Monday, April 22, 2013

My Dirty Secret

I'm sure THAT blog title will get a lot of hits on the internets.

But I'm coming out to you today.

Hi, my name is Bezzie, and I have become addicted to professional wrestling.

I blame Chunky. For whatever reason, he started watching it (did you know it's on three nights a week??) and even though I would sit surfing away on the computer when he watched it, I slowly became sucked into the lame, yet highly entertaining, storylines.

As many of you won't know (although I know I share this addiction with a certain other knitter whom I won't out on my blog...hahahahaha!) Wrestlemania--one of the big showcase (and pay-per-view) events took place the second Sunday of this month.

And it took place at Metlife (i.e. Meadowland) Stadium just a scant 15 miles or so from where we live.

Perhaps I looked into buying tickets for Chunky and one of his parental units to attend. Alas, I did not have $800 to spare for the cheap seats (is it any wonder Linda McMahon can run for office so many times after losing again and again?).

So we settled for the pay-per-view...which is a whole 'nother story in itself.

One thing I've learned about professional wrestling is that beside it's fan base of mostly prepubescent boys, a lot of grown men watch it.

Basement Neighbor is a devotee.

And then, at work one day as I was doing what I do at work--I overheard a conversation between a couple of attorneys in the cube behind me.

It ends up that the son of one of the named partners at my firm Schiester, Shafter, Conniver & Dodge -- Conniver Jr. -- is a BIG wrestling fan. It also helps that his cousin I guess writes for the organization's website and his father even hired an ex-wrestler to work at the restaurant they own on the first floor of our building. (I always thought that guy seemed HUGE!)

Anyway, the Monday after Wrestlemania, Conniver Jr. stopped by my desk and he presented me with something for Chunky (because I had to tell him that Chunky loved, and subsequently got me sucked into wrestling).

But before I show you what he gave Chunky there's a bit of a back story as to what I've put in the picture with it.

You see, before Wrestlemania, Conniver Jr. brought me into his sister's office to ask me to identify a textile that his grandmother had made for his sister.  (Apparently I come off as the crafty-type to people...hmm...who knew?)

It was a giant needlepoint picture of some law books and the scales of justice. Apparently, she made one for him and his sister when they graduated law school.

He said he wanted to flip the tables and make one for his grandma as a joke. But then got a little discouraged when I told him that it would have take ME months to complete such an intricate piece of needlepoint like the one he asked me to identify.

I joked that I would make him something for his Grandma that he could pass off as his own.

And so when he gave me the thing for Chunky (and these things cost $9! What a racket!) I told him I REALLY owed him the Grandma needlepoint.


Ha ha!  So there you have it. 

It's not needlepoint, it's cross-stitch, and it's nothing fancy...but I think for a $9 cup and a good story, it's worth it. 

I hope Conniver Grandma likes it!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Futzing Around

I bought a new camera this week. Chunky lit a fire under my butt about it when he casually mentioned how it would be a shame if he went on his 5th grade class trip to Philadelphia next month and didn't have a camera.

Never mind that 90% of the pictures from his 4th grade class trip to the Bronx Zoo was just random shots of him and his friends making faces/being dorks.

I went with a Cannon Powershot Elph 110 HS. It got decent reviews on Amazon and wasn't horribly expensive.

Of course when I popped the battery in, I had to test it out with the traditional point and shoot subject matter.



Mr. Cool playing on the computer.


Mr. Cheeseball drawing pictures.


Miss Droolsalot, well, drooling.

And of course--


It takes great cat pictures too!!

I'll have to wait a bit to try it out on some knitted/crafted/baked goods!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

I Suppose I Should Post

Seeing as April is half over.

I find readership is down now that Google Reader is going belly up.

I find myself forgetting to read my regular blogs as much with it not as easily accessible now.

I suppose I should just bite the bullet and change feed readers already.

In the meantime--enjoy another sweater I have completed for Baby Sister!



Pattern:  Yooji Kimono Vest

Yarn:  Joann Sensations Tesoro (100% Wool) (Thank you Melissa!)

Needles:  US 7

I'm a sucker for a unique construction which is what drew me to this pattern.  I haven't been able to put it on Baby Sister yet due to the fact that a) it's getting warmer and b) I can't get her to sit still to tie the ties.  

But it was a fun, engaging and simple knit.  

I keep promising myself I'll blog more...but with the aforementioned weather getting warmer, it's hard to concentrate on kicking Dr. Mad Scientist and Chunky off the computer so I can be on.

And it's hard when I can finally go outside and take walks to the park and play with this cute little booger.


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