Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soft Letdown

There were many factors in my reasoning not to attend Maryland Sheep & Wool this year.

1. Moochie.
West Friendship is 3 hours away. That's a long drive with a Mooch. Not totally undo-able (he made it about 1/2 that distance when we took Mom to the airport in Philly earlier this month and he was great), but a PITA because of...

2. Dr. Mad Scientist's Saturday class.
Because Dr. mad Scientist has class Saturday I'd also have to bring Chunky with me. Again, not totally undo-able but if we get stuck in one traffic jam where there's stop and go traffic, Chunky will indeed probably blow chunks.

3. My main partner in crime.
Chris's rooster knee has been bugging her and seeing as both her and Jen (who also due to circumstances beyond her control won't be going) popped my MDS&W cherry last year and can't go this year, it seems wrong to go without them. Jersey girls (no matter where they were born!) have to stick together, ha ha!

Chris and I (assuming it doesn't rain) will be attending NJSASK--New Jersey Sitting and Sans Kids. We sit (no knee pain required) and knit without any kids around. It's gonna be great! Someone remind me to wear my Ravelry button so Chris will be able to know who I am!

Seeing as I would have used the opportunity to stock up on wool for spinning if I had gone to MDS&W, I decided instead to use $65 I had leftover on a $100 Visa Giftcard my bosses got me as a Welcome Back From Maternity Leave We Forgot To Give You This For Christmas Before You Left For Three Months to Pop Out A Baby to go on a mini online shopping spree at Crown Mountain Farms.

My haul included 8 oz. of Corriedale pencil roving in the hideously putrid color "Rasputin":


I also bought 8 ozs. of Shetland wool in Moorit (top left); 4 ozs. of Norwegian top (top right); 4 ozs. of Finn (bottom left) and 4 ozs. of Icelandic wool (bottom right).


I want to dye the Finn and maybe make some Finntens out of them (mittens for a baby named Finn).

It's probably a good thing I didn't go to MDS&W.

After seeing all that I bought at Crown Mountain--I'm not sure there would have been room in the car coming home!


I will miss seeing everyone there!

One person I won't get to see is Val. You might know her from The House of Wool Repute. The same day my fuzzy box came in the mail, a small box containing this lovely came from her for Moochie.


He LOVES it! I've had to pry it many times from his drooly mouth! Thanks Val!

Finally, I leave you with a couple of links regarding the Hamdemic I blogged about earlier:

Hamtastic Alaskan Solution to Swine Flu and
Pimp My Swine Flu Mask

Seriously, if this wasn't the media overracting a true threat, you know I'd be all OVER pimping my mask!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When Pigs Fly

Send help! The swines have invaded my home!

The kitchen:

(Why, no, I don't believe in dusting!)

Even on top of the fridge!

They've even taken over my bedroom!

All the way down to my pillowcase!

I mean really people. If I hear "swine flu" one more effin' time I'm going to puke and create a biohazard panic of my own.

Bird Flu
Mad Cow Disease
Michael Jackson
Killer Bees
Peanutbutter Salmonella

Have you ever met anyone who has experienced or died of any of these things?

When you start to panic about things like swine flu, ask yourself: "What would the starving kitties in Iraq report about?"

But then again maybe you should watch out for those shifty piggies.



Monday, April 27, 2009

This Will Curl Your Teeth

Presenting the "cookie" of the week.

I actually made these for Dr. Mad Scientist's Tuesday night class potluck.


Smores Brownies by Joy the Baker.

Sister T. turned me on to this blog. Joy the Baker is like the Brooklyn Tweed of the baking world. Except substitute yawn worthy coffee mug poses with flowery-vintage tableware.

I will say I enjoy Joy the Baker more because she's got personality. Brooklyn Tweed doesn't have much personality. He doesn't let much of his non-knitting personal life bleed into his fuzzy semi focus shots of tweedy knittedness. I don't know if this is intentional or not--and if so, whatever flips his hand throw coffee mug--but it's part of the reason I can't get into his blog and find it kind of flat.

I like my knitting blogs a little personal. It doesn't have to spell out everything about you, but post a picture of your cat/dog/gerbil/chinchilla or complain about your neighbors or something...

But maybe I missing his more personal posts. The snowflurry of panties being thrown can obscure the view sometimes.

Anyway, departing from this subject, I had intended to make a batch of these for me and Chunky for our lunches. But these are RICH and HUGE brownies. I highly doubt they'll be consumed 100% by Dr. Mad Scientist's class. I figure Chunky and I will just eat the leftovers in our lunch.

You'll excuse me now. I ate 1/2 of one of these when I was plating them, and now I'm nursing a wicked chocolatey sugary hangover.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sew Freakin' HOT!

It got hot today. As you can tell from the Cat-Thermometer.


The hotter the temp, the more they stretch and lazier they get. If that's even possible for a cat.

We had another 6:30 a.m. Sunday wake up call from Mr. Mooch.

Sigh. If he wasn't so damn cute and I knew he'd eventually outgrow it--OK, no he won't outgrow it, but he'll be able to make his own breakfast eventually--I'd be cranky.

But before it got too hot, I capitalized on my early-Moochie-morning wake up and made Moochie a sun hat because unfortunately, his head isn't QUITE as big a Chunky's was at this age and Chunky's old sun hat didn't fit him.


Not much to look at. But cute when you plop it on his head.


I used this pattern minus all the bias tape and crap. I wasn't about to put that much work into a hat that he was going to wear for maybe a couple of months. I just needed something to keep the sun out of his eyes and off his face.

The pattern calls for elastic or cord. I didn't have either of those. I decided to make simple ties instead.


He seems to like it.

We tested it out on a quick trip around the neighborhood this afternoon.


No premature wrinkles or sunburns!

He definitely inherited my coloring though. Despite being dipped in the SPF 50 before going out, he got quite warm and pink (not sunburn) just like me and Chunky do when we get hot.

I'm actually considering purchasing an airconditioner for our dining room (the only room that will handle an A/C unit in our apartment) for this summer. As I type this the temperature is 91 degrees and Tuesday it's supposed to get even hotter.

It's not even MAY yet. Global warming not existing? My pink sweaty ass! Ha ha!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

I Almost Forgot!

Cookie of the week!!!


These are my own creation. They're not bad, but I probably wouldn't make them again. They're a white chocolate chip, oatmeal, pineapple, walnut cookie.

I had some leftover pineapple from my Mom's visit (she's like Brittney--we made sure she had 3 cases of diet soda at 73 degrees, a bowl of 342 cheerios, and canned pineapple) and I needed to do something with it!

I wouldn't make these again, or I would at least tinker with the recipe, because they're a little too moist for their own good. Come lunchtime if you packed two or three of them in your lunch, they will have fused into one giant lumpy super-cookie.

Not that that's a bad thing, but sometimes it's nice to eat your cookies separately.

This weekend the weather is supposed to reach nearly 90 degrees. Ugh. Cookie of the week might be a no-bake kind!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

T*ttie Bar Thursday

These guys were probably here on kosher business. But I find it amusing that there wasn't just one Budweiser van--


But two!!! Ha ha!

I really don't care about the boobie bar across the street or the people who patronize it. Whatever flips their cookies. As long as they keep it down on Saturday nights I don't give dirty poop filled diaper.

I just find it amusing to see what kind of people this dive attracts.

It's like people watching at the park or mall. Except through my dining room window.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank You Richard Nixon

Happy Earth Day!

In the past years I’ve blogged about Earth Day. Another holiday invented by Hallmark to sell recycled greeting cards I’m sure.

But today I’m going to tell y’all about my Administrative Professionals'/Assistants' Day. Did you know the history of this holiday?

National Secretaries Week was created in 1952 through the work of Harry F. Klemfuss of Young & Rubicam, in conjunction with the National Secretaries Association, now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). His goal was to encourage more people to consider careers in the secretarial/administrative support field. Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss promoted the values and importance of the job of administrative assistants. In doing so, he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of administrative assistants.

Ironically in 8th grade this week was also "Career Week." I took one of those aptitude tests that predicts what careers you would be good at. I remember my test results predicted I would be a good broadcast journalist, paralegal/legal assistant, or worm farmer.

Can you believe the stupid thing was actually right? On the plus side, my compost pile rocks--I'd love to get some worms in there.

Anyway--back to my story. My office "celebrates" Secretaries Day/Administrative Professionals Day--whatever the hell you want to call it with vigor.

I’m not too keen on it. Every other Friday when I get my paycheck—that’s all the appreciation I need right there. But even if I wanted to keep it low key, I don’t think my bosses would. I think they don’t want to look like the boss that ignored their secretary on Admin Day.

Whatever, let me get to the real story.

Note: This blog entry includes frank talk about optional female bodily functions.

As most of you know, four months ago Moochie was ripped from my loins.

And as most of you also know, I am a supreme cheapass. Therefore I breastfeed.

It’s not to bond or experience "closeness" with my baby.

It’s not because it’s more healthful to him (I drink that tapwater with 210 million pounds of prescription drugs in it).

It’s not because I think formula companies are evil and should all die.

It’s because it’s a free source of food for my Mooch.

If formula was free—I’d probably formula feed him.

You may also know from reading that I work full time. When you’re breastfeeding this presents challenges in and of itself.

I tried to prepare myself for this as best I could before I returned to work. I mean I pumped exclusively with Chunky (see above statement re: cheapass). How hard would it be to pump once or twice at work this time around?

The answer: Very.

I sit at a half-walled cubicle. The wall facing the hallway only comes up halfway and I can see over it. Pumping at my desk is not an option.

I decided I would try my luck ducking under the desk of an empty office that is directly across from my cubicle. I had to go under the desk because each office has huge windows that look out into the hallway. And the doors have no locks.

I was able to do this successfully for about three weeks.

The first time I was walked in on it was by a female coworker. She's got three boys of her own so it was embarrassing, but not too terribly so.

It was the second time I was walked in on that embarrassed me. It was one of the male associate attorneys the second time. Thankfully he has two children so whether or not his wife chose to feed his kids that way or not, the concept is not entirely foreign to him and he knows that parenthood is not for the squeamish.

Trust me, breastmilk is one of the nicest bodily fluids you get to come in contact with as a parent.

However, that was the straw that broke the cliched camel’s back.

I spoke to the office administrator and told her I’d be pumping in the bathroom.

She insisted I instead pump in the computer server room upstairs. It had a lock on the door and I’d only have to kick out the IT guy of there once a week.

About a week into pumping in the server room with the locked door, I was walked in on again. This time by the junior office administrator who also has a key to the room.

Thankfully by this time I just didn’t care who saw Laverne and Shirley getting their workout. Plus the junior office administrator is a friend of mine and she’s got a couple of kids that she breastfed before she returned to work.

If you've ever worked in corporate America or hell, anywhere, you know how fast rumors/gossip spreads in an office.

One would think that with three walk-ins more than four (if you include the office administrator) people would have known what I was doing on my lunch hour.

I found out that this wasn’t true when my Big Boss asked me to lunch today in honor of Administrative Assistants’ Day.

Me: “Ummm. Ah, well I have to go to the post office today at lunch.”

Big Boss: “How long do you think that will take you?”

Me: “Um, ah, well, uh, I’m not sure. I just can’t do lunch today. I’m sorry.”

Big Boss: “Well could you do lunch on Friday instead?”

Me: “Ah yeaaah, I’m not sure that will work either.”

Big Boss: “What, have you given up lunch?”

Me: “Well, actually, um, yeah, kind of. You’re making me blush. It’s hard to explain. I’ve kind of got a standing commitment everyday at lunch.” (insert embarrassed nervous laughter here)

Big Boss: “We’ll try to make it up another time then.”

I think that’s where he “got” what I was talking about. Ugh. Embarrassing.

I emailed him a few minutes after our exchange to thank him for the offer and apologize for what might have appeared as blowing him off. I told him that since I’ve been back from maternity leave I use half of my lunch hour to “make lunch for Moochie, if you catch my drift.”

I told him we could skip Administrative Assistants' day and celebrate the 15th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s passing instead.


Thank you Tricky Dick for dying today to help me bring light to an incredibly awkward and embarrassing situation!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bring in Da Jive!

Today after having a satisfying session with my boyfriend Bailey N. Uture, III in the server room at work (don't click that link if you're at all a prude or bodily functions make you squeamish), I hoofed it over to the Newark Public Library.

It was their 18th Annual Book sale.


I walked away with these:


Knitting for Children by Louise Daniels
Good Housekeeping New Complete Book of Needlecraft and
Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros

I got home and realized I already own Caramelo in paperback! Oops! What can I say, it's a good book!

The Good Housekeeping one I've seen before in liberries and at used book stores/thrift stores. I figured what the hell. For $2 the price was right. I'm getting to a point in my life where I'm branching out in my craftiness, it's nice to have a little guidebook despite it's funkadelic era stylings.

The gem though is Knitting for Children.

It's got some crazy patterns for sure. Like the Baby Klan Hood.


And for some reason, the author felt the need to make matching knit pants for many of the sweaters.


My personal rule of thumb with knit pants: If you can walk you shouldn't be wearing them.

There were some pretty horrendous patterns as well.


Thank god we as a nation have stopped murdering innocent poodles for children's wear. I do like that little girl's shoes though. I remember I had a pair like that when I was about that age.

Snarkiness aside, I do like this book. It has patterns for babies all the way to teenagers. You don't see that kind of breadth these days in kids' pattern books these days. And honestly if you took out the pants in all of those pictures above--those sweaters alone are pretty timeless.

What really makes my book unique though is the mis-print.


Pages 95-116 are missing and in their place are pages 59-74--which show up a second time. Kinda weird and I'm a little bummed wondering what might be on pages 95-116? Ah well.

Overall--great booksale by the Newark Public Library. I might go back again on Thursday and I'm also thinking I'll get a library card there. Apparently they're free for residents and schlubs who work in Newark.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

They Tried To Make Me Do A Refab

And I probably should have said no, no, no.

One of my bosses for Christmas likes to give me gift certificates to Macy's.

Now if you've ever been to Macy's and you've seen how I dress, well, you'll know that Macy's and I are kind of like oil and water. Or maybe peanutbutter and cheez whiz.

December of 2007 I found myself in Macy's with Chunky in tow trying to figure out how to spend this gift card to the maximum. In my cart I had a new watch (which was actually perfect--I had been needing a new watch and Dr. Mad Scientist didn't get me one that year), a new wallet for Dr. Mad Scientist (something he needed), a pair of gloves (not really a necessity) and then I had about $18 left on the card. What to do? Because I wasn't about to leave $18 on a card to a store I never normally set foot in. Isn't that how stores make their money on giftcards? I mean it's nearly impossible to spend EXACTLY the amount--so you either end up with a bit of money that expires (their gain) or you end up spending a bit more money than you should to use up the entire card (again, their gain).

So I hit the clearance racks.

On the clearance racks I found two acryclic fine-gauge knit sweaters for $9 each. One was white and the other was a mint green.

I wore them for the rest of the winter season.

When I tried them on again this winter post-Moochie engorged figure, I came to realize I really didn't like them.

First off, the white sweater just didn't look good on me. It made me feel stumpy and short torsoed. And while I may BE stumpy and short torsoed, I'm not really in the market to accentuate this.

Second, the sweaters are VERY static-y. I can't stand static-y clothing.

I decided to go diving in my stash of fabric and ribbons and stuff to see what I could do to maybe re-fabricate the sweaters into something I would we more apt to wear.

After some fun with scissors and a short session with The Beast, here's what I came up with.



Not too horrible. Definately an improvement. But I'm not sure I'd wear this out of the house.

The pink is a little much. I look like I ought to be donning my wooden clogs and skipping off to the Tulip Festival.

I also should have really waited and bought some pink thread. However, it seemed like too small a project to justify buying a whole spool of pink thread. That, and I'm impatient!!

My sewing skills are a little crude as well.

For the top closure I snipped an old boulder holder that doesn't fit now that I'm post-Moochie.


Worked out pretty good. And now that I see that upclose, I should probably have hemmed up the collar a bit.

Ah well, it's a fun little fartin' around the house sweater.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Is For Sewing

I was reminiscing that it's been almost exactly one year since I dusted off The Beast (aka my sewing machine) and started to dabble in sewing.

I say dabble because I haven't quite mastered more than just a rudimentary pattern.

Which is fine by me because even the most simple patterns produce really cute things.

For example take these that I whipped up this morning before 9:00 a.m. (thanks to my Moochie wake-up call at 7:30 a.m.).


They're not sewn the best, but they're still very cute. They're the Kimono Baby Shoes from Homespun-Threads.

One of the associate attorneys at work is expecting a baby girl in August with his wife. I'm thinking I'll pair these booties with the panda from the World of Knitted Toys book I checked out from the library this weekend.

I made sure that the booties fit a 4-5 month old (which is when I imagine the baby will be wearing shoes/socks a bit more regularly--I know my Moochie will be pretty barefoot in the dog days of summer). And they fit pretty well.

Moochie didn't want me taking a picture of him in girl shoes though.

I tried to convince him.

But he's hard to convince. Just like I tried to convince him to stop eating my baby.


Another associate attorney who had her baby three weeks ago brought her little boy into the office on Friday. While her little boy was cute, I can't believe that Moochie has already gotten so big in a scant four months!


He's eating my baby starting with his hands!!

It's a good thing he's damn cute.


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Saturday, April 18, 2009

4/20 is Coming Up!

Tax day on the 15th is usually the day I use as a rule of thumb to start my seedlings. Although 4/20 seems like a better date to start a pot garden.


Seeds started!

My basil (on the left) and my catnip (on the right) are also up there. They made it through the winter on the windowsill just great.

I also started my cold weather plants outside.


From left to right: Lettuce/spinach mix; primrose; my purple Mom Mums (yellow didn't survive the winter); and some peas.

Finally, I've been watering my oregano.


I finally figured out that oregano is a perinial and doesn't need to be planted every year (duh!). You can't tell from the picture here, but there are some teeney weenie little oregano sprouts happening in the pot.

Before I leave you to enjoy this beautiful day--I'll end with a picture of a lady cardinal I snapped when I was outside taking pictures of my soon-to-be pot garden.


She's barely visible in the middle of the picture in the tree there.

Happy Spring!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

T*ttie Bar Thursday

There's WIP Wednesday's, Yarn Pron Fridays--but what about a day dedicated to the hardworking New Jersey men who enjoy a cold drink and skanky boobs?

Thursday is always a very busy day at the Boobie Bar across the street.

And I always thought that our neighbors sure did have a lot of repairs to their homes.

But then it occured to me that the various repair vans we see parked on our street are patrons of our beloved neighborhood go-go bar.

Every Thursday I'll try to post the Van of the Week.

This week I salute the hardworking men of the heating and airconditioning industry.


Nothing cools you off like a tall glass of suds and nothing heats you up like a neighborhood hootchie mama making her living in a dive.

I can't wait to see who shows up next week!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zebra Hoofprints

One of the perks of having a mom who works at a library is that she'll snag you cool magazines and books from the discard pile. I've got a collection of old Vogue and Knit Simple magazines and a couple of "vintage" knitting books.

On her recent visit, she brought me down a 1997 Better Homes and Gardens Best Baking magazine.

There were some cookies in there that Chunky insisted I make.


They're called Zebra Cookies.

However, I'm calling my version Zebra Hoofprint cookies.

Basically take your average chocolate crinkle cookie recipe and stick a Hershey Hug in the middle of the cookie when it comes out of the oven.

What the magazine fails to mention is that the Hug might melt.


This gives you a dimple of Hug-filled goodness. They remind me of a jam thumprint cookie when that happens. But since zebras don't have thumbs--hence the hoofprint cookie name.


Two hooves up!


Monday, April 13, 2009

[Do]nuts & Balls

I promised a knitting post.

But truth be told, with all the bring-home work, I haven't finished (or progressed) on many things.

Before the big evil work project I had the realization Moochie didn't have many toys.

So I knit him an alpaca donut, and two balls.


He likes to munch on the donut. The balls are greater enjoyed by Chunky and Springs!!

There you have it. Yawn!!!

I've got so many things I want to knit, but with the evil work project from hell, it's going to be a while.

Don't worry, it gets more exciting--I hear the sound of distant zebra hoofbeats!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coming Soon

More knitterish posts soon!

In the meantime I'll leave you with a short vid of Moochie making out with some of my handspun.

Hee hee!

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Friday, April 10, 2009


Grandma left this morning.

She was here for approximately six days and how it flew by!!

Here's the quick and dirty rundown.

She was slated to arrive at 5:15 p.m. But due to delays in Seattle she showed up at 7:15 p.m. in a dark corner of Newark Liberty. Alaska Airlines has a very very small presence at EWR.

Chunky went to a birthday party that he had previously committed to and rationalized his going as he didn't want to "Hog Grandma" all to himself. Ha ha! Me and Moochie and Grandma went for a drive to Noorick where I showed her where I worked while Dr. Mad Scientist took Chunky to the party.


That evening Dr. Mad Scientist and I ditched the boys with Grandma and he and I went out to dinner and a movie by ourselves. Expensive as all HELL but you know what? The last time we went out by ourselves with no kid(s) in tow? January 2002. It's been seven years--it was worth every penny!!!

We went to an Irish pub for dinner and then saw Adventureland. Not a bad movie. Kinda tits-and-fart humorish, with a splash of indie flick and a dash of date-movie.


Monday & Tuesday
I worked both of these days and Dr. Mad Scientist had class at night. To top this off the weather was crappy so Chunky couldn't get outside much (this week was his Spring Break--no school!). But from what I understand while I was at work they all had a good time playing board games and just messin' around.


We took Grandma into NYC. After our failed attempt to take Moochie into the city with my sister in February--I was a little nervous about this one.

But this time we had the stroller and a tad bit warmer weather.


We gave her the Dr. Mad Scientist Patented Quick And Dirty NYC Tour. This is where we hit a ton of iconical NYC sites in rapid succession:

--Pop out at Penn Station to get a picture of The Empire State Building;

--Hop the subway down to Union Square to hit the Strand Bookstore;

--Take subway downtown;

--Check out Trinity Church and all the Dead White Guys in the churchyard and revel in the shittiness of your camera's ability to take pictures in the dark;


--Hit Wall Street to watch the crazy tourists try and fondle statuary bull testes;


--Cruise on down to Battery Park to take a quick picture of the Statue of Liberty (and a self portrait);


--Hightail it the hell out of Battery Park because it's effing cold by the water and was actually snowing;

--Have a typical overpriced New York City lunch at Grand Central Station;


--Hit Times Square at the Toys R'Us and while Chunky, Grandma and Dr. Mad Scientist ogle the store, you hang out with an exhausted Moochie is hypnotized to sleep by the rotation of the indoor ferris wheel;

--Go down about a block to check out M&M World where it is Dr. Mad Scientist's turn to duck into a quiet corner to keep Moochie asleep while the rest of us got our M&Ms on. Of course Dr. Mad Scientist was able to bask in the glowing coos of hot chicks who are magnetically pulled to Moochie by his insatiable cuteness when sleeping.

--Hightail it back home for Jersey because you're exhausted (and proud of Moochie for having lasted all day without being too insatiably fussy like he was the first time we took him to NYC). Of course you pause for photos in See-Cock-Us with the Electric Boogaloo Cattail 1% For Art statue.


Grandma's last full day with us.

We first dyed Easter eggs.


Then we played a little Monopoly.


I let Moochie hold Boardwalk for a bit before I was bankrupted. Being a slumlord doesn't pay.

After Moochie went down for a nap, Grandma, Chunky and I took a walk up to "the swamp" where we were hoping to see some Canadian geese nesting. The boys and I do this every year and every year we get hissed at by the geese.

Sadly no geese this time, but a beautiful day.


If you look closely at that last picture you'll see the white egret we saw. Made up for not getting to have any geese hiss at us.

We also used Thursday to get some group pictures.


Because Grandma couldn't find a flight from Newark to Cincinnati (where she flew on to visit my sister T.--and then next week she'll go visit my Younger Younger Brother and his family--of the Christmas Hat fame. Because when you only see your Lower 48 children once every four or so years, you make sure you see them all in one fell swoop!), we had to drive her to the Philadelphia airport.

Which was cool--the boys had never been to Pennsylvania before so they can cross that off their states list now and Grandma can now say she has travelled the whole height of New Jersey.

First I had to get gas though.


We made it there in great time thanks to the time her flight left in the morning and the fact it was Good Friday and I want to say most people had the day off.

Even though Grandma's visit was exhausting...


...we were sad to see her go!!!


See you in another four years Grandma!!!!

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