Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Preparing For the End

Of maternity leave that is (sob!).

Yesterday Dr. Mad Scientist used one of his many personal days up (want a ton of time off?  Become a teacher in his district!) before he bids them adieu in a few weeks when school lets out.

Yesterday was also Baby Sister's two month well baby visit where she became the proud recipient of many new immunizations.

Now days off for Dr. Mad Scientist means he monopolizes the 'puter and shots for Baby Sister means she gets really sleepy.

Oh, and it was raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock all day.

Therefore, I had some time on my hands and figured I would haul out Toni Janome.

First off, I will preface this project by saying I got the inspiration from a posting someone pinned on Pinterest.

Yes, I am addicted to that site, and honestly, looking back at many of my pins--I have created/baked a fair amount of what I pin.

Sometimes I think that people just pin away and never do any of the stuff they pin.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if I'm going to while away a lot of time on there, I want at least a little bit to show for it.

Anyway--back on topic.  I have a board on there I've titled "Stuff to Knock Off" and on there I have pinned this lunch bag.

Cute, no?

Here's my take on it.


Pardon the crappier than normal picture.  Chunky has a field trip today and took my normal camera so these are cell phone pics.

The outside and inside of the bag were made from one fat quarter each.  I also used some heavy-weight interfacing to give it some stiffness. 

The lining leaves a little to be desired.  It's a little sloppy.


But I love the magnetic clasp I gave it.

It's not insulated like the bag I took inspiration with, but that's OK.  My lunch consists of a peanut butter sandwich, apple and cookie of the week 99% of the time.


All in all, for a pattern I just made up, I'm quite pleased with it.

And hopefully it will remind me of simpler times of my blissful maternity leave when I'm wolfing down my lunch at my desk because I'm too swamped with shit work to do to get away for a measly hour!

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Blogger Ellie said...

That's a pretty darn good knockoff. I'm inspired to sew instead of bake for the next few weeks, and a simple knockoff is one of my projects... good to see someone having success.
Hopefully your back-to-work transition will be painless, and your PB sandwiches delicious (and not rushed at your desk)!

10:30 AM  
Blogger knottygnome said...

very nice! i like the fabric.

i think pinterest means different things to different people. i generally use it for inspiration--i pin things that i like and i might go back to look at someday. i don't necessarily use it to pin things that i actually intend to make.

like pinning a bunch of pictures of royal blue furniture, which led me to think, "hmm...royal blue would be a great color for couch cushions." etc.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute lunch bag! I think that it would also make a cute purse.

I'm with knottygnome about pinterest. I go there looking for crafts for the kids programs at work and usually I can figure out how to make or change to make for the kids. And if truth be told I have never pinned anything cause I don't know how!!

Love, Mom

5:51 PM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

I like the lunch bag. My lunch usually consists of a pbj and a container of milk and a banana (oh no, I forgot the banana today!). I have a small refrigerator (mother's day gift a few years ago) to keep my lunch and some water in so I usualy use a brown bag or a ziplock bag over and over until it falls apart.

And it is almost whoopie pie season. I think I'm going to make some for Memorial Day.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

That lunch bag is adorable! I love the fabric you chose, and I think the lining looks fine.

I guess I'm behind the times - I haven't used Pintrest yet. I'm still trying to figure out Twitter, LOL!

9:03 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

I think that is a great lunch bag! I wouldn't mind having one like that at all. Pinterest is heady - I find that most of my pins are divided between recipes I want to try and ideas for my dream home (you know, for when I win the lottery...)

9:23 AM  

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