Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Your Money or Your Life and Definitely Your Freedoms

Sorry for the radio silence.

Things have been insane around here.

I had a busy weekend and then I worked late Monday night.

Some shit went down at work Monday night that I've ranted about before. I won't go into it again. Let's just say I'm convinced everyone in my office is a latent racist and classist.

But whatever.

Wanna see a WIP?


It's a keyhole scarf I made for a hat/coat/scarf/mitten drive Chunky's school is having. I hope they accept it.

It's kind of short, but I really dig it. It's a cotton chenille I had in the stash that I initially didn't think would be too warm. But it's soooo soft and squishy. If I didn't have so many scarves already I'd keep it for myself!

Alright, that's enough distraction for now. I need to submit my Spring cookie recipe for Knit Circus. I went out of my comfort zone for this cookie and it was well worth it. Spring will sadly be here before you know it!

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Blogger Carol said...

Keyhole scarves are supposed to be short! And it's a lovely green. They had better accept it. Sorry work is being stoopid and annoying.

8:54 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Hey, it's a scarf and it'll keep someone warm!! man!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute scarf!!! I like the color! Who ever gets it will be very pleased.

Work? I can't work I'm out on sick leave....wait a minute I don't get sick leave...all right! I'm on personal leave!!

Love, Mom

10:45 PM  
Blogger T. Budnik said...

I'm LOVING the colder weather here in The 'Nati! And, yes, I'm enjoying it before warmer weather is sprung upon us!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

End of the year is tough, isn't it? Didn't you have workplace drama last year? Sometimes I thinkg the more education people have, the more difficult they are to deal with (and I work with doctors!)

Don't toss away winter so quickly. It just got cold and the S word showed up in the forecast.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Coco, not as in Chanel :) said...

I would hope they would accept the keyhole scarf. It is going to someone who needs it.

By classist do you mean elitist? I work w/ several.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Eh, as someone who's been in an interracial relationship for the past 18 years, and who has two biracial kids, I'm convinced that a whole lot of people are racist. It seems that the people who insist the most and loudest that they aren't racist are usually the ones who actually are.

And classism - well, don't even get me started on that! Hope work gets better for you.

Very pretty scarf by the way - I love the color!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Crafty Christina said...

Nice scarf! The color is great.

Yeah, dude, I think the end of the year brings out the cracy in people at the office. I'm right there with you. The next 3 weeks are going to be hellacious!

6:44 AM  
Blogger Ina said...

Squishy can be so nice in a scarf!

I hope things calm down at work.

Expiring from curiosity about the beyond comfort zone cookie.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

That looks soft! Do they really not accept things?? It's so cute!

I will one day be glad when you have moved on from that job.

Wish we were living close enough to you to be guinea pigs for your baking!

6:49 PM  

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