Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review - Part 3 - The End

My last installment of this oh-so-exciting series of posts will focus on the experiences we had in 2011.

I'll start with the bad:


May and July saw us battling the Great Infestation. I wouldn't wish this shit upon my worst enemy. Specifically because right now, my worst enemy resides above us, and that would just mean we'd end up with them again!


We said a tearful goodbye to Springs at the end of June. He was an Old Man Cat, and he led a wonderful life of lap whoring. I still miss my sweet little Mr. McDoodle.

And finally, September saw Chunky breaking his elbow in spectacular style.


Luckily, he bounced back amazingly and all that remains now, 3 months post-break, is a small scar on his elbow.

And we'll end with the good:


In April we did Niagara Falls with Grandma and Grandpa Mad Scientist. Niagara Falls is a really cool place. I totally recommend seeing it once before you die. However, if you go during the off season like we did, while you will enjoy no crowds, it will be COLD!


Memorial Day saw us doing a long weekend in Philadelphia with my Youngest Younger Sister. Again, awesome city. That's one thing I do love about being this far east. There's cool historical stuff everywhere.


2011 was basically the Year of the Relative. In August we met up with my Aunt Jaywalker and Grandma at Howe Caverns, NY. Grandma comes to visit Aunt Jaywalker in MA every year and some years we'll determine a tourist attraction that's halfway between where she lives in MA and where we live in NJ. This year was Howe Caverns. Again, uber-fun day trip!


This was the year Chunky convinced us to let him play football. We've never been a really sportsy set of parents, but we always said, if one of our kids asked to play a sport, we would let him. And Chunky asked. And it was a blast. Although I don't know how the hell real Soccer Moms do it. No way could I keep up with practice and game schedules for a whole year.


2011 was also my first Rhinebeck! Yes, I understand what all the hype is all about. And it's all true. Definitely something to put on your knitter bucket list!


2011 was also the Year of the Cat. With Springs's passing, we introduced Happy Feet (above) and her boy, Trevor, to our family.

And finally rounding out the good--something that will spill over into 2012--


The conception of Baby Bez 3.0--finally a girl!

So, as you can see, the "goods" definitely outweighed the "bads" of 2011.

Here's hoping to at the very least an even balance of the same in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review - Part 2

Now I'll highlight a few of my faves from my other more recent hobby--sewing/quilting--that I finished this year.

First off, 2011 was the year Toni Janome came into my life.


With knitting I always hear people say "Don't skimp on tools!" But quite honestly, I learned to knit, and knit just fine on my Susan Bates and Boye cheapy-cheap needles. And Red Heart yarn does have it's place!

I discovered that this "rule" applies much more to sewing than knitting. This point hit home when I first fired Toni up--she sews like buttah!

2011 appears to have been the Year of the Dress.


Seersucker shirtdress. I love wearing this on sweltering Jersey summer days.


Can you tell what pose I prefer? This dress reminds me of Springs. I finished it up while hanging out with him the day before we put him down. He was so frail and weak, but still able to follow me around as I sewed this and tried it on.


This was, and still is, a real winner--the Bob Bob Jammies!

And of course there were a couple of quilts as I dipped my toes into that pool.


The "wonky" Amish Roman Stripe quilt that survived the great infestation.

And of course, my favorite--

Dissected Frog Wall Hanging

The dissected frog wall hanging that now hangs in Dr. Mad Scientist's classroom. Hee hee.

Oh and before I wrap this up, I have to share what my true love gave to me on our 12th year of marriage--


Meet Trevor. I can't believe we're a 3 cat family now. He's still warming up to his new surroundings (as you can tell from the picture of him cowering in the junk closet). I hope he turns out to be a nice lap cat.

Nothing says "I love you" like kitty cat!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Twelfth Year of Marriage

Ok, so it's still morning, and we haven't exchange gifts so I don't know what my true love will give to me.

But he has given me a very wonderful (and very interesting!) 12 years of married life!


Happy Anniversary Dr. Mad Scientist!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year In Review - Part 1

Since we're done with Christmas nostalgia, how about some old fashioned annoying "Year In Review" nostalgia? Ha ha!

I swear I've finished more knitted objects this year, but going thru what I've tagged in Flickr, it doesn't seem like much.


We'll start with the Hits:


Chunky's Harry Potter sweater. Gotta love Chunky--he pretty much loves anything I knit for him. He still wears this sweater dutifully (I have to yell at him to take the damn thing off to make sure it gets washed!) even if it does look like an Alvin Chipmunk sweater!


Tiny chickens!!! Little Miss Happy Feet (our new cat) looooooves these things. I also knit a flock of chickens for my Oldest Younger Sister for Christmas. This time I got wise and put them in an old candle jar after I finished each one--away from the prying paws of a naughty little cat!


My Ringwood Gloves. I like to keep these in the car for a nice weekend dressed-down glove. (I wear leather gloves with my more formal "work coat").

These were my first attempt at gloves. I didn't hate knitting them, but I didn't really love all those fiddly fingers.

Now for the flops:


The Moochie shawl collar sweater.

Sigh. Toddlers are fickle creatures. I can't get Moochie to wear this. Ah well. It was fun to knit.


The gorgeous but silly-looking-on-me Escargot.

And finally--


I made three scarves out of some acrylic yarn I had lying around. I did this in January 2011. I figured I'd save them for the scarf/hat/mitten drive that Chunky's school has every Christmas.

They didn't last that long.

They perished in the Yicky Icky infestation. I suppose I could have washed them, but I would have also had to dry them on high, and they all had that fringe you see there.

They would have looked yicky icky in their own special way had I washed and dried them on high!


Friday, December 23, 2011

We May Not Have Snow

And we may not have a chance of snow until, well who knows.

I mean mid 40s and low 50s in December? What a crock!

But we do have holiday baking!

Well sort of. These are a no-bake Christmas tradition.


Date balls! Every time I see this recipe on the internets, the person posting it says it came from their grandma.

Guess where my recipe came from?


Wonder what that's all about?

And then we have the gift cookies/sweet stuff:


Back row in the jars (from left to right): Reindeer Feed and Muddy Buddies.

In the kraft cardboard boxes and the little white boxes are just your run of the mill chocolate crinkles.

I was looking for a simple, polished look for gifting my cookies this year, and I found some reasonably priced boxes and that designers baking twine here. The price wasn't outrageous and they're based out of NY--so I knew the shipping wouldn't take forever.

As for the crinkles in the little white "baskets" those are just paper plates (don't ask, we don't buy them, we are "gifted" them) that you cut and shape. Link to the tutorial (and other great cookie packaging ideas) can be found here.

I used double stick tape and scrapbook paper to decorate them--but trust me, the washi tape looks really tempting!

What's on your baking/baked goods consumption agenda this year?

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Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Years Ago

I had one of these--

3 weeks

And now, I've got one of these--


Happy Birthday my sweet little Moochie!!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seven Five Things

Sara infected awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.

Because as the redundant blog name says---I can randomly meander in my posts!

Part of the schpiel of this award is to reveal seven things about yourself before you pass it along.

So here goes.

1. My deadly sin is sloth, but in the avoidance of vanity I suppose. This is why I wear my hair back and don't wear contacts or makeup. I would rather sleep in the extra 15 to 30 minutes (or however long, I obviously don't know) to do something nice with my hair, pop in contacts, and put on my face.

2. I always have to put my left sock on before my right sock. Same goes for shoes.

3. Call me an Evil Mom, but I don't think the feeling of a gestating child writing in one's uterus is a "magical feeling" that I could "enjoy all day!" I mean it's cool the first time, but after that it's kind of disconcerting. I'm tempted to obtain a tapeworm to see if it's similar.

4. People think I'm just health-conscious for taking the stairs. In actuality, I'm a bit elevator-phobic. Not completely--I will take them if forced to or I am carrying boxes. That accident in the city further solidifies this semi-phobia. The building I work in was built in 1957 and I'm sure the elevators are vintage originals. Doesn't help that the building super is kind of a doofus always dinking aroudn in them.

5. I think those "cake pop" things are disgusting. I mean they're cute and clever. But the thought that someone broke up a bunch of cake, mixed it with frosting and then took their hands and rolled it into a ball and stuck it on a stick makes my stomach turn. I understand people will roll out cookies with their hands--but at least those get baked afterwards.

6. Alright, I can't think of anything else.

So I'm going to do two things now:

1. Nominate the next person for this blog-designation. I tried to think of two people, but I've got a hungry little Moochie whining for "yummy lunch" right now so I can only think of one--

Melissa, that's you. She does quite a bit, crochet, crafting, photography, kids' stuff...versatile if I've ever seen it!

2. I'm going to pimp Sara's pattern in Interweave Knits Accessories. Her pattern is the Jellyfish Scarf.

You can check it out on her blog or on The Place That Shall Not Be Named. I stopped by Barnes and Noble and bought a copy of the magazine just for this pattern. It's a great pattern--it's interesting construction (ha ha!) and yet it's still easy to do while you're sitting in front of the TV.

Gotta say though, I still stand beside my decision not to renew my normal IK subscription. I had to laugh when the pictures of her scarf included the model* yanking at the one end of the scarf. It wouldn't be IK if you didn't have one shot of the model yanking at what she was modeling!

*The model they chose to wear her scarf I found kind of scary in her drag-queen makeup. One of the things I liked about IK in the past was their girl-next-door models. I subscribe to Vogue Knits for their weird looking models. For a better shot of the scarf in all its glory I recommend going to Sara's blog or Rav directly.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Today is my day off.

I brought my car to the mechanic for a long overdue oil change this morning at 8:00 a.m.

It's 2:00 p.m. and then just informed me my transmission is leaking--PEACHY!

So there go my plans for the day.

Moochie is supposed to wear a pair of black pants to his little holiday program tomorrow. I guess he'll be wearing jeans instead. Ah well.

Just like my plans for today, my latest FO has seen similar results: Not what I anticipated, but not horrific.

See, I'm a sucker for uniquely constructed knitted things* (and bandwagon hats it would seem).

And sometimes (ok, most of the time) those things don't really look good on me.



The details:

Pattern: The aforementioned Escargot from the latest edition of Knitty.

Yarn: Green is a merino handspun of my own. I lost the tag on exactly who dyed the roving. The white is just some LB Jiffy I believe.

Needles: US6

Overall? It's a great pattern to knit and I really enjoyed it. I had to print myself out a tutorial on wrapping and turning (it's been a while) but aside from that, very easy. After you finish the snail swirl, the rest of the hat goes really fast.

What do I not like about the hat?

Well, I look like a doofus in it.


I wear my hair back. And this is not a good hair back/hair up hat.

You really have to have a cute short little 'do or wear your hair down.

God, I look tired.

See? Not as bad when the hair is down.

However, I hate wearing my hair down.

I suppose I could keep it short, but here's what I hate more than wearing my hair down: The upkeep of keeping it short.

Now as it rounds 3:00 p.m. and I still have no car, and my day of running errands and getting Christmas and birthday shopping DONE are dashed, I do believe this hat will wing it's way to a certain Mom in AK.

She's got a short haircut and at least I think she likes getting my knitted stuff. (If she doesn't, that's the beauty of living so far apart--I don't know and she doesn't have to wear it if she doesn't want to!).

*Except for socks. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to socks. Top down, heel flap, the end.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My Mom posted a picture of her Christmas tree on Facebook.

rents xmas tree

Now some might wax poetic about certain ornaments on this tree: "Oh look at the picture of little T. Bud hugging Fudgey the bear!" (At least I think his name was Fudgey...something along those confectionery lines).

But I remember the day that tree came home.

It's fake--obviously.

Circa 1988 is when my parents stopped buying real trees after the last one they bought pretty much lost all of its needles by Christmas.

I don't exactly remember if we bought the fake tree pre- or post-Christmas but it was the way it came home that makes me skip down memory lane.

My mother is pretty even keel. I don't recall her really getting too riled up except as to what would be expected of a stay at home mother of six kids born in a 10 year window.

Keep that little tidbit in mind.

Another integral part of my childhood is a chronology of various "family cars" we drove. Each one was special and each one had it's own nickname.

When we bought this tree, we were riding around in Vanna Green.

Vanna was an 8 passenger 1975 Dodge van that my dad bought at a military auction. She was a decommissioned Army van.

She had NO interior panels (it was just you, a piece of metal and then the road--none of this fancy upholstery you have in cars!), the heat didn't really function that well, if at all (so if you sat in the back seat like I did, you would have to curl up under blankets to keep warm), and there for a time her transmission was kaput to the point where she wouldn't go in reverse. That was always fun--parking in spots you didn't have to back out of!

One of her other quirks was you could only open both of the back doors from the inside of the van. You could get one door open from the outside, but not the other.

So if you had groceries you were bringing home--you had to have someone stand in the back seat, lean over precariously and open the other door for you.

Cut to the day my Mom decides it's time to quit rolling the dice on Alaskan Scrawny Christmas trees or trees that have presumably been on semi trucks up to Alaska since Halloween--just ready to lose all their needles.

She scores the beauty you see in the picture above, and we load the large box into the back of the van and drive home.

And then we get home.

And, do you see where this story is going?

We could open ONE SIDE of the back doors, but not both doors.

The way the tree box was in there, one couldn't do the typical lean-over-the-back-seat and open the door move because the tree box was covering the handle to open the door.


I have never heard my my mother swear that much in my life. Even to this day.

There were various maneuvers to get that second door open attempted--including something involving a long handled ice-scraper I believe.

In the end, we had to open the box (which leaning over the back seat wasn't itself too easy to do) and carry each piece of the tree in bit-by-bit.

Then I believe she was able to cut the bottom of the box so it folded flatish and get it out of poor old Vanna Green, where she brought it inside, taped it back up and repacked the brand new Christmas tree.

And to me, that is what makes my parents' Christmas tree special--the memory of my mother swearing like a sailor get that thing out of our crappy ass van!

What's your favorite (kooky if you have it) holiday memory?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drive By!

Dr. Mad Scientist has to hop on the 'puter to input progress reports, so I have to make this short.

Two more things I accomplished this weekend--


What is it?


Why it's a...


Gift card holder!

As part of a household that shells out money for school supplies from their own pockets so public school kids get a decent education, I like to give Chunky's teachers Staples giftcards.

Pretty damn boring gift, but I'm hoping this little reindeer makes it a bit less boring.

Finally I turned some of the little Mochi Mochi pencils I knit last year into magnets. I'll probably give a couple of those to Chunky's teacher this year too.


Like the picture? That's a portrait one of Dr. Mad Scientist's students did of him.

I think he did a great job. With the exception he gave him too much hair--hahahahahaah!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Sister

It was another productive weekend round these here parts!

I finished another (and probably final) piece for Baby Bez 3.0's "trousseau."


The details:

Pattern: Little Sister's Dress (if you go on to the Place That Shall Not Be Named, you can find the pattern for free.)

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Iris Gardens"

Needles: US2

Notes: Overall a really easy pattern to follow. It's a top-down design (I'm a huge fan of top-down especially for baby stuff--I find seaming makes already small baby stuff bulkier; I'm not that great at seaming knitwear.), and while you have to pay attention a bit, it still makes for a mindless-TV-watching-knit.

The only mod I made was that I used 3 buttons, not 2.


My crocheted edging leaves some room to be desired, but it will do.

I'm also not too fond of the pooling right at the waist, but eh, look at the target audience. Will a teeny little Baby Bez 3.0 really care?

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Thought Interrupted

Sorry about that. I promised a post yesterday and well, work got in the way.

Good times.

Anyway....where I was going with the last post.

Did you note the way I said for the past three years my office has done "Frostie's Friends" and I've participated in now for the second time?

That's because the first year, times were lean. Dr. Mad Scientist had quit his job to go back to school and Moochie was just a wee little Mooch.

But the years we've been able to breathe a little easier--it's been fun to go shopping for little boys other than my own (I still can't bring myself to pick girls out of the pile of letters--I don't know girl stuff! Yet...).

Bottom line of the "breathe easier" Christmases? We don't really NEED anything.

But the Vector Neighbors have different ideas.


I've tried to politely rebuff their bout of gift diarrhea they will inevitably bestow upon Chunky and Moochie.

One would think one small gift would be ample. No, no, not with Vector Neighbors.

Last year they gave the boys more presents than Santa did.

And they managed to derail one large present Santa bought for Moochie by buying him the same thing--a little ride-on bike.

The both of them just irk me. Last year Male Vector Neighbor gave me shit (did I blog about this?) for buying Moochie a set of play pots and pans and toy food. Apparently those are "girl" toys.

Really? Encouraging a boy to cook is feminine? Try Best Husband Ever training!

So because of this, I feel like they're trying to somehow "correct" what Dr. Mad Scientist and I ( and Santa!) give the boys for Christmas.

This year Female Vector Neighbor has been trying to pump me for gift ideas for the boys.

I've been mum.

She was nice enough to run one idea by me before she wasted her money; she wanted to buy Chunky a cell phone.


I kiboshed that one really quick. I mean WTH is he going to call???

And Grandma B. will love this. The new quilt she made Moochie for his big boy bed?

Have you had enough of the Brothers Bez hamming it up in pictures? What a pair of schmoes!

Even though I've told Vector Neighbor he DOESN'T NEED IT, she wants to buy him a Spongebob bed-set.


I mean I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but it's smothering, and it's disgusting.

I'm already researching charities to give away any unneeded "stuff" they insist on dumping upon our boys. There are kids out there getting squat or squatting themselves who could use it more than our boys.

One bright spot of the annoyance that is our neighbors.

Happy flippin' Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Frosty The Snowman

The past three years, our office has participated in this thing called Frostie's Friends (I intentionally misspelled that).

It's basically a "Toys for Tots" deal but on a local level and specifically for kids in NJ that are "in need [and] who will be spending the holidays away from the comfort of a home."

The kids write a letter to "Mr. Frosty" like they would Santa, telling him (although I don't know why Frosty is a dude...just because he's made of balls doesn't mean he's gotta be a male, right?) how they've been this year and what they want for the holiday.

The first year we couldn't really afford to do this, but I saw how much fun everyone else had with it.

Last year I did it for one little boy and Chunky and I had a good time picking out a present for him. Don't ask me what it was, but it was fun.

Anyway, this year I picked out two boys--a four year old and a ten year old.

What can I say? I don't like to leave my comfort zone!


Plus I liked these two boys because they were down to earth.

Most kids were asking for stuff I hadn't ever heard of, or really expensive stuff that, as an Evil Mom, I don't buy for my own children.

Not that I can criticize these kids for asking for the moon.

I have fond memories of taking turns with my siblings and writing out our letters to Santa based solely on the Sears Wishbook (seriously--check that site out! I got a kick out of the 1986 edition.).

Asking for the gold plated Barbie Power Wheels is what Christmas is all about!

Well...when you're a kid!

Now this post isn't meant to be a boast of "Look how charitable we are!" it's meant as a lead in to my post tomorrow...stay tuned!


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

St. Nicholas

Today is St. Nicholas day.

And in honor of such a day, I give you the rest of the fruits of my weekend.


Oh yes, it's a Mochimochi explosion!!

These are patterns out of Anna Hrachovec's latest book Teeny Tiny Mochimochi.

The Santa is actually a modification of her teeny tiny gnome pattern.

I sort of wish I had put a row of white at the start of his hat. Ah well.

And now that I'm browsing her website, for $2 you can buy a REAL Teeny Tiny Santa pattern. Ah well!

On a total tangent--today is the saint's name day for Mr. Moochie. His saint's name day is extremely close to his birthday, of course. We didn't plan it that way.

Oddly enough, St. Chunky Day is a few days after his birthday.


Since Baby Bez 3.0 is due in March, if we kept with this inadvertent trend of naming our kids close to their saint's day, we would have to name her Patricia. Ha ha!

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Monday, December 05, 2011

Skinny Weekend

It wasn't a four day weekend, so I didn't get as much as I could get done.

But I finished up a couple of Christmas projects.

I'll go ahead and post them because I don't think they visit my blog (just their mom, my Younger Brother's wife).


I made a pair of Dumplings!

Too cute, right?

I hope my younger niece isn't to adverse to pink. I just really dig that fabric. Even before I was rocking the Quad X chromosomes.

Shouldn't a dumpling be stuffed?

The other one is for my 16 year old niece.

She really digs the band Blink 182. Dr. Mad Scientist used to go to their concerts back before they hit the big-big time (they weren't unknown, but they weren't too mainstream either). He had a couple of concert shirts that had seen way better days* so I cut out the logos/art on them before they hit the scrap heap.


The original pattern called for just ribbons on the zipper pulls, but I have more coordinating beads than I do ribbons.

This was a really easy pattern and if you're new to the realm of zippers, definitely check this pattern out.

Tomorrow I'll post what else I accomplished on my normal 2-day weekend.

*Now that I think about it--Blink 182 released their first album when Dr. Mad Scientist and I were 16--my niece's age. Oof. Yeah, now I feel old!

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Friday, December 02, 2011


I was talking to a guy at work who didn't know I was pregnant and somehow we got on the subject of our kids moving away.

He laughed when I said, "And in 8 years when Chunky is outta here..." because he's got two boys himself. One who has never left and the other who will be graduating from college this spring and moving back in.

Sorry boys (and girl!), I don't care what the economy is like, but if your dad and I can make it on a shittacular university "stipend," and an entry level secretaries salary while paying daycare that costs more than our rent--you can figure out how to support yourself!

It's one of the tenets of Evil Mom Society--pushing your baby bird(s) the hell outta the nest!

Anyway, the first few years I was out of the house living in the real world (i.e. post-college; college is a "real world-lite"). I realized I reallllly missed my Mom's orange Betty Crocker cookbook.

So I went onto Amazon and ordered it used for not quite as pretty a penny as that link states.

And then it seems that my nostalgia spread to Christmas decorations.

Two years ago I felt the need to add this Santa lamp to my decorations:

Moochie has since claimed this tree as his own!

It's a 1968 Empire Blow Mold Santa. Pretty standard. Nothing rare or expensive about it. But it totally reminds me of Christmas!

Yesterday, nostalgia reared her ugly head again--


The 1978 inflatable Santa (still in his package!) for $8 on Etsy.

We used to hang this Santa from the light fixture in the kitchen. I know we'd have contests to see how high we could jump to smack Santa around.

I also remember having the honor of getting to blow Santa (up) every year--ha ha!

I've already picked out a light fixture for this Santa when he arrives!

Do you have a favorite childhood holiday decoration?


Thursday, December 01, 2011


I love December.

There, I said it.

You've got Christmas.


We've got Moochie's birthday.

We've got our wedding anniversary.

You've got New Year's Eve.

I freakin' love it.

One of the first things I do to get into the holiday spirit is as soon as the turkey carcass is processed for optimal meat harvest, is fire up the Christmas music!

Right now, this is my top ten list of Christmas songs in no particular order--although it's very hard to pick just ten!

1. Jingle Bells as sung by Barbra Streisand.
Babs turns a traditional holiday song into an infectious cheesy dance number. Plus the fact that she did a Christmas album just cracks me up.

2. Swiss Colony Beef Log, Eric Cartman.
I don't watch South Park as much as I used to, but who can resist this festive ode to cured meat products? I also identify with this song because, I too "fucking hate egg nog, seriously."

3. Santa Claus is Back in Town, Elvis Presley
The opening of this song always make me think it would be a great song to strip to. Too bad we don't live across from the Boobie Bar anymore.


4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Aimee Mann
Have yourself an emo little Christmas! I'll fess up; I was first introduced to Aimee Mann via Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I dig this rendition of Merry Little Christmas.

5. Dominick the Donkey, Lou Monte
I don't think I'd love this one so much if I wasn't living in New Jersey. Ha ha! It doesn't help that Chunky goes to school with quite a few boys named Dominick. And in googling this song--I learned Lou Monte is buried just a few miles from where we live. Hee hee! Or should I say--hee haw! hee haw!?

6. Christmas for Cowboys, John Denver
Actually this is one of three John Denver solo songs that I've got in rotation on my Christmas playlist (the other two being "Aspenglow" and "Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas"). I blame my mother for this one. She's the John Denver fan, and it's just not Christmas without country-pop far out carols.

7. White Christmas, Bing Crosby
A classic--but it deals with snow. And it's Bing! Ok, so he was a horrible SOB father to his kids...but, it's Bing!

8. Felice Navidad, Jose Feliciano
This song never fails to give me the urge to go ice skating with Big Bird.

9. Holiday (What Do You Want), Mike Doughty and Rosanna Cash
Another song about snow! And it fulfills my closet-indie rock love.

10. Twelve Days of Christmas, John Denver and the Muppets
John Denver and the Muppets. Seriously. Enough said. Although if you do buy this album, make sure you get the WHOLE album. Not the 10-song one.


So what's your favorite holiday song??