Monday, December 31, 2012

Fare Thee Well 2012

I was talking to my Big Boss's Uncle's Secretary (follow all of that?) today and we were discussing 2012 and what we hope 2013 will be.

She is glad to see 2012 leave. I guess for her it's been a pendulum of very high highs and very low lows. I can see where she is hoping that 2013 is a bit more mellow.

For me?

I think 2012 was pretty darn decent.

The first quarter of the year we finished our family with the addition of Baby Sister.


She was the catalyst for some other happy things.

Like my Mom coming down to visit in May.


And Dr. Mad Scientist's Mom and Stepdad and Nephew coming down in late June/early July.


We had our annual visit with Grandma Great and Auntie Jaywalker. This time on the Delaware & Ulster railroad in New York.


Later that same month was the big Sisterly Reunion in Hershey, PA.


I love the way we all have the same shade of pasty leg--ha ha!

I got to go to TWO fiber festivals this fall.

New Jersey's--


And New York's (Rhinebeck)--


My boys had a great year too.

Moochie finally completed (well except for night-time, we're still working on that) his potty training. Sorry, no pictures of that!

And Chunky, while he had a dismal football season, he cleaned up at the city-wide track meet--

andrew 1st t&f

And also won 1st place in his grade at the city-wide chess meet.

In November--10 days apart the Class of 2012 grew twofold with the addition of my sister's little boy.


And my Younger Younger Brother's little girl. I won't post a picture here because I don't know if they're cool with that. (I'm sure my Youngest Younger Sister doesn't care about her boy's picture up there--hahahaha!) You'll have to take my word for it that she's a cutie.

But 2012 wasn't all hearts and flowers.

There was Sandy.


And the near week without power -- which is still better than most fared.


And there's the Saga of the Cheapskate Landlord.

I don't have any pictures of the termites or the tree roots growing through the plumping pipes. That's a story that doesn't have an ending yet.

And sadly, I know 2013 won't be as sweet. There are some inevitable things on the horizon that won't be fun to endure. And I know there was more general crappiness to 2012 that I'm either repressing or intentionally not mentioning.

But I can't leave this last post of 2012 on a sour note.

So I'll leave you with a mosaic of all the cookies I made yesterday for Dr. Mad Scientist's AA-New Year's Eve Jamboree.

My creation

I made date balls (not individually pictured), madeleines (with the new pan Dr. MS got me for Christmas!), chocolate pudding peppermint bark chip cookies, soft ginger cookies, plain old chocolate chip cookies, and Biscoff cookies (take your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe and substitute cookie spread/Biscoff spread for the peanut butter).

Hope y'all have a wonderful 2013!

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Blogger florapie said...

Happy New Year! I wish you and your family smooth sailing into new adventures in 2013. And oh boy your cookie collection looks delicious!

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! 2012 had some good times and it has had some bad times. But all in all I think it had more good than bad. But I might just be a Polyanna!
Happy 2013!!

Love, Mom

12:24 AM  
Blogger janna said...

Happy New Year!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Cindy in (un) Happy Valley said...

I can see why baby sister made 2012 a really sweet year...and that's not taking anything away from the two big bros.

All I can say about 2012 is that it was year that I felt like the statue instead of the pigeon.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Glad you had a good 2012! 2012 really sucked, er, stunk, for me. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did. 2013 is not off to a good start either. Sigh...

Oh well. Happy belated New Year!

9:21 PM  

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