Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's spring. There's a hint of budding on the trees if you squint really hard to look.

One could theoretically go coat less in the afternoon.

It reminds me of the time of year as a kid you would dig out your bike from a snowdrift where it was chained to the back porch and go riding in the mud on the street.

But I have a confession: I was a slow-to-learn bike rider. I must have been 8 or 9 before I learned how to ride without training wheels.

I remember watching a kid in my grade bike home from school one spring and suddenly it just clicked. I knew I'd be able to ride my bike. And ta-da, I did. Granted I had about 2 or 3 years of practice leading up to that point, but it really was just that something finally "clicked."

During my blog hiatus, although I wasn't knitting (I'm knitting Kate's Cardigan from the latest issue of Knitcircus...and I'm not at a point where I can knit it in short time bursts) I got it in my head that I could finally figure out how to spin on my spindle.


I don't know what it was. It finally just clicked! It was probably the nearly a year of spinning on my wheel to get the drafting down right, but spindle spinning is more about coordination and keeping the drafting going, the spindle spinning and the excess roving from getting in the way all at the same time.

I actually enjoy it!! I used to HATE attempting to spindle spin.

I also like the fact I'm able to pick it up and spin a few yards between changing a diaper, making Chunky a lunch or making dinner.

I'll leave you with the latest in Mt. Redoubt news. I'm taking it upon myself to keep my Lower 48 brethren in the know about this volcano after Big Boss* said today he hadn't heard of the volcano action in Alaska.

She blew again this weekend and hit Anchorage and the Matanuska Valley (where I'm from) with a nice coat of ash.

For a spectacular picture of the volcano erupting at night with lots of apocalyptic looking lightning click here.


*Big Boss was in a deposition on Friday when I emailed him my progress on the Data Input Project from Hell. He emailed me back not to fret but to continue on the pace I've been keeping. Sigh. So hooray for not being in deep kimchi for not having it all done, but boo to having to keep doing this crap at night!

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Cookie of the Week

This week--perfect for a rainy Sunday baking--Butterscotch Gingerbread cookies:


Holy guacamole. Delish! Dr. Mad Scientist--who claims to hate butterscotch--even said these were really good. Which is kind of a shame because I was hoping that he wouldn't like them--more for me and Chunky! Ha ha!

For some reason gingerbread cookies remind me of Moochie's head.


I'm not sure why. He'd rather eat your hand than a cookie anyway.

Recipe stolen from Nestle.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

History Repeating

Remember when I posted about this?

We had a bit of deja vu today sitting in the living room when I heard the distinct sound of car hitting car.


No one knocked unconscious this time.

But we did get to witness some police verbal brutality when the cop in the patrol car you see there started screaming at a lady that nearly hit him when he did a spontaneous U-turn in the road.

Yeah she could have been going a little slower, but he could have also LOOKED before he took the U-turn. He sat there for a good five minutes verbally berating her--yelling and addressing her in a condescending manner. Because you know that's more important than directing the traffic still trying to get around the accident or perhaps assisting the drivers and getting their stories.

I know not all cops are jackasses like this guy appears to be--but it's a shame when the bad apples have to make their presence so well known like this guy.

And speaking of history repeating. I unearthed a picture this weekend.

7 Year Twins

That's Moochie on the left at 55 days old (a little over a month ago) and of Chunky on the right at 46 days old.

Yikes. Ain't no denying they're brothers! I also like the way they have their heads cocked to the same side. Hee hee!

That shirt is a "vintage" one that Mom handed down to me when I was pregnant with Chunky. I'm not sure if I wore it--but it's at least 21 years old! ETA: I stand corrected. I wore this shirt. Apparently my Old Man bought when my mom was pregnant because he thought I was a boy---and the car he drove at the time was a Chevy Impala Super Sport. The boys should be damn thankful they don't make "Tempo" or "Century" t-shirts (the two cars I drove respectively when they were born).

More baking, sewing, knitting and spinning posts to come this week!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Still Alive, or 40% Done

It's March 27, and I'm back.

Kind of.

I've only finished 40% of my data entry project. The project consisted of 1875 sheets of paper. It's hard to describe without compromising client confidentiality, but lets just say it takes me approximately one hour to enter the data from 16 sheets of paper.

I've spent approximately an hour to two hour each night daily (minus two nights--one I took off to bake Dr. Mad Scientist's birthday cake and another that I took "off" to type a huge-ass contract for another boss).

Today I emailed Big Boss to give him my progress. He wanted it all in by March 31. But obviously that's not going to happen. I gave it my best. I just can't enter it all AND work for four attorneys.

I still have to have a bit of a life. I haven't knit much at all since the end of February, but I've still be capitalizing on that bit o'life I have maintained during the throes of this project from hell.

March 2009

Don't worry, I've been keeping a list of stuff I want to blog about!

But don't get too excited--the beginning of April also means a visit from everyone's favorite blog mom!! Entries might be sparse that first week.

That is assuming a certain volcano settles down a bit.

(Stolen from adn.com)

Isn't that cool? That's Mt. Redoubt's ash cloud (black smudge in the middle of the picture) from a satellite picture.

Takes me back to being a kid!!

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