school with him.

He found one such boy who was also on the new Splayed Butterfly Climbing Doohickey. (I don't know what else to call it. It's a giant plastic quasi-butterfly looking thing with holes in it so you can climb on it. It's a total hazard and I could see some kid getting up there and falling off and breaking their neck--but that's just me channelling my Old Man.)

I was off on the periphery watching them climb the Splayed Butterfly and somehow the Little Boy (who claimed to be 7 and in 2nd grade) out of the blue asked Chunky how much money he had.

Chunky had to think about it--$4 or $5, he replied. Little Boy scoffed and informed Chunky matter-of-factly that he had $57.36. Chunky shrugged it off by informing the kid he used to have $47 but he spent it all on Legos.

Wow. I don't remember having such conversations when I was in first/second grade.


Second--I was reading the newspaper and reading one of those tired mainstream regurgitated articles on how to "Save Money." They've become en vouge lately due to well--if you haven't been living in a cave you know.

This particular article was how to save money at the grocery store. One of the tips was "Leave the kids at home with Grandma and Grandpa or a babysitter--it's like a $20 coupon." I guess they were insinuating that when you bring your child with you grocery shopping, you're automatically going to spend excess money to fulfill their grocery-wishes.

Huh? Ok, I'll admit, sometimes Chunky (and Dr. Mad Scientist) will suggest that we purchase a quart of icecream if they (cough, Dr. Mad Scientist, cough cough) sees that it's on sale--and I'll cave. But there are many times where I remember saying out loud "Do we really need ______?" and we decide that nah, we have live without _______.


Finally, I came across this article in my internet travails today.

Again, another article given press because of the state of the union.

Call me weird, but I've never hid our financial situation from Chunky.

He knew that things were tough when Dr. Mad Scientist wasn't working earlier this year.

He understands what saving means (see the aforemention of $47 in Lego money--all birthday/Christmas money he saved up. Actually outside of his birthday and Christmas--the only toys he gets are toys he buys with his own money. Lately it's been those MyEPet things at $10 a pop.).

I can't guarantee that he won't end up a spendthrift like his daddy--but at the very least he'll find a girl like his mommy who's tight with a dollar.


Very random thoughts. I could expand on any one of them much more, but I shan't for I don't know about you, I like my blog posts, not-too-long and full of pictures!


Never mind that the pictures have nothing to do with the subject matter!


Sunday, October 05, 2008

October Woman

It's neither February and nor am I what I would call a lady, but here's my completed February Lady sweater.


Here she is from the back--with my damp hair down--just for Rosi G. to see.

Sunshine on my butt makes me haaaappppy!!!

And here she is all artsy-fartsy from the front.


I didn't block it because of the type of yarn I used--it's mainly acrylic and I don't think acrylic blocks very well.

I originally bought this yarn to knit the boys a pair of sweaters. But alas lacy girl sweater won over lacy girl sweater. I have enough left to maybe knit Chunky something--if he'd just stop growing already.


I love the color of this yarn--it's deep green with yellowish flecks.

And I love the buttons!


I saw these buttons at I've Got a Notion (my favorite place for buttons locally--they've got tons!). And quite honestly, I knew they'd be perfect for this sweater. In that respect, I knit this backwards--I bought the buttons before I knit the sweater.

Here's the official details:

Pattern: February Lady

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease (80% Acrylic/20% Wool--would that really block that great??), in Forest Green Heather

Needles: US 8 and US 7

Notes/Mods: The most obvious mod has got to be that I did the yoke in stockinette, not garter stitch. Here's the deal--I don't mind garter stitch as an edging, but I despise it in large quantities. Maybe because it feels so "beginnger" to me or the fact that I really never drank the Elizabeth Zimmerman Garter Stitch Is Wonderful Kool Aid and this is the first thing I've really knit that comes remotely to one of her patterns. (In case you're living in a cave--this pattern is based on her baby-February Sweater and was upsized to fit an adult.)

Oddly though, I can stand garter stitch on blankets, just not garments.

I also started this in garter stitch and I quickly realized that I suck as garter stitch raglan increases. The pattern calls for marking the stitch--not placing a marker--at the increase sections of the yoke. I had never done that before, and well, as previously noted, I suck at it. Later I realized with a little thought at each increase, you could get away with placing a marker and not marking the actual stitch. But by the time I realized that--I had already re-cast on and was knitting it stockinette.

I also down shifted down a needlesize when I hit the elbows on the sleeves to a US 7 in hopes of getting less bell-age in the sleeves. I'm not sure it really worked, but it didn't really hurt either.

Finally, I did do the first three rows in garter stitch as the pattern called for before switching to stockinette and starting the raglan increases. If I had to do it again--I would have continued the garter stitch a little longer than three rows. As a result, the final collar rolled in on itself.

After I cast off, I debated tacking the rolled edge down to the body of the sweater or picking up the stitches and doing a few more rows of garter stitch. I went with picking up the stitches starting at each increase and I love how it turned out. It creates kind of a mitered edge to the front plackets of the sweater--and it doesn't roll anymore!

Ok, if you read all that crap, I shall reward you with an extra picture.

I did this whole photo shoot using the self timer--so not all of them turned out too hot.

The one below I'm posting because of the guy in the background of the boobie bar. I'm wondering if he was there to load his trunk with booze from the liquor store, or perhaps he was picking up last-night's performers...



Friday, October 03, 2008

Two Idiots Enter

...and sadly two idiots left.

Wouldn't it have been much cooler last night if the VP candidates after "debating" each issue whipped out those dangerous q-tips like on Star Trek and battled each other?

I will give points for this debate keeping me awake more than the first Presidential one. Admittedly I only caught half of that debate, but god was that a snooze fest.

Palin did better than most people were expecting. But on Thursday morning when I was listening to her moron "I read everything in front of me..." soundbite when asked what papers she reads (C'mon girlfriend, give a shout out for the Anchorage Daily News or the Juneau Empire would ya?!) it hit me.

Now it could just be my paranoid Old Man who is convinced that the government is run by a secret society of reptilians rubbing off on me, but I'm convinced those shittacular Palin interviews were staged.

She intentionally came off looking like a dumbass airhead insult to the female sex (which admittedly I hear isn't unusual for her) who couldn't string a sentence together to make her performance at this debate seem spectacular.

Aside from style--with Joe Biden always dropping Dick Luger's name and repeating things "Let me say that again..." and Sarah Palin's cute-but-grating homespunisms peppering her delivery, I wasn't very impressed.

Points to Palin though for making Biden twitch on the sidelines and smile like a jackass or audibly sigh into the microphone when he didn't agree with her. For an old white guy, he certainly came off spazzy to me.

I didn't agree with Palin blaming the "predatory lenders" being the sole reason for the housing market meltdown.

That's like saying it's not your husband's fault when he has an affair and blaming the Hootchie Mama he screwed 100%. Sorry, it takes two to make a mistake! Those people taking out loans they couldn't afford, unless there was clear omission of what they had to repay in the closing paperwork, should never have signed a thing. It's called reading and comprehension people. You do not trust anything anyone who wants your money shoves in front of you to sign without reading and comprehending it. Yes the banks took advantage of those people--but it's sad that there are that many idiots out there to take advantage of.

I also started screaming at Biden when he went off about clean coal being so great. "Clean coal" is like a turd. I can take a shit and flush it down the toilet, or I can take a shit and put it in a ziplock baggie. In the end, a piece of shit is a piece of shit and it's no fun to deal with.

I did like that Palin spoke about education--Dr. Mad Scientist made a good point that that camp hadn't been very vocal about education. This will soon be an even more hot-button topic in this household (hooray! no more voting for the candidate who will increase the national science and research budget!).

But OK, enough ranting.

I have to go to work and my ears are dirty. I need to go grab a q-tip.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008


If I was a slot machine or maybe into the asymmetrical look, I'd be done with my February Lady Sweater!


Pardon the washed out colors.

I can't wait to get this puppy DONE! It's been the focus of my knitting lately and I'm ready to move on.

So I'm going to curl up on the couch tonight, watch the Thunderdome of Idiots on TV, and sip some hot apple cider.

I feel bad for my peeps in Alaska. This 9:00 p.m. Thunderdome of Idiots air time means they will watch it at 5:00 p.m. Who the hell is home at 5:00 p.m.?

Yeah there's TiVo, but this is a fast moving topic. You gotta be in the know!!!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just In Time

Just in Time For Breast Cancer Beat You Over the Head Awareness Month--it's the announcement for September's K.A.Y.E. winner.

And the winner is:


Now don't get me wrong, hooray boobie awareness, but part of the reason I started K.A.Y.E. was to draw some attention away from our most noticable girly parts that don't get quite the publicized attention that our sweater puppies do. No one wants to really talk about their cooters when they could be munching on pink M&Ms.

But I digress, most of the time screenings for cervical cancer include breast cancer screenings and vice versa. In fact that's how Lefty (my mother's left boobie, may it rest in peace) met his demise. You can't really diss breast cancer screenings.

The pink saturation just gets to be a bit much by Halloween.

Maybe someday everyone will be sick of teal and white in January!!! Muhahahahahah!

I'll leave you on this creepy piece of information I found on the National Cervical Cancer Coaltion website on the history of their founding:

Back in 1996 Mrs. Randi Kaye was the co-owner of a women’s health niche laboratory with her husband, Alan. As co-owner of the niche women’s health lab, Randi and Alan were concerned for women who had cervical cancer/HPV disease and who felt isolated and unsafe. Randi and Alan desired to give back to the community and began the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC). As soon as the NCCC began its operation, it became apparent to Randi and Alan that there was a tremendous unmet need for a grass-roots resource group to help women and caregivers that were searching for information on cervical cancer, HPV, support services and advocacy.

Dude, the chick's name was Randi Kaye. I literally just read this.

When I came up with the name for this contest I just based it egotistically off of my middle name.

Cosmic man, cosmic.

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