Saturday, May 14, 2011


I love weekends that I'm not obligated to do anything.

I had one of those two weeks ago and so Chunky and I hit up the annual Newark Public Library Book Sale.

They didn't have as great a selection in the craft and hobby section as they have had in the past.

I almost didn't buy anything.

I contemplated buying this:


But I'm not as into crochet as I am knitting (only because I can't follow a crochet pattern to save my life!).

However, when I flipped open this book and saw this:


I figured I'd spend the $2 to buy it!

I haven't been able to find out much on Annette Feldman, but hey--$2.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head back to my regularly scheduled lazy weekend!



Anonymous Sarah said...

That's always exciting! I bet it's worth the $2 ;-)
It took me a long long time to follow a crochet pattern but when I got a book with charts it's clocked, I still have trouble reading a written pattern.
Enjoy your free weekend!

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok! a lazy weekend! I have one of those, too!!! Well almost, the hair canvas came in for your sister's dress and I have to work on that.
But....Hey you can't go wrong with an autograghed book for two $$. I bet that that woman lives or lived somewhere close by. We have books like that from authors in our library.

Love, Mom

2:55 PM  
Anonymous LaBean said...

:D And just think, if you actually DO get into crochet it'll be an added bonus.

9:46 AM  

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