Friday, March 30, 2012

Ok, I'll Bite

I'll concede that it's finally spring.

I've been trying to get out a bit more with Little Miss Fussypants when the weather cooperates.

There's evidence of spring having sprung from our walk around the hood this afternoon.

Cherry blossoms.



Industrial-chic duck ponds--New Jersey style.

And my favorite--

It's nice to get out of the house every now and then. Until this little girl gets a little older and more alert (and spacing her feedings out a bit longer), there's not much to do on maternity leave!

Bonus picture--blue skies and cherry-on-cherry blossoms in a quick pic of the Korean Church down the street from us.


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 2

Today starts Week 2 of my maternity leave. Only 10 more weeks after this one! Boo!

On April 1 the firm is merging with yet another firm and they're changing the name. I swear, when I get back there, I'm not going to know anyone there!!

Ah well!

Since I've got all this time, I figure I should be blogging more.

Sadly there's not much knitting going on. In the hour and a half I have at night while the boys are in bed and before Princess Chicken Legs has to be woken up for her next feeding (I've never had a lazier kid that prefers sleeping to eating! She must take after her daddy!), I find myself dozing off.

Not very conducive to knitting something more than a square.

Even making cookies has become a longer task.

But worth it!

This week's cookie of the week are Robin Egg Pudding cookies.

Robin Egg Pudding Cookies

I freaking love Easter robin eggs! This was a great way to save me from eating the entire bag of them!

Robin Egg Pudding Cookies


Recipe was taken from here.

I suppose you could make them with excess robin eggs you might have after Easter...but what fun would that be? Make them now!!!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Jig Is Up

Remember how I posted that the Upstairs Neighbors had no idea I was pregnant?

Once we got home with Baby Bez 3.0 (still working on that blog name...) we wondered how long it would take them to catch on.

Would they hear her crying? Would they hear Moochie talking about his baby sister (whom he doesn't call directly by name, it's "baby sister this" and "baby sister that")?

Nope. It was the weather that did us in.

It took them approximately 39 weeks and 1 day to figure it out (ok, maybe that's not fair seeing as who would have known I was pregnant from week 1? Even I didn't realize it!).

I've been picking up the boys from school and daycare this week as it's a nice excuse to get out of the house even for a small bit and to make up for all those times I couldn't pick them up due to work holding me back.

Because it's been so unreasonably hot out (it's nearly 80 degrees today), Upstairs Neighbor Man was outside washing his car. I somehow managed to walk past him with BB3.0 and into the car without him seeing.

But when I got home, he saw me and asked me whose birthday it was.

I stared at him perplexed.

Earlier in the day a delivery van had pulled into the driveway with some flowers the office sent and he apparently thought it was my birthday.

As I walked up to him I told him it was BB3.0's birthday and he finally saw what was sitting in the carseat.

Yes, I had to point to her sitting in the carseat.

Follow all of this with about 10 minutes of "Oh my god!" and "We didn't know you were pregnant!" to which I rebutted that I made it to 38 and a half weeks, how the heck can you miss that?

And that was the end of that.

Of course he had to get on the phone with Upstairs Neighbor Lady immediately to tell her and when she came home from work she repeated the same scene.

Followed by the question I knew was coming and am glad they didn't find out until now: "What do you need?" (Answer: Nothing!)

Ironically, on Saturday when the boys came to spring us from the hospital they thought for sure she figured it out.

She saw them walking out with the carseat and she asked what the baby's name was. So Dr. Mad Scientist told her.

But then she asked if he was sick--because she noticed he was wearing his hospital bracelet (daddies get one too identify themselves when they enter the maternity ward). He told her no and they went on their merry way.

Ends up she apparently thought Moochie was riding around in the carseat???

I can't figure that one out.

Even if you don't have children, I know you've probably seen those infant carseats. And you've probably seen a 3 year old boy in your day as well. And you'll know that 3 year old boys that are 3' or so tall can NOT ride in infant carseats.

So that's the end of that. Talk about amusing!

Just for a frame of reference here's a picture of Baby Bez 3.0 in the carseat in question:


Why what is that draped around her in all its beautiful loveliness?

Why it's a blanket that Janna knit for her.

This picture doesn't do the color justice. It looks gray, but it's's kind of a smokey color with a lot of rich undertones. Simply beautiful!

And I thought for sure given Janna's love of the color pink it would be something pink until I unwrapped it!

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Monday, March 19, 2012


The latest cast member of Random Meanderings--


But now all she needs is a good blog name.

Not much to report other than she was a routine c-section. Get down all you will about how c-sections are evil and not really the way to give birth, but there's a lot to be said for the delightful knowledge of knowing exactly when your kid will be born.

The only downside is the lonnnng hospital time you end up spending. Now that I've given birth in two states, I will state that I enjoyed doing it in Michigan more. At the hospital I had Chunky at they have you up and moving asap. Here? Not so much. You're bedridden for a good 24 hours solid.


In Michigan they would let you walk the halls with your baby in it's bassinet as long as you stayed within the maternity ward.

New Jersey? I couldn't even tell you what the inside of the maternity ward outside my room looked like!

But despite all that, after having her on Thursday at 12:28 p.m. we got to leave the hospital on Saturday at 3:00 p.m.-ish. WOO HOO!

The boys are all quite smitten with their new daughter/sister.

Proud Daddy with his 10 minute old newborn!

boys & riley
This one is my fave. Just the look on their faces--ha ha!

Overall it's kind of weird having a girl.

At the hospital I kept referring to her as "him" when answering the nurses and correcting myself! And every time I open her diaper it's just so odd not to see a penis!


And of course it occurred to me that she looks so much like her brothers that pictures like the one above could be Moochie at the same age--except in drag!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Et tu uterus?

For today is the Ides of March!

But enough being aware of them!

Today is the drop date for Baby Bez 3.0! Say what you will about natural labor and whatnot but there is something to be said for a scheduled baby-extraction.

38 weeks 3 days

Plus, let's just be honest, a caesarean section on Julius Caesar's death day? That's just damn cool.

Stay tuned for pics, blah blah...


Monday, March 12, 2012

It's the Weekend Wrap Up! Whodda Guessed It?

Overall a decent weekend even if we were screwed out of an hour of it this time.

Did a little bit o'baking for the lunches this weekend.


This is my lazy-mom baking: a pan of brownies. Easy peasy, and no time really to take to prepare them. I added some peanut butter chips to appease Dr. Mad Scientist who doesn't like plain brownies, and Chunky who doesn't like nuts in his brownies.


There was also some baking of a cherry cheesecake for Dr. Mad Scientist's birthday as well.


I told him I'd give him his real present in a couple of days. The kind that doesn't come with a gift receipt--muhahahahha!

And finally, I finished Pile-able Pup #2 for Preggo Girl #4 at work.


Dangit these things are so cute!!!!


I just need to figure out a color for the third one. I've got a gold color in my acrylic stash. Hm. I don't know.

Now it's just the final countdown until Thursday.

I'm working up until Wednesday. It should be interesting. I could go into a whole long rant about the replacement situation, but I will be a good girl and not blog about my work situation in great detail!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free At Last!

Dr. Mad Scientist and I have been married now for 12 years.

One of the "presents" his mother gave us a month after we were married was taking over the re-payments on his federal student loans.

Now Dr. Mad Scientist was pretty smart. He managed to get in-state tuition to attend Colorado State University because his biological father lived in Colorado at the time. He also picked a PhD program that paid HIM (granted a pittance) to go to school and get his "Dr." title. The only downfall with going with a program like that is if you happen to discover a cure for cancer while a graduate student, the school gets the financial profits. You get jack.

But we figured we'd take the risk in not winning the pharmacological lottery!

So his student loans weren't exorbitant when his mother turned them over to us. But for a young set of 21 year olds--one going to grad school and one starting out a "career" in the real world, it was a lot.

When he quit his job at Mt. Sinai to go back to school to get his teaching certificate (and right about the time we had Moochie) we took two steps back and took out $5000 in loans to help get us through the year it took him to get his teaching certificate.

Again, he was smart though and signed up for a program that made him sign over his soul to teach in Newark or an urban school district for three years in exchange for most of his tuition to get his certificate being waived. (Only a little over a year left of his indentured servitude and our obligation to live in New Jersey!).

The $5000 was to cover the missing income and basically daycare for Mr. Mooch and Chunky.

However, a few days ago we received our federal tax refund.

And just like last year, I took some of the refund and put it towards what was left on his student loans.

But this time--the balance left was low enough and the refund was large enough, so that we were able to meet our goal of paying this off before Baby Bez 3.0 was born.


Everything stuffed in that head of his is now 100% paid for!!!


And now? We are 100% debt-freakin'-free! No car loans, no home loans, no student loans.

But of course this is just in time to add another family member to the fold--ha ha!

I joke, although I'm kind of serious, that when it comes time to retire, I'm going to retire 10 years earlier than Dr. Mad Scientist so that he can support MY butt as I do something. Seeing as I supported his butt for a good 10 years while he collected these degrees and certificate, I think it's only fair, right?

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Timeless Treasures!

With the impending arrival of Baby Bez 3.0 a few handmade lovelies have been making their way to us.

First up is an adorable hat that Melissa made for BB3.0.


Love it! And the best part--Melissa's about to move across country with her band o'boys. Now I've only ever done that kind of trip with 1/4 of the kids she's doing it with--so color me very humbled that she had the time to whip this up and pop it in the mail to me!!

Squeaky gives it her seal of approval too!


Today, the mail heralded Grandma Great's traditional blanket.

I believe she's made one for every grandkid, and now every great-grandkid.

Did I mention she's got 8 kids?

And between those 8 kids there are 20 grandkids (if my math is right!).

Of those 20 there are like two waves--the older wave that I'm a part of and the younger wave that are just becoming adults and some that are still in high school...(or thereabouts--14 cousins are hard to all keep track of!)

Anyway, the woman makes a LOT of blankies!

I absolutely love the one she made for BB3.0.

Cat Lover Parenting Tip Of the Day: Before your baby is born, set up your crib in advance to see if your furballs will have an affinity for sleeping in there. If they do, lay some aluminum foil in the crib to turn them off of it so by the time the baby arrives, they'll have no interest in sleeping in there.

Love, love, love the green! She included the ball band too (because she's awesome like that--and also made me realize I had forgotten to do the same on the blankie I made for my fellow March-Baby pregnant coworker!).

Plymouth Encore Sock. Dude, I didn't even KNOW Plymouth Encore came in sock weight!

This is the same style blankie she made for Chunky 10 years ago. He still sleeps with that thing and oh boy, has it seen better days!

I have no doubt that Baby Bez 3.0 won't love this one just as hard!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dog Tired

Sorry for the lack of posting.

I'm winding things down at work, and I'll be honest, even if I wasn't going out in a week I would still be overwhelmed with too many things to do.

It's been a lot of late hours doing menial things that for some silly reason I can't expect my replacement (the floater) to do while I'm gone.

Over the weekend though--when I wasn't having angsty work dreams/nightmares--I managed to finish something I was knitting.

I actually finished the puppy pieces for this a while ago, but this weekend I found some time to actually put him together.



I'm a cat girl by nature, but dang, this puppy is cute!

Pattern: Pile-Able Pups

Yarn: Red Heart (my go-to knitted toy yarn!)

Needles: US5

What can I say about this pattern? It's straightforward with uber-cute results.

This--and hopefully a couple more to-be-knit puppies while I'm on maternity leave--will be wending their way to the mom of the fourth Firm Baby this year. She's having a boy at the beginning of July.

I suppose I could have knit him a cute sweater or something, but with babies, you never know what size they're going to end up being when it gets cold, especially if they're born in the summer.

Plus, I think I've pretty much declared the end of 2012 the year of Mochimochi patterns!!

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