Friday, September 30, 2011

Breezing In

To say that Chunk had a great day.

Dr. Mad Scientist accompanied him to the surgery center (which was quite easy to find since we had just played that town's football team two weeks ago and was only a few blocks from the playing field).

Moochie and I stayed home (more on that later).

The surgery went without a hitch. Well the only "complications" were that they put four pins in his elbow as opposed to 3 and he couldn't get a red cast like he wanted (to match his football team's colors). He had to settle for a Colorado State green. Not a bad second choice! Ha ha!

When he woke up, he said his pain was only a "3."

Which reminds me, how hilarious is this pain chart?


We have determined that Level 6 is about the face you might make if your goldfish died.

And then the boys determined that Level 8 is the "Costco Mom Face" indicating my level of pain/anger at having to go to Costco on a weekend.

Chunky's such a tough kid, he never said his pain was worse than his goldfish dying.

Anyway, he's feeling much better now that he's got the real cast on and everything pushed back into place. He's not moving like an old man with hemorrhoids now.

Sunday we'll even go to his football game and he'll jersey-up and cheer his teammates from the bench.

But back to the reason Moochie and I didn't go. The first reason was, even though it was a relatively short surgery (he was in at 9 a.m. and on the road by noon), entertaining a toddler in a waiting for hours didn't really seem appealing.

The second reason was, back last week, I made a decision that it was time to get Mr. Mooch a big-boy bed. I timed it so I could have it delivered while I was off from work (Thursday and Friday were planned vacation days for me as Mooch's daycare was closed for Rosh Hashanah). That was obviously pre-elbow shatter.

Anyway, it was delivered, and hopefully he won't fall out of it and break his elbow!!


Why yes, that is a custom made SpongeBob pillowcase I made for him out of a couple of fabric panels and extra flannel from his jammie pants.

Now all he's missing from this bed is a quilt of his very own.

If only I knew someone with a brand new spiffy quilting machine...




Thursday, September 29, 2011

When Egg Meets Sperm...

...this is the stuff that they don't tell you about when you're gettin' it on and makin' babies.

...they don't tell you that one ordinary sunny, Tuesday you'll go to lunch (something you hardly ever do because well...that's a separate post.

...and it will be the one day you go to lunch without your cell phone because when you went to grab it, you noticed the battery was about to die, so you figure "eh, what the hell, I'll just plug it in and leave it."

...and when you're coming back from lunch, your frantic coworker S will damn near tackle you in the parking lot and breathlessly exclaim--"It's your son's school nurse on the phone--she said it was an emergency!"

...and you run upstairs to your desk, you call back the school and you wade through the world's LONGEST phone menu to finally get to the nurse's extension (the last one they list on the phone menu, by the way).

..and she tells you that she thinks your Chunky has broken his arm.

...and so you leave the office faster than when it was shaking during the Great Overkill Earthquake of 2011.

...and you sit in your car for effing 15 minutes while the slow-ass parking attendants take for-ever to move the five cars blocking you in.

...and then you get stuck behind every slow-ass driver in New Jersey who have just happened to converge on your route from work to Chunky's school at this exact moment.

...and you happen to hit every GD stoplight possible on your way there.

...and finally your husband calls you--he's beat you to the school and wants to know what to do next, so you tell him to meet you at the hospital ER.

...and when you get to the ER there is absolutely NO parking there and you end up parking on a road called "Newark Avenue" which you later find out is pretty notorious for car-break-ins (which thankfully didn't happen to you).

...and so you gently ease your Chunky out of his dad's car and walk him into the ER wherein you are right behind the poor lady about to vomit up her lungs, two kidneys, gallbladder and possibly her spleen all in one fell swoop.

...and you sit there for an hour and a half, of which luckily only an hour you have to listen to Ms. Wretched Retching retch until they take her back.

...and you sit in the ER for approximately six hours, while you don't know what's going to happen to your kid--the tell you they might have to operate on his shattered elbow*, but they can't do it at the hospital you're in, they're probably going to have to transport him to a hospital that will. Oh and can you please just empty your pockets and hand over your valuables now? Because this is going to be expensive.

...and then, as your reward for sitting there being bored out of your gourd with a kid in pain (which they only gave him medication for about 2/3rds of the way into), you are told that the pediatric orthopedist has seen his xrays and he recommends you go home--but come see him the next morning.

..and you're sprung!

...and so now you have an in-pain elementary schooler and a cranky hungry toddler and dinner to figure out and a prescription to fill.

...and so you split the difference with your husband--he takes gimpy-arm and gets dinner, and you take crankypants and get the prescription. Which seems to take forever to fill...ooof.

...and the next day you get in to see the pediatric orthopedist who takes all the nightmares that the ER planted in your head and smashes them to pieces--day surgery! cast for 3 to 4 weeks! Hooray!

...and now you're on the eve of your little boy's surgery, and even though it's day surgery and you know he'll do fine, you don't know if it's just the probable third boy parasitically feeding off of you that's making you misty about it, or just plain old being a mom, you still worry.


I'll let you know how it goes! The great Elbow Reconstruction is tomorrow at 9:15 a.m.!

*That he got playing tag and tripping on a New Jersey 80% cement playground.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Fall

So it might have been 80 degrees outside.

And tomorrow may be 78 degrees.

But I am assured fall is technically here.

Last Sunday we sent apple picking.



And this past weekend I spent two hours chopping up apple into little bits to make--


A measley three jars of applesauce and a delicious apple pie.

Oh that pie! Oh mama! It's a very interesting recipe. Miss T of Knitcircus fame passed it along to me. It's a "Swedish" apple pie. Not quite an American apple pie with a true dough-top crust, nor a Dutch/French crumb-top pie. Kind of a cross between both--and VERY delicious.

Finally, and I don't know where the hell I get the energy to do this stuff (I'm freaking exhausted right now)--it's time for Cookie of the Week.

Of course now that I go back to link to the recipe, I can see I did it wrong, maybe I was asleep. Ah well, the taste is still amazing!


These are Samoa Bark.

As you can see, I should have folded the coconut into the caramel. Ah well.


I made two batches--one for home and one for work, and they didn't last too long!

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Friday, September 23, 2011


Most people stop blogging in summer when they're out and about.

For me, it seems to be fall. Between Bez 3.0 sucking me dry, work, school back up and running again and Chunky's football practices and games, I'm exhausted and not much has been happening in the creativity department.

I did finish my sewing machine cover though.


I had bought a yard of this oil cloth on a whim (I swear those "Deal of the Days" tempt me at the virtual checkout!). I've been sitting on it for a while and figured this would be the perfect.


I didn't really follow a pattern. It was basically like sewing a bag. Well actually that WAS what I did. It's just an upside down bag to go on top of my Toni!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Sew Tiny

Ever since I discovered sewing (and especially since I got my sweet little Toni Janome), I've been a kitchen table sewer.

Meaning, I always had to haul Toni out of her spot in the bathroom linen closet.

It's been kind of a pain, but I've made do. But I finally decided, and I won't lie--some silverfish in the bathroom linen closet helped me--to find Toni a new home.

I decided the bedroom was the best place to put her as we recently have some freed up space in there--but still not a lot of room.

I had been keeping my eyes on the curb on Fridays (big-trash-day eve), but everything I saw that fit the bill was wooden. I can't have wooden furniture in the bedroom anymore (maybe more on that later).

Scouring the internet I discovered the perfect solution--the typewriter table/stand*!


It's the perfect size for Toni (and honestly not that much smaller than the space on the kitchen table I was using before).

And when I'm done sewing, the eaves fold down and she can be tucked away into the "crafty corners" section of my bedroom out of the way.


First up on the agenda for my new tiny sewing space will probably be a cover for Ms. Toni.

Stay tuned!

*Specifically a "mid-century" typewriter table. I absolutely love the way people are referring to the 50s as "mid-century" now. Does this mean my parents are "mid-century" models? Ha ha!

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Friday, September 09, 2011

New Beginnings

Summer can officially leave now.

School has started--my Chunky is now a 4th grader!

Check it! "Irene" damage!

Kiddie football season also officially begins on Sunday. I'm very excited!!

Chunky's the kid on the red-shirted team squatting like he's taking a crap in the woods.

Mr. Mooch is back at daycare after a summer home with Dr. Mad Scientist and Chunky.

Imagine I have a picture of him there. What can I say? It's been a rough adjustment for him leaving his beloved big brother in the morning to learn about cookies all day.

Seriously, I picked him up yesterday and asked him what he learned about at school and that was the answer the gave me -- "cookies!"

Dr. Mad Scientist is getting into a groove at his new school which is run by administrators infinitely more adept at running a school and school district than Newark Public Schools could ever dream of.

This is a view of the back of his classroom. I had him take pictures for me so I could help advise him how to decorate it. I love this shot because the "acid" cabinet is locked up tight, but hey, we'll just leave the blow torches out for teenager to mess with!

And for me, it's pretty much the same old crap at work day in and day out.

However, I am working on a beginning of sorts that will eventually effect us all.


Number 3 graces us with his (ok, so I can't confirm that pronoun, but who am I kidding? With our luck, it's another boy) presence at the end of March.

Don't say I never tell you anything.

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under the Sea?

The old funky cut-off jammies are dead!

Long live the mommy-made BobBob jammies!


Hee hee!

Super simple to make. I just traced a pair of pants he had that still fit him folded in half onto some newspaper. Sewed the two legs together, sewed the front to the back, added elastic and hemmed the pant cuffs.


He really digs them. The tops are actually some t-shirts I found on clearance at the grocery store of all places. We went grocery shopping on Thursday before the "hurricane" hit and while it wasn't day-before-Thanksgiving-crazy-busy, I found myself sitting in front of a display of these clearance items while I was waiting in line for 30 minutes.

I just appliqued some stars I cut out of the leftover fabric onto the t-shirts.


There's a story behind those stars too. I cut them out using the paper star that Chunky got from a Betsy Ross impersonator at the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia. Very cool. I never realized that Betsy convinced George Washington that the five point star was the way to go instead of a six point star that he originally wanted for the US flag.

Regardless--the five point star makes for good jammies!

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