Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been neglectful of showing off some beautiful hand knit items that have come from knitters far and wide to Little Miss Baby Sister.

First, this incredible pillow and baby socks from Disco:

Seriously, how cool is that? So bright and cheery! It now resides on the rocker my Auntie Jaywalker gave us last summer and that I cushioned. A quick aside--this past week I also recovered the sofa pillows to match the rocker!

(See the pillow in the corner there? Originally my intent had been to put the rocker in our bedroom, but alas, my eyes were bigger than my living space! That ducky fabric you see is also a little square burp cloth I made, that I believe I blogged about earlier, inspired by the burp cloths Disco made me when Moochie was born--LOVE those things!)

Next up is an amazing pinwheel blanket that my surgery-buddy Chris made Little Sister!

Untitled Ooo! A vortex! 

How awesome is that thing? I call her my surgery-buddy because the day before I had seven pounds of human removed from me, Chris had her back re-done. Yeouch. So the fact that she had the time to finish up this blanket and send it off while dealing with the pre-surgery agony I know she was in (and the post-surgery agony as well!) means the world!

Finally, this weekend in the mail came some items from my fellow snow-lover, Zonda.

Add this to my list of reasons I can hardly wait for fall/winter to roll back around again! 

Ok, I will admit, I squeed like a girl when I pulled out that little beret! Ha ha!

I am so touched by all the beautiful gifts sent to Baby Sister!

(There are some ones that I haven't mentioned yet on here because I think they'll be best suited to be modeled by the little lady in question--so in a few months those will be coming).

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Blogger Laura said...

What beautiful handknits you've received! I especially love that pinwheel blanket.

And that's an adorable picture of Baby Sister!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Ellie said...

I do love a pinwheel, but that pillow just takes the cake - stripes and button flowers? adorable.
Baby Sister is just lovely and sweet - and I always love it when brand new babies shout loudly that they're members of their families, just by facial resemblence :) There's no doubt that she belongs to her brothers!!

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

knitting love!!! Those are fabulous gifts!

8:08 PM  
Blogger Cindy in (un) Happy Valley said...

Blankie is fabulous! And the stripes all match!

9:48 AM  

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