Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where to Start?

I've done so many things since my last post!

I feel like a I have a good excuse since I've been so busy.

There was Moochie's school Christmas program--


(He's one of those blurry penguins!)

I made my Oldest Little Sister some place mats for her "linai" (does anyone outside of the Golden Girls use that term?) for Christmas.


I also knit her some tiny gnome magnets.


I made some Christmas tree shaped peppermint bark. Tree bark I suppose you could say.


I made some Rolo pretzel bites and some muddy buddies (aka "puppy chow") for the neighbors, both Upstairs and Basement--



I finally made the boys their jammie pants!



They didn't take them off for a whole weekend!

We celebrated Moochie turning four years old!


We went out to lunch to celebrate Dr. Mad Scientist's discharge from the indentured servitude to the Big Name Insurance Company that paid for his teaching certificate education in exchange for teaching in Newark (or an equally low-income school district).


I dropped off a goody box for the animals (mainly the cats!) at the shelter we adopted Happy Feet and Trevor from.


Troy is the other son of Happy Feet (Trevor's brother) that's still living at the shelter. If we didn't have three cats already I'd totally adopt him too!

I tended to a sick little Baby Sister who came down with a pretty high fever the weekend before Christmas.

(As her temperature rose--her hair stuck up higher!)

Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and the fact that my Oldest Younger Sister has been positively giddy about the dork-a-licious Rudolph the Red Nosed Car set she got this year from her husband and has been driving around with this year, I made this--


And yes, that's the same model and color car she drives!

And best yet--we've been dealing with plumbing problems.


The Landlord kept having the drain snaked and snaked--and finally he hired a REAL plumber (not just some guy who knows a guy) and has discovered there are roots growing through the pipes. Expensive, expensive fix.

My favorite part was when he called the Township Sewer Guy out trying to pin the problem on the Township. Cheap bastard.

Considering he was in foreclosure in October on this place, what do you want to bet we'll be living with five inches of shit-water in our garage for years to come?

Aside from the plumbing--it's been a great holiday season!

How was your

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!

But you took pictures! Yay!

I LOVE Little Sister's hairmometer!!

Love, Mom

11:54 PM  
Blogger florapie said...

Congratulations on the end of indentured servitude! Does that mean you will be getting the heck out of Joisey?

12:35 AM  
Blogger ccr in MA said...

I'm spending Christmas at my mother's, and yes, they absolutely use "lanai" down here in Florida. It's a real word! Just feels funny elsewhere.

Even sick, that's one cute baby. Hope she's feeling better, though.

9:00 AM  
Blogger janna said...

Hairmometer! I love that!

Every year I see someone (probably you) post a picture of those Rolo turtles and think, "I'll make those next year." And then I forget....

And does this mean that Dr. MS can start looking for a job in Alaska?

9:20 PM  

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