Saturday, December 01, 2012

December Quickies

I'm trying to make good on my vow to blog a bit more.

Life has been hectic.  I worked 15 hours of overtime last week.  Seven of which were last night.  I'm just a lousy secretary.  Yikes.

Luckily last weekend was the four day holiday and I had a chance to decorate the house.

I put the canvas needlepoint train my grandma made me on top of a bookcase.  Moochie has made it his personal plaything--futzing around with the train and little figurines.  It's cute and he doesn't really make too much of a mess, so I can't complain.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is he putting people on top of the traincars? And lights into others? He is a Budnik!!! BRD and Johnny still put the sheep on top of the Nativity display!!

Love, Mom

1:07 PM  

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