Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can Do

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah and daycare was closed.

I took the opportunity to finish up the last of my canning for the 2012 season. 

I made a batch of apple jelly from the skins and cores of the apples I used to make applesauce.

Behold my 2012 canning bounty!


Not too shabby.

We have pickled peppers, salsa, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, peach jam, applesauce (chunky and smooth), the aforementioned apple jelly, and caramel apple jam.  Oh and a can of dried corn. 

Of course Moochie's preschool has gone peanut free, so gone are the days where he'll eat PB&J in his lunch.  Bummer.

Not that it matters right now anyway...Moochie's home today with me (and Baby Sister) because he's had a reaction to something he ate, in the air, something...


This is from Sunday.  He actually looks good in this picture.  Right now he's sporting swollen eyes and that rash all over his body.

(No, it's not poison ivy; there's been no fever; no he hasn't been outside; no he hasn't eaten anything new; no I haven't changed my laundry detergent....) 

The doctor says he's not contagious, but I can't send him to school like that.  And the Benadryl isn't really working. 

I just hope he doesn't mind that I can't come to his Christmas program now, between burning it all for maternity leave and rash patrol.  

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Monday, September 17, 2012

I still knit

Albeit very small things.

Like hats for newborns.


Dr. Mad Scientist's niece is due with her first child in a few weeks.  Right before Halloween.

So what else would you expect from your great aunt?


A pumpkin hat of course!

Sadly this is my THIRD great-nephew.  This is what happens when you marry the youngest child of a large family.  Ha ha!

No real details to this one--this is the yarn I bought at NJ Sheep & Fiber.  The leaf and stem is just some random green handspun I had in my stash.

Now the real challenge will be getting this in the mail before she gives birth!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Baaa-ck.

For a bit anyway.  Life has been hectic.

I kept thinking "Once school starts things will slow down..."

But between working late, football practices and games and the other household stuff I have to do every weekend, blogging has taken a backburner.

Last weekend was especially hectic.  But I managed to escape for a few hours with my buds Chris and Jen to check out the New Jersey Sheep and Fiber Festival in Ringoes, NJ.

Ringoes is the part of New Jersey you didn't think existed.  Beautiful farms and farmstands, and, well strip malls, everywhere. 

It reminds me of home, but with less mountains. 


Anyway--this fiber festival isn't as ginormous as Rhinebeck or even MDS&W but it's still a good time.


Lots of great sheep and goats and llamas and alpacas--oh my!


My favorite was, because it's an election year, the Romney*.


I'll be honest though, I reaaaalllly hate spinning Romney fleece.  Probably as much as I hate that greasy used-car-salesman-come-presidential-candidate.  Ha ha!

My haul was modest--one skein of yarn and some vintage buttons from this lady whose booth we discovered late in the day.  I honestly could have spent all day poring through her buttons!


And believe it or not--that yarn has already turned into an FO!

I'll save what it became for another blog post, when I have the time and energy to post again!

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