Friday, November 15, 2013


It was a long week.  They're building a parking garage next to our building and the massive shaking and venting of diesel fumes into our office gets tiresome after 5 days straight.

Tomorrow we go car shopping.  There's a little mushroom car dealership (with no BBB complaints) with a beater for sale that looks promising that we're going to check out tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

All week we woke up early to drive Dr. Mad Scientist to school, and I paid the daycare $50 extra dollars so I could pick the kids up late.  Cheaper than renting a car, but I'm tired of being the Mom Taxi.

The good news is Grandma Mad Scientist's biopsy went well today.  Results on Wednesday.  Preliminary results tomorrow.  Basically we'll find out how treatable, if at all, the tumor is.  Sigh.  It's kind of a bit of turd polishing, but some for definitive answers will be nice.

I'll leave you with a cute pic from this week.  Brotherly love!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a cute picture of Chunky and Baby Sister!
Love, Mom

2:46 AM  

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