Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Jig Is Up

Remember how I posted that the Upstairs Neighbors had no idea I was pregnant?

Once we got home with Baby Bez 3.0 (still working on that blog name...) we wondered how long it would take them to catch on.

Would they hear her crying? Would they hear Moochie talking about his baby sister (whom he doesn't call directly by name, it's "baby sister this" and "baby sister that")?

Nope. It was the weather that did us in.

It took them approximately 39 weeks and 1 day to figure it out (ok, maybe that's not fair seeing as who would have known I was pregnant from week 1? Even I didn't realize it!).

I've been picking up the boys from school and daycare this week as it's a nice excuse to get out of the house even for a small bit and to make up for all those times I couldn't pick them up due to work holding me back.

Because it's been so unreasonably hot out (it's nearly 80 degrees today), Upstairs Neighbor Man was outside washing his car. I somehow managed to walk past him with BB3.0 and into the car without him seeing.

But when I got home, he saw me and asked me whose birthday it was.

I stared at him perplexed.

Earlier in the day a delivery van had pulled into the driveway with some flowers the office sent and he apparently thought it was my birthday.

As I walked up to him I told him it was BB3.0's birthday and he finally saw what was sitting in the carseat.

Yes, I had to point to her sitting in the carseat.

Follow all of this with about 10 minutes of "Oh my god!" and "We didn't know you were pregnant!" to which I rebutted that I made it to 38 and a half weeks, how the heck can you miss that?

And that was the end of that.

Of course he had to get on the phone with Upstairs Neighbor Lady immediately to tell her and when she came home from work she repeated the same scene.

Followed by the question I knew was coming and am glad they didn't find out until now: "What do you need?" (Answer: Nothing!)

Ironically, on Saturday when the boys came to spring us from the hospital they thought for sure she figured it out.

She saw them walking out with the carseat and she asked what the baby's name was. So Dr. Mad Scientist told her.

But then she asked if he was sick--because she noticed he was wearing his hospital bracelet (daddies get one too identify themselves when they enter the maternity ward). He told her no and they went on their merry way.

Ends up she apparently thought Moochie was riding around in the carseat???

I can't figure that one out.

Even if you don't have children, I know you've probably seen those infant carseats. And you've probably seen a 3 year old boy in your day as well. And you'll know that 3 year old boys that are 3' or so tall can NOT ride in infant carseats.

So that's the end of that. Talk about amusing!

Just for a frame of reference here's a picture of Baby Bez 3.0 in the carseat in question:


Why what is that draped around her in all its beautiful loveliness?

Why it's a blanket that Janna knit for her.

This picture doesn't do the color justice. It looks gray, but it's's kind of a smokey color with a lot of rich undertones. Simply beautiful!

And I thought for sure given Janna's love of the color pink it would be something pink until I unwrapped it!

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Blogger knottygnome said...

beautiful blanket. and tiny baby!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a beautiful blanket! Goes well with a beautiful Granddaughter!!!

Love, Mom

6:24 PM  
Blogger janna said...

The blanket looks so big! It seemed smaller than I thought it would be when I finished it.

The color is called Calligraphy, which really makes no sense, but it IS a fantastic color. I'm glad you like it, too!

9:20 PM  
Blogger Zonda said... out when you step out your front door. Beautiful blanket and wee little one!

12:01 AM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

They are the funniest neighbors. We are getting new neighbors. The Freds (as we called them) have been endlessly amusing for many years and now we have new neighbors.

What a gorgeous blanket. And such a perfect color.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Discoknits said...

Gorgeous blanket for gorgeous girl :0)

8:21 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That is a beautiful blanket, and Baby Bez looks so tiny and cute in her seat!

Here's hoping the upstairs neighors won't deluge you with a bunch of unwanted baby gifts, either.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

beautiful blanket! I'm still laughing at the neighbors not finding out until you literally had to point it out to them. Let's hope they stay away with crazy baby crap!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Crafty Christina said...

That blanket is GORGEOUS!!!

Your neighbors are serious PITA's!

6:12 PM  

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