Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lazy Weekend

I wish last weekend I could have been more productive, but I was catching my breath from the Grandma and Grandpa Mad Scientist visit.

This weekend hasn't been too bad though.

It has been beautiful weather, so I started on the outdoor portion of this year's 2011 Pot Garden.


The plants that are to the right are not mine. Those are Basement Neighbor's. He's redoing the scheme of his garden this year. He always buys baby plants.

I'm old fashioned and believe in growing them from the seed if you can. However, I realize not everyone can do that and they have to adopt plants from their local garden store instead.

Today I focused on planting my mutant seed potatoes.

Remember them? Here's what they looked like today when I pulled them out of the back of that dark corner of a cupboard they had been lurking in right before I stuck them in the ground,



We'll see what happens. I'll do what I did last year--every other week or so layering on a bit of compost on top of them to get a higher yield of taters.

These are the grand-taters of the grocery store potato I planted in May 2007 on the back steps of Squirrel Gables.

Chunky wanted in on the action this year as well. In that yellow pot he planted some beans he harvested from some of the bean plants that Basement Neighbor wasn't able to get to and they dried out on the vine.

Assuming the squirrels don't yoink his bean sprouts, I think he should be pretty successful with them.

Chunky wasn't the only one who wanted to get in on the gardening action.

Mr. Mooch was quite content to scoop dirt in and out of Basement Neighbor's wheelbarrow.



So what did you do with your weekend?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked and went fabric shopping with Your Youngest Sister.

YES! We finally found some fabric for her dress!! Now to get her measurments!

Love, Mom

PS: The weather was not as good as yours!

1:03 PM  
Blogger Crafty Christina said...

Sounds like you were productive.

Our town held a Spring Fling street fair, so Pi and I took a nice long, lazy walk over there. The zeppoles were worth the walk!

Oh and I wrote a paper. Blah school.

You're right about the weather. This is perfect!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

What a great way to spend a weekend! I spent mine doing laundry. Blech. In the washing machinethat I had to buy casue the old one died. That tapped me out. So weekend enjoyment was had by going for a lovely walk in the sunshine!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I've never had much luck starting plants from seeds. Although, I did plant some salad green seeds in a pot on my sunporch last year, and it did really well, and I got a few salads out of it until I forgot to water it for a week.

Looking forward to seeing how your veggies turn out!

4:20 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Yay! 2011 Pot garden is out and about! :) I hope to have at least an herb garden next year!! This down fence and jungle fun!

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I've been so excited watching my plants grow this year. We've got a much better looking bunch of plants this year. We started from seed. If I get anything worth saving seeds from I will share with you! I'm using some of those hanging things for tomatoes and eggplants and they are going crazy.

What did I do over the weekend? A lot of PeeWee projects. She has to stay busy!

8:19 AM  

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