Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Call!

It's the last day of December and the last day of the year!!

What does that mean?

It means in addition to hokey posts looking back at the year past--I'll capsulize it for you here:

2008 = Good + Bad

Bad = Shit hitting the fan with Dr. Mad Scientist's Adventures in Alcoholism in February.

Good = Things coming together after the aformentioned shit hitting the fan, it ain't perfect and fixed (it never will be!) but he's doing better and we're doing better. Jersey Boy, the Rehab Baby, helps round out a less-then-spectacularly starting year.

But it also means--it's the LAST day for K.A.Y.E. entries! (Click the link if you don't know what I'm talking about!)

Come January 1 I'll be drawing for the December winner of some squishalicious Malabrigo sock yarn and also for the Grand Prize winner of the mini-stash so generously donated by knitters and crocheters from around the world!

So remember to email me with your entry (if you qualify) at rkbezzie @ gmail . com (remove the spaces of course).

Entries must be received by December 31st 12:00 a.m. Alaska Standard Time.

You were going to be awake anyway right to ring in the New Year?


Hmm...maybe not!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Cookies Come Marching

One by one!

Yesterday I started baking cookies for Dr. Mad Scientist's Alk-a-Thon on Wednesday.

First up were date balls.

Date Balls

These are a Christmastime only "cookie." They're not really a cookie, but they're not really a candy either. They are damn delicious.

Second, I baked a batch of gingersnaps.


This was my first time making them, and from the quality control ones me and Chunky ate, they're delish.

Finally, I made orange crisps.

Orange Crisps

I got this recipe from the back of the Rice Crispie (generic store brand) box. It looked intriguing and I had some orange extract that I never seem to use. So I figured I'd go ahead and try them.

They're crispy and chewy all at the same time.

On the menu for today are chocolate peanut butter filled cookies, Brazillian coffee cookies, and maybe I'll make some plain old chocolate chip cookies. Or possibly another batch of toffee cookies.

I just hope they all get eaten!!!

And if you want the recipes for any of these, click on the picture and it will take you to Flickr where I've posted the recipe in the description of the picture.


Monday, December 29, 2008

I Still Do

This is why I call Halloween the "Gateway Holiday."

It seems that in our little family we like to save all the big occasions for the end of the year.

Halloween marks the one month period until we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and then Chunky's birthday (sometimes those are in reverse order), then 22 days after Chunky's birthday we have Jersey Boy's birthday, followed by Christmas six days later, and then there's today--

The 9 year anniversary of the founding of this little family!


Nine years of ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!!!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Unwrap Up

Ah the post-Christmas haze is upon us.

I feel kind of bad. While everyone is tightening their belts and bemoaning what a horrible economy is doing to their Christmas--we went kind of overboard this year.

Our reasoning is this: Dr. Mad Scientist is quitting his job January 16 to go to school full time. He won't be making any real money until he starts student teaching which won't be until January 2010 (yes, in New Jersey there is a loophole to make money while student teaching...muhahahaha!). Therefore, next Christmas will be slim.

I'm not complaining--I'm actually loving the fact we are able to plan for belt-tightening instead of being broadsided by it!

This year, we spoiled Chunky a tad bit more than we have in the past.

Which included Santa getting him the King's Castle Lego set that he's been pining after for two years.


Yeah, he was a little excited.

Jersey Boy got a lot of cool outfits from his aunts and uncles.



Of course he was unconscious during the un-wrap. Ah well.

Dr. Mad Scientist got me a new electric blanket as my old one isn't as great as it used to be. Chunky was excited by this too because now he has my old one. It's a win-win for us both!

My favorite present though was one that I gave Dr. Mad Scientist.

First a little background.

The Big Boss (partner) I work for at the firm has me do a lot of his personal stuff. This involved making dinner reservations, booking his vacation plane tickets, shoot, even calling the cable company to switch addresses when he moved earlier this month. It also involves purchasing concert and theater tickets. As such, I'm on the Ticketmaster email list and get announcements for all their upcoming crap.

In September, when I was cleaning out my junkmail box at work I noticed that Metallica was coming to the Prudential Center in Newark at the end of January. The email offered early purchase on their tickets with a certain promo-code.

That night I mentioned to Dr. Mad Scientist that Metallica was coming to town when I was driving him home from the train station.

He remarked that he wanted to make it to a Metallica concert before he died. And I remembered how he was always getting screwed out of seeing them. I remember literally a month after we left Alaska after getting married--they made their first tour-stop in Anchorage.


The next day, I bought him a ticket and I gotta say, seeing him open up that envelope and stare at what it was and the look on his face--priceless! Ha ha!

And just so you think that I'm not the coolest wife ever--I did also get him a nose-hair trimmer too.

Hope your holidays were all you wanted them to be and they didn't leave you too exhausted.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here's hoping Santa brought you everything you wanted if you subscribe to that belief system!


That's Chunky's letter to Santa left out with the cookies. Apparently it was a top secret letter that neither I nor Dr. Mad Scientist could read. But Chunky put that note on the back of the letter to give Santa the OK to flip it over to read.

I'm thankful that I have my wonderful trifecta of boys to celebrate Christmas with; that we have a squirrel infested roof over our heads; I've got a great job to support the aforementioned trifecta; and our future looks much brighter than it has in a long time.

Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let It Snow!

Ok, I lied.

I have one more FO of 2008 to display.

Now remember, it's a dishrag, and thus kinda funky looking (and no, I'm not blocking a dishrag--maybe if it was a gift, but it's not.).


If you cross your eyes, squint them, and turn around in a circle, that's a snowflake on there.

Pattern: Let it Snow! From December 9, 2008 of the Knit Pattern A Day Calendar

Yarn: Plain old Lily Sugar and Cream cotton

Needles: US 7

Notes: I knit this on Sunday while I was in the hospital. That's the thing about c-sections. They keep you there for a crazy long time. I was pretty miffed they didn't have me up and walking the afternoon of the 19th (I was up and walking the day I had Chunky...). But when you're hooked up to a pee bag and IV, it's easier said than done.

Saturday afternoon I was finally de-pee-bagged and up pacing my room (the maternity ward wasn't as nice as Lansing's hospital for doing laps). I read my knit-pulp-fiction my mom sent me from presumably some of the cast off donations from the library she works at.

Sunday I decided to cast on for this dishcloth and had it half done before visiting hours began and the boys showed up.

Little did I know that when I picked that pattern to pack in my hospital bag, that it would be so appropriate for the day Jersey Boy was born!

Now I've got a little souvenir (besides the obvious one) of my stay at the hospital.

Speaking of which, who knew cats could go through human withdrawal? Springs followed me around like a clingy toddler all day yesterday meowing and trying to jump on my lap.

Thankfully he and Jersey Boy have come to an understanding on how to share my now larger lap.


He couldn't seem to understand who the hell the little person was on my lap at first. But my number one lap whore seems to have figured it out.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Bad Girls

Or is it possibly good girls that get babies in their stockings?

Hee hee.

A little known fact: If Jesus's birthday WAS actually on December 25, the Immaculate Conception would have occurred on April Fool's Day--ask me how I know.

Another little known fact: When sperm sober up--they are quite powerful.


So that's basically the story.

Pickled sperm don't know how to swim. And that my friends is how I imagine we were able to play with fire for nearly two years and not get burned.

And if you do the math, right around April 1st-ish is when we were back in the Trust Tree enough to knock boots, and well yeah.

So without further adieu I would like to introduce our little Christmas boy--


Not sure what his blog name will be yet. But there he is.


He was ripped from my loins on December 19, 2008 at 9:35 a.m.

Say what you will about scheduled c-sections, but seeing as Chunky was also ripped from my loins (after 13 hours of labor...oog), and the fact my doctor is a sole-practitioner and won't be around this week and I was due December 25, I'm not upset about it at all. There were other factors in play as well, but I won't bore you with the details.

He was a tiny little fellow--only 6 lbs. 10 ozs, but like his big brother--he's tall--20". Chunky was 7 lbs. 14 oz. and 22" but was born two weeks later than Jersey Boy (hmmm...maybe?).


I won't regale you too much with the birth story other than to say, it didn't go exactly as planned.

I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 7:00 a.m. to be prepped for a 9:00 a.m. c-section.

Dr. Mad Scientist was to drive me to the hospital (with Chunky in tow), drop me off, then drive Chunky to school, and then drive baaack to the hospital to attend the c-section.

Welllllll.....mother nature had other plans.

Due to the impending snow storm (that actually happened--or I would have been very pissed!) Chunky had school cancelled.

We figured he'd just have to wait in the waiting room by himself.

No dice.

He wasn't even allowed in the maternity waiting room accompanied BY Dr. Mad Scientist. So the poor boys were kicked out of the maternity ward made to wait on like the first floor of the hospital (I was on the 4th floor) waiting room.

Thankfully my doctor ran into Dr. Mad Scientist when he snuck up at 9:00 a.m. to get a status report on me as she was going to scrub up and she knew who he was.

The nurses were very cool in that when they finally ripped new baby boy from my loins, they made sure (when they finally found him on the first floor) that Dr. Mad Scientist and Chunky got to see him and they even snuck Chunky back to the door of the post-op where he was able to wave to me as I was in recovery. Hee hee!

So, sadly Dr. Mad Scientist couldn't be there for the actual removal of the kiddo.

It's funny because I was upset that he couldn't be there for himself, and he was upset he couldn't be there for me.

But it makes for a good story. And for the record, Chunky was amazing in the waiting room for five hours. Didn't whine a bit. I think it helped that they took snowball breaks and would go outside to check out the dumpage that we got.


Ok, and the reason I didn't blog about it?

Well, as amazing as the Little Monkey (hmmm?) is, there's just something that kinda turns me off about mommy-knit blogs.

No. I'm not talking about any of the blogs I read that lean to the mommy-knit.

And I know I do my share of Chunky-centric posts, but there are a handful of those big-name knit bloggers that pop out a baby and BOOM! The only knitting you see on there is baby shit--if at all. (Oh and for the record, that baby sweater from last week--that's truly for Chunky's teacher. The only baby knit I've lied about on here was the Baby Tulips sweater from Koigu. Please! Like I'd waste good yarn like that on my brother in law's baby! Ha ha! That's for my offspring alone!)

I'm also very sensitive to allll those bloggers out there that I read that struggle with their own attempts to have kids. Be it they can't conceive, they lose their babies early or late, they go thru hellish fertility treatments, or massive paper chase trials in adoption.

It just seemed kinda insensitive to post about the trials and tribulations about pregnancy when there are so many people that would kill to be in your swollen duck-feet shoes.

That's not to say that I won't be posting the occasional baby-post, but I promise it won't be baby pictures all the effin' time.

Cookies on the other hand...

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Future

Have I mentioned how much I love scheduled posts??!

Today, Dr. Mad Scientist are a little preoccupied (so is Chunky--but he's at school going to be in the waiting room since they cancelled school on the THREAT of heavy snow!).


We're welcoming our Christmas Future today!!!

My creation
7 to 39 weeks shown

I should hopefully be back early next week with details and a proper introduction to the newest member of the Random Meanderings cast.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Sickness

This entire week I've been off, all I've been doing is thinking about cookies.

I've been reading debates about cookies.

I've watching online videos about cookies.

I've been surfing cookie porn on Flickr.

And god help me, I've even been on Barfy Marfy's site looking at cookies.

I'm getting really excited to let my cookie mojo flow the last week of December, but it's getting really hard to restrain myself from going nuts in the kitchen.

Thankfully yesterday I released a little bit of the pent up cookie frustration and made a batch of another old-Christmas standby (I made and blogged about these last year too) toffee cookies.


Mmm... These are for Dr. Mad Scientist's last-day-of-class potluck. He's got a big paper/project due today too. I told him if he doesn't get an A on the paper, these certainly can't hurt his chances.

Toffee Squares

Hopefully baking these will also tide me over til December 30th when I can unleash myself in the kitchen finally!!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sadly, this will probably be my last finished object of the year.

I've got the test knit that I might be able to 1/2 finish up counting as a half-FO. That should give you a clue as to what kind of knit it is!

Anyway--onto the sweater!


The details:

Pattern: Tulips Baby Sweater

Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight (mill end) from the Queen of STR, Irishgirlie. The color wasn't noted on the label. I think Weez called it right when she speculated this is probably a mill end of the Firebird color. Which is pretty close to the unofficial name I was giving it: Flamingo Sunset.

Needles: US 3

Notes: I seem to have this thing for knitting this sweater in sock yarn mill ends since the first one I did was out of Koigu mill ends.

This time I obviously kept it to one color of yarn. I also only really followed the directions for the cast on. And now that I see that picture, it almost looks like one sleeve might be a tad bit longer than the other. Ah well. I'm sure no baby is born with EXACTLY the same length arms, and it's not like said baby will be wearing the sweater and be all spread-eagle like that. She'll have her arms scrunched up!

As for sizing--that's the beauty of this sweater. The pattern was written for worsted weight yarn and the smallest size in the pattern is 3-6 mos. All you have to do to downsize it for a newborn is knit it on a sockweight/fingering yarn.

I was a little worried about the dark purpley splotches that made this yarn a mill end. But they ended up spreading out nice and evenly like they were supposed to be there.


Overall, I'm happy with it and it will make a cute gift for Chunky's teacher expecting her second little girl next month.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Present

Ok, so I promised an FO.

Sadly I just have a WIP.


I just have the neckline applied i-cord left to do and then I have to block the hell outta this little baby sweater. That should happen today. I'm excited I'll have it done in time for Chunky's teacher before she leaves for Winter Break/Maternity Leave.

Chunky informs me that his replacement teacher is pretty cool. Her name is Ms. Hayek. I can't help but wonder if maybe Salma has a little sister?? Hee hee, I'm sure she hears that all the time.

Instead of highlighting my shoulda-been-finished knitting, I figured I'd continue with my Christmas decoration theme.

I got to looking around the house and picked a few things that if the place ever burned to the ground, I'd be upset they were lost. Not so much Christmas past-stuff-I-grew-up-with, but decorations I've acquired for my/our own.

First up is the fake Christmas wreath.


I made this Christmas of 2000 using the fake poinsettas we had leftover from our wedding (yes, real Cheapasses get married using fake flowers). The silver ribbon is also from our wedding decorations. It's very fakey-plastic-y looking, but I dig it.

Second up is the needlepoint plastic canvas Christmas/Winter Village my Grandma (my Mom's mom) made for me as a kid.

(the gazebo has seen better days!)

Each year for Christmas for years Grandma would gift me a new building or tree (The trees are actually crocheted--not needlepoint canvas).

I want to say she picked up the pattern book to make this village when she and Grandpa came up to Alaska in 1989 to visit all of us (a very big deal as I've only really met my Grandma twice in my lifetime if you exclude the time we flew down to the Lower 48 when I was like 2 for my Uncle Joe and Aunt Susan's--hi!!! Aunt Susan!--wedding).

And when I see a new or unique ceramic little figurine that you see for all those ceramic Christmas villages, I'll pick it up.

The past few years I've been trying to integrate my village. Next time you're in Michael's or Joann's look for non-white people figurines, they're pretty damn hard to find!

Finally, is the coveted picture of Chunky with Santa Claus.


Now we've never taken Chunky to see a mall Santa (ugh, standing in line, all that pressure to buy pictures and crap...) but back in 2005, my firm had their Christmas party at Munn Ice Arena (where the Michigan State Spartans play) and as Santa was a client of ours at the time--one of the attorneys arranged for him to show up.

I love this picture of Chunky and Santa because if you look really close--you can see he's holding Dr. Mad Scientist's (off camera) hand!

A few days after the party the Lansing State Journal did a little interview with the same guy that does Santa, Emil Kletke, so I clipped the article. As luck would have it, Santa came in the week that article appeared to sign some documents at the firm and I had him autograph the newspaper article.

I did a quick Google on Santa, and at 82 years old, he's still making the rounds as Santa in Lansing.

And now the question I leave you with today is like the one I left you with before: What's your favorite current/newer holiday decoration??

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Past

Ok, no FO today as promised. I forgot how time consuming an applied i-cord edging was!! But soon!! It's another knit-free post. Sorry!

Grandma's Christmas box arrived this past weekend and in it was a really cute little snowman who has earned a place on my Christmas snowman shelf:


Chunky was very impressed that Grandma made this on her own. Hee hee.

Receiving this snowman from her, along with some idle internet surfing time on my hands made me think about the Christmas decorations I grew up with.

I remember Mom's Plastic Santa Lamp. One of her first grown-up Christmas decorations she purchased on her own if I remember rightly?? (She'll pipe up in the comments if I'm wrong.)

Santa Lamp

I'm not sure what the etiquette is for stealing pictures of stuff off Ebay, etc., so I'll link back to the listing.

Then I had a blast from the past when Chatty Cathy tacked three "patchwork" ornaments she made back in 1979 up in her cubicle at the beginning of December.

(don't pay attention to the plastic needlepoint ornaments...I'm talking about the stuffed ornaments in this picture)

I remember Mom made a ton of ornaments very similar to the Chatty Cathy ones. But hers looked more like the ones in the picture above. I want to say I have memories of having ornament "fights" with the siblings where we would pelt one another with these things like one would throw a snowball.

I also remember decorating the tree and Mom always getting to hang her beloved Campbell Soup Kid ornaments up at the top of the tree away from little hands who might ruin them. Or bite into them like apples like a certain Younger Brother did with a different glass ball ornament when he was about 3 years old.


I think she puts these in her curio cabinet now to prevent little furry paws from destroying them.

And finally, while this isn't the exact same nativity scene I grew up with, it's pretty darn close.


I have very fond memories of us kids begging my dad to "work" the nativity scene and reenact the birth of Baby Jesus.

In the typical fashion of my Old Man, it was pretty ribald and slapstick. I want to say it even involved true-to-life grunts of Mary giving birth to baby Jesus, and other hiliarity that you had to be there for--or at least be 6 or 7 years old and younger to truly appreciate!!!

Yeah, we'll probably be going to hell for that one.

I could probably wax poetic about walking down Christmas memory lane, but I'll spare you. But I'm curious as to what little Christmas knicknacks stick out in your memory?


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Short for Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies

I'm not too terribly happy with these honestly. They spread more than I remember. I think I say that every year too. I need to change the base-cookie dough. Maybe a chocolate-krinkle type dough would be better.

But they're going to work with Dr. Mad Scientist tomorrow. I'm sure they can all pour a mean gel-plate/petri dish but can't bake their way out of a paperbag, so these will do just fine.

I also entered them into The Great Virtual Cookie Swap 2008 that I found when I was reading Melissa's blog.

I'll be entering probably one more entry--Dr. Mad Scientist's last day of one of his classes is also a potluck.

I guess there's prizes involved. I'll be honest, I'm kind of in it more for the cookie porn!!!

Tomorrow--hopefully an FO!


Friday, December 12, 2008


Today is my last day of work FOR THE YEAR.

Ha ha, I love saying that, it sounds so much cooler than what it really is.

As it is my last day, last night I baked.

But first there was prep work.

I took some of these:


Stamped the back with some of the tired old holiday stamps I have:


Addressed the backs, and punched a couple of holes at the top:


Stuffed it with a LARGE* cookie, and tied it with a ribbon:



Now I've got a whole bag of cookie-cards to hand out at work:


My only problem with this is what you see in the "back" picture of the cookie-card...the cookies were made with real butter (that's what makes 'em good!) and well they kinda made the back greasy.

But hell, I just don't care!!!

More cookies to come! Dr. Mad Scientist has informed me that his Thursday night class next week is a potluck. Meaning I'll be baking another batch of cookies on top of the ones I'm doing for his lab this weekend. Damn, what a horrible chore for me to endure. Ha ha!

*I made a double batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies--added some toffee chips with the chocolate chips, rolled the dough into golf-ball sized balls, put them five cookies to a sheet, and baked them for twice as long as I would have baked normal sized cookies.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

K.A.Y.E. End Of The Year

First things first!

Time to show the prize for this month's K.A.Y.E. drawing:


One delectable skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in "Stonechat."

This color is impossible to capture properly. It's a rich red and brown. I googled around to see if perhaps I could find someone who took a better picture than I. Alas--most of the pictures I found of "Stonechat" have been photographed with excessive flash and wash out the deep saturation of the colors.

So you'll have to settle for my ghetto photography skills!

This stuff is allegedly superwash--can you believe it? Probably not superDRY, but hey, not bad for a squishalicious yarn.

My LYS owner was touting this stuff as a nice alternative to the Malabrigo lace yarn. I've heard that the lace yarn was a bit pilly and didn't wear well.

I imagine this stuff probably doesn't wear too terribly well when it's on your feet, but lace-wise she's probably right.

So whattya have to do to get into the running for this yarn? Click the link at the beginning of this post or the sidebar button! Remember--no comment entries will be accepted!

Finally, just to leave you drooling, I'm going to leave you with a mosaic of the Grand Prize Mini-Stash you could win this year--generously donate by knitters and crocheters (and one quilter who I call "Mom") throughout the world!

K.A.Y.E. Yarn Mini-Stash
(Click to make bigger if you wish!)

How do you win this?

Well if you've already entered the contest this year--your name is already in the running!

If not, again, click the link above or on the sidebar!

No excuses people!

Read the rules--the contest was designed for everybody! It doesn't matter if you're on the three-year-scrape plan, you have nothing left to root, or you possess a penis (and I mean in your pants...not tucked away in your purse with a set of testicles! Not a safe link for work if you're logged into The Place That Shall Not Be Named!)!!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung

By the kitty on the reindeer blanket by care...


And the tree is up!


But not before Chunky got to test out the saw that Grandma and Grandpa got him as part of his toolset for his birthday.


I'm still trying to get over the fact my father, the man who convinced us if we ever ran with a pencil we would puncture our jugular vein and bleed to death if we didn't get lead poisoning first, would buy my seven year old son a tool set with a real saw! Ha ha!

Cookie makings were also purchased. The first batch will be made Thursday night!

And forgive me bloggers for we have sinned.

We caved and turned the heat on.

But thanks to the helpful tip of Elizabeth, I set the thermostat at 58 degrees.

When you're used to it being 42 degrees inside the house--58 is downright balmy! Ha ha! And when I got to thinking about it--58 degrees is a decent Alaskan Summer temperature.

Of course the heat will be turned off for the week until next weekend tonight. These ancient radiators (or RAD-iators if you want to say it Jersey Style--instead of RAID-iators like normal people) take forever to heat up that turning it on at 6:30 at night until we go to bed at 10:30 p.m. is not worth it.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

It Begins




Friday, December 05, 2008

Sugar Mamma

I haven't had much to blog about lately.

We're about to ramp up into Christmas--getting the tree up and whatnot this weekend.

Normally we do it the second weekend of December, but we've got the family rolling into town the third weekend of December and I want some time between when they show up and tree/decorating time to prepare for landing.

I've finally worked at my firm long enough to accrue some time off. I squirrelled it away in anticipation of December all year long--so my last day of work for the year is December 12.

Woot! I'm very excited.

My bosses, yeah, not so much. I'm sure the phone will be ringing.

But speaking of Christmas and trees--check out what arrived in the mail yesterday:


Over at Crafty Christina's I entered her birthday blog contest in trying to figure out what was wrong in the pictures from her birthday (which Chunky shares with her!) and although I'm unable to spot glaring spelling errors, I'm spot on with religious differences--I was one of the three winners!

She sent this cute little Hallmark Sugar Mom ornament.

I can't wait to stick her on the tree!

I also can't wait to start some baking myself.

Dr. Mad Scientist wants a batch of cookies for his lab, I'm thinking my coworkers and bosses will get cookies at work, and then--the best of all!

Dr. Mad Scientist is involved in planning a New Year's Eve Alk-A-Thon for AA. To me, the term "Alk-a-thon" sounds like a marathon drinking session, but it's actually just 24 hours of meetings (well OK, like an hour a meeting, they take a 1/2 hour break, fire up another meeting, etc., etc.).

Anyway, he asked me if I'd be willing to bake some cookies for the event.

Dude, would I? Hell yeah!!!

Because of the length of this event and the added bonus that many recoverings have wicked sugar cravings (they get a lot of sugar from drinking I guess!) I can go totally crazy baking!

I want to do some Christmas standards like chocolate covered cherry cookies, and maybe some toffee squares. I need to sit down and firm up a "cookie menu" before I hit the grocery store for supplies.

Stay tuned--I can't resist the opportunity to blog about some decadent cookie porn!


Monday, December 01, 2008


Drumroll please!

The winner of the November K.A.Y.E. yarn is....


Ah, but don't despair fellow November-ers that didn't have your name pulled! Your name still goes into the pot for the Grand Prize Mini Stash to be drawn for on January 1, 2009!

Closer to the end of the year I'll be displaying the Grand Prize Mini Stash that has been generously donated by knitters, crocheters and spinners throughout 2008.

And if you have no freakin' clue what the heck I'm talking about--click the K.A.Y.E. link up there in this post or on the sidebar, read the rules, and see if you qualify--or what you need to do to qualify.

I've already bought December's prize yarn and it's a doozy! That's all I'll say about that and leave you hanging for a week or so!

The rest of my five day weekend was good. Chunky and I finished mailing all but one Christmas present to the relatives far and away (i.e. all of them! Ha ha!). We visited the lie-berry to check out new books, and we went to A.C. Moore to score these little shelfamadoodles that were on sale for $15--normally $45.

Chunky is what you call a Legomaniac. It's a genetic disease that his father suffered (suffers?!) from as a child.

The boy, even for my self professed cheapassedness, has a large collection of Legos. He had about 16 cardboard boxes that he piled up behind his door that housed his various sets. It was getting to be quite the fire hazard and a PITA to grab a set from the bottom he might have wanted to play with.

So I set him to work assembling these $15 AC Moore shelfamadoodles. My parents gifted him with a toolbox and tools for his birthday so he was more than excited to get his screw on with his new tools.

On the knitting front, I'm still plodding away at my test knit. I swear to Fatzah, I am the world's SLOWEST knitter. But I've passed a complicated spot, so it should go a bit faster now.

As for the knitting I can show you, I cast on this over the weekend:


It's a Tulip sweater (in one color) from a mill end of STR that Irishgirlie (Queen of STR) gifted me with eons ago. I'm not sure what the color is--it wasn't on the label. I'll call it Flamingo Sunset.

Who is it for? Why Chunky's teacher! At parent/teacher conferences we discovered (although I kinda suspected when I saw her on the first day of school...) that she is expecting her second little girl at the end of January. She's leaving teaching for the rest of the year on December 22.

Thank goodness I got all the Christmas knitting out of the way so I can make her this sweater! But poor Chunky! Last year his kindergarten teacher was fired at the end of December and was replaced shortly thereafter in January.

He's going to think it's NORMAL to have two teachers each school year!!