Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year In Review - Part 1

Since we're done with Christmas nostalgia, how about some old fashioned annoying "Year In Review" nostalgia? Ha ha!

I swear I've finished more knitted objects this year, but going thru what I've tagged in Flickr, it doesn't seem like much.


We'll start with the Hits:


Chunky's Harry Potter sweater. Gotta love Chunky--he pretty much loves anything I knit for him. He still wears this sweater dutifully (I have to yell at him to take the damn thing off to make sure it gets washed!) even if it does look like an Alvin Chipmunk sweater!


Tiny chickens!!! Little Miss Happy Feet (our new cat) looooooves these things. I also knit a flock of chickens for my Oldest Younger Sister for Christmas. This time I got wise and put them in an old candle jar after I finished each one--away from the prying paws of a naughty little cat!


My Ringwood Gloves. I like to keep these in the car for a nice weekend dressed-down glove. (I wear leather gloves with my more formal "work coat").

These were my first attempt at gloves. I didn't hate knitting them, but I didn't really love all those fiddly fingers.

Now for the flops:


The Moochie shawl collar sweater.

Sigh. Toddlers are fickle creatures. I can't get Moochie to wear this. Ah well. It was fun to knit.


The gorgeous but silly-looking-on-me Escargot.

And finally--


I made three scarves out of some acrylic yarn I had lying around. I did this in January 2011. I figured I'd save them for the scarf/hat/mitten drive that Chunky's school has every Christmas.

They didn't last that long.

They perished in the Yicky Icky infestation. I suppose I could have washed them, but I would have also had to dry them on high, and they all had that fringe you see there.

They would have looked yicky icky in their own special way had I washed and dried them on high!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang! that is some knitting!! Chunky looks really good in his sweater. Ah well Moochie will some day like a sweater you knit for him.

I was just thinking I should keep track of ALL my sewing like this. Would hemming pants count for sewing done in a year? Just a thought!

Love, Mom

7:34 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

You've been busy with the knitting! That's so sweet that Chunky will wear whatever you knit for him.

And you're so proper wtih your nice work coat and leather gloves! Once the temperature drops below 50 degrees, I'm freezing, and my huge winter coat and fleece gloves/scarf, earmuffs, and giant clunky snow boots come out. I'd only wear a nice wool coat and dressy gloves in the early fall or spring, or maybe if I drove to work, instead of taking the bus.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I love Chunky in his sweater!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

I don't think the Escargot looks silly on you at all!

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: The escargot hat arrived today, will post pictures on FB.
Love, Mom

11:39 PM  

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